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Saturday, August 20, 2005



Last night Dr. Lynne Kitei's movie on the Phoenix Lights came to Hollywood...well, to beautiful downtown Burbank specifically and premiered on the Warner Brothers lot.

It was refreshing to see a film sans debunkers and one that should lay to rest that anyone videotaped orsaw "flares" on the night of March 13, 1997 orJanuary 14, 1998 or earlier or later sightings of the orbs and triangles seen over the Phoenix area as I have contended in my book and Dr. Kitei has contended in hers. The scientific facts are irrefutable -- I take that back --refutable by those who wish to continue to debate.

That the very large silent low-flying objects were ignored in a dispute over lights and flares is a shining example of how the skeptics can send such a significant case off the rails.

Warner is considering releasing it nationwide in theaters near you. We haven't had a documentary film on UFOs appear in theaters in a long, long while.

Kudos to Dr. Lynne

Sincerely,Bill Hamilton


Fábio José Diniz was a young lad, working as a salesman. He was selling Venetian blinds, and he thought it would be a great idea to try making a sale to a hospital. After all, it would be a place where one would need many of them.

He chose the Hospital da Baleia, a famous hospital in Belo Horizonte that had an orthopedics section and also an area for contagious diseases treatment.

Fábio arrived a bit late, nearing lunch time, and was told that he had to talk to a person who was in one of the buildings of the contagious diseases area.

A slanted way links the two areas and in between them, a small soccer field is located on the right side of the slanted way. When Fabio passed by, he noticed a strange thing in the middle of the soccer field. Mushroom shaped it had colored lights flashing under the mushroom top.

From the start, Fábio didn’t think it could be “a flying saucer”. Indeed some expositions (mostly equipment exhibitions) were being carried out by the Brazilian Army, in town, at this time. Fábio thought it could be something connected with such promotional activities, in a time when the military was ruling the country.

As he approached the object, something like a cylindrical glass shield descended from the “mushroom” top to the ground. Immediately, on the central column, to Fabio’s dismay, a door started to open. The column had seemed entirely smooth before. There had been no trace of a door.

From the inside came two very tall humanoid beings. They wore tight green overalls, and a sort of mask that covered the areas of their noses and mouths (assuming they had mouths or noses). Visible were thick triangular eyebrows and all-black eyes, no sclerotic. From the mask, a tube descended down their bodies, seeming to be glued on their overalls, and entering the overalls near the heels. One of them carried something like a gun, held to his “biceps” by a band, but equally held by the right hand. The other one had over his head something like a short stick topped by a little sphere, both in black. The skin that could be seen, in their nearly covered faces, was yellowish green.

Now, Fábio noticed that he was in front of an alien apparition. He tried to run away, when a bass loud voice warned him:

-“Stop! Don’t run!”

Fábio stopped and turned back, to see the UFO and beings and hear a frightening order:
-“Come back tomorrow, at this same time or we will take your family.”

Fábio, shocked and confused, replied:-“But why ???!!” (this was not put on the report of the case)

They didn’t answer him. They turned their backs, entered the central column, the door closed, the transparent shield was lifted, and the UFO started to take off, spinning and flashing the lights below.

Then Fábio ran away. He looked back once and the UFO was high in the air. He ran a little further and looked back again and the craft had vanished.

Completely shocked Fábio wasn’t able to look for help or assistance at the hospital area. Almost like an automat he caught a bus to downtown. On his way, he encountered a friend:
- “Wow, Fábio! You look so pale! Have you seen a ghost?”

He didn’t respond but it had been almost like that.

Still confused Fábio went to the famous DOPS, at the Afonso Pena Avenue. Surely it was not the right place, but it was the nearest police station at hand.

That police station was charged to watch subversive political activities. Through the years, that police branch was accused of being a center for torture regarding political prisoners.

The sheriff who received Fábio- crying, trembling and sweating- was David Hazam. A very known tough guy, a walking ugly legend among politicians, rebel rousers and political prisoners.
However, this very tough guy felt impressed at Fábios poor psychological conditions. As he knew Húlvio Brant Aleixo, Mr. Hazam phoned CIOCANI’s leader:

-“Hi Húlvio. Do you still care about flying saucers? Well, there’s a lad here who...”
Mr. Hazam briefly summarized the story to Mr. Aleixo. who left to the quoted police station, at once. The DOPS transported Húlvio, Fabio and some policemen to the Hospital da Baleia yards and its soccer field.

Húlvio, who was to graduate in Psychology, heard and cared after Fábio all the day.

In the evening, the CICOANI group was reunited in the apartment of a member of the group, a veteran publicity designer named Rujos, an artistic name.

Fábio was taken there. Among the meeting participants one could enlist: Dr. Heros Campos Jardim, lawyer and Vice-President of CICOANI; Mr. Húlvio Brant Aleixo; the journalist José Otaviano Lage (who didn’t belong to CICOANI); Rujos and myself.

Rujos started to draw the first artistic conceptions on the case. Later I would draw my version.
We heard Fábio for hours. Definitely he didn’t look like a liar, a practical joker, a faker, or a hoaxer. As I would learn years after, the body’s language is stronger than the verbal language. In case of doubt prefer the body’s language. But in this case, no doubt: both kinds of language were fully matched and transmitting an impression of fear, insecurity as to the morning to come, and the decision to come back to the place of the incident, or not.

Fábio was very concerned about the threat to his family. Especially his mother who was not very healthy at that time.

Many times he firmly and sincerely stated that he didn’t care whether we were believing his story or not. The only thing he wanted of us was to have our physical presence and support on that soccer field the next morning.

The meeting ended and a plan was sketched.

Number one, somebody took Fábio to his house, but with a recommendation: not a word to his family. Days after when we had a talk with his parents, they heard the story for the first time. Although reticent, Fabio’s father informed us that he found it strange that the night Fabio was expecting the next morning meeting at the hospital, Fabio’s room lamps stayed lit up and he noticed that Fabio remained sleepless, walking through the room all night.

A consensus had been established as to leave Fábio alone in the middle of the soccer field while we would hide ourselves in the nearby vegetation and safe corners.

Personally, I didn’t like it. After all, we did not know with what we were dealing with. Suppose something happened to the boy? What would we say to his family? Besides, I reminded Húlvio of the case of the peasant Rivalino Mafra da Silva, who simply vanished and never was found anymore, in the presence of his son, near Diamantina, years before. Who did it? A probe-like UFO, floating over a fence of his property shot Rivalino with a blast of smoke. When the smoke was gone, Rivalino was gone forever.

It seems this argument convinced Húlvio that the schedule had to be changed for a more conventional routine.

In the morning, we (the CICOANI group and some police agents) met again. We drove to the Baleia Hospital yards. I stood close to Fábio who was VERY TENSE, but trying to stay calm. I stood close to him. In a certain moment he didn’t resist and almost crushed my hands with his hands, looking for support. Almost cried, I remember well.

After all this nothing happened. Except that we reconstituted the incident. While looking for any kind of physical traces (I wondered how a big thing could land there without any trace) I discovered some burnt pieces looking like carbonized popcorn. Later their composition was studied by the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Such composition almost fully matched with the one found, also carbonized fragments, in Vila Constitución, Argentina, where a big UFO had landed, in that same year.

After so many years, I think that in both famous CEIII cases the CICOANI investigated- Sagrada Família and Baleia- there were three aspects that we possibly ignored.

· In both cases, UFOs suddenly “vanished” in the incidents’ last moments. It might have been the same property of suddenly becoming optically invisible, as displayed by the recent “Mexican” Ufos.

· In both cases and some more, one had daring incursions in inhabited areas, but close to empty or near-wilderness areas, perhaps to guarantee an emergency retreat.

· All seemed to be planned to avoid human witnessing. In the Sagrada Família case it happened right in the time people used to be inside their houses having dinner, children starting their school tasks and the like. As to the Baleia case something similar seemed to happen as the lunch time was soon to start. An odd detail: the soccer field area should have had a security guard at that time. But that very day the guard decided to leave for lunch a bit earlier.

· In both cases something fell through: a housewife decided to wash a coffee strainer, and then delivers the task to three boys. In the other case, a young salesman decided to sell Venetian blinds and pass by a place that ought to be empty. Terrorizing the unexpected witness could have been a tough way to send him out.

If the aliens are able to control people, it seems they are not perfect. Good news. Finally, the Baleia entities were not good guys. This is clear to me.


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