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Saturday, March 12, 2005


HELIO AGUIAR, April 24, 1959, Brazilian Coast

Senior Helio Aquiar was riding a motorcycle along the Brazilian coast near Amaralian when he happened to see a "black spot" out over the Atlantic Ocean. As the object came closer it resembled a large silvery disc. There were windows on the craft and a number of strange marks on the underbelly of the UFO. In front of the witness the object played "loop the loop" in the sky. As the UFO approached Senor Aguiar's motorcycle stalled and he felt a strong pressure on his head. For a brief period of time the witness lost consciousness. When he came to he found clutched in his hand a piece of paper upon which he had apparently written a message while he was unconscious (!!). The message was short and quite simple. It read: "Put an absolute stop to all atomic tests for war-like purposes. The balance of the Universe is threatened. We shall remain vigilant and ready to intervene."

Have we listened?

(Psychic and UFO Revelations in the Last Days)


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