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Thursday, September 08, 2005


by Leneesa Garoutte’

In August of 1965 the bean fields were ready to harvest in Kent, Washington. Many young people were hired to pick and earn money for the upcoming school year. The Ryerson sisters had signed up and were hired. The three girls ranged in age from 16 down to 13.

On August 13 their father dropped them off to go to the fields. As he drove away he noticed two unusual “persons” walking along the side road of the bean field. As the girls walked along this road they approached two very unusual people. The first “person” was like a gnome, little, gray wrinkled elf-like being. He wore a gray shirt and pants and a funny little hat. He was dancing and jumping around in front of the other being as they approached closer and closer. He was cackling and the girls thought it sounded like laughter.

The other being was approximately 5 feet tall. He had a very unusual head. His face was gray but the back of his head had a white bulbous extension with veins showing through it. It pulsated. On the rest of his cranium there were large pores and this part of his head was white. His eyes were described as like a frog’s eyes. In his mouth he had a little pipe. He was blowing in it and making a shrill sound.

The drawings were made from the girl’s description of the beings. The tallest one wore “shiny” clothes, like satin. The top was purple and it was put together with the pants into one piece. The top had deep pockets and it had its hands in the pocket so they did not see what its hands were like.

At first the girls thought they were dressed in Halloween costumes but as they got closer they realized that this was something they had never seen before. The oldest girl felt that it was going to grab her. Fear filled her body and she yelled to the other girls to run. They had just purchased new shoes and they didn’t want to run into the muddy field with them so they stopped at the edge of the field. When they looked back both beings had completely disappeared.

The father reported what had happened to the UFO Reporting Center run by Bob Gribble. He sent us to interview the girls a day or so later. When they were interviewed they were still shook up. At least the father had seen these beings too so he believed the girls. Many times young people are pushed aside as hallucinating because there were no other witnesses to what they had observed.

The description of these two beings has not been reported, to my knowledge, in any other case. Where they came from and where they went is unknown. Perhaps they stepped in from a parallel dimension because they certainly disappeared fast enough!


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