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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Used with permission of the witness.

I was abducted in 1996 and can remember over twelve abduction scenarios. I had experiences with the Greys, who talked telepathically and installed the implants. I had several experiences with two Small Black Ones who I came to believe were Demonic Angels who wore black suits. I had a lot of experiences with the Small Black Ones in my home and I saw them several times. I have seen the Small Black Ones flying the spacecrafts.

I have seen the short ones who wear robes and hoods to hide their identities. I saw one of them in the flesh or rather a glimpse when I woke up and remembered them.

I was shown what seemed like a Hologram in my bedroom when I was fully awake. It all seemed so real. In the Hologram I saw three humans to my left. One was illuminated from behind who seemed to be the leader. I recognized one of the men as being one I knew briefly when I lived in Indianapolis, Indiana and I knew the blonde headed man. The leader told me this and it was not telepathically. He said " I told you we would come for you." The Hologram lasted about 5 or 10 minutes. When it disappeared I was still sitting upright in my bed stunned and I could hear noises all around me as if someone was gathering up equipment and I heard noises as they went through the wall to exit. I heard knocks on the outside of the wall as they left.

So far I have had nine years of constant torture by these horrible beings that started out as if I was being abducted by Aliens that turned into a circle of evil and hatred when I would not get down on my knees and worship the Beings. In two separate incidents I had both my knees busted in uncanny accidents.

I had an experience with a Shadow Person who I believe are blood sucking vampires. I also had an experience with the Praying Mantis type. I woke up early one morning and saw the Mantis on top of me and it was doing something to my temple area. I have no idea what the Mantis expertise is or what it was extracting from me. I have woke up hundreds of mornings half paralyzed and I firmly believe the Praying Mantis types are the ones who do this.

The Parasites are the ones who come in Orb form. They are the most vicious. They can, and do, go inside our bodies and if you don't like it they can turn up their evil smells. They can use their smells to torture me to the point I think about suicide just to get rid of the evil smell. They have come into my bedroom and body every night for nine years and they possess me in and out during the day. I have lots of pictures of them. I sleep with my camera and when I hear them, I get their pictures in total darkness with the digital flash. They are Masters of Deception and it is getting harder and harder to get pictures of them.

The Parasites also come into my home by way of probes sent from a car or plane, I say plane but it is probably a UFO disguised as a small plane. I have been followed everywhere I go by the plane for 9 years and I am not the only one who sees the plane I have numerous pictures of it. Sometimes all I have to do is think about the plane and it shows up.

I saw one of the probes come through the wall which bounced off my kitchen counter top onto the floor. I saw it really close because I started to smash it. It looked like human/insect type with wings and it was situated on what looked like a jack. When I tried to squash it, it disappeared only to stab me in the ankle area later and go into my body and stunk something awful. The smells are not like smells from Earth.

I saw God and Jesus in the flesh. I didn't know it was them until my subconscious kept on insisting it was them later. Jesus was pretty evident. He showed me an aspect of his power and I recognized him as being the one that the Shroud covered. NASA did a re-creation of the Shroud of Tourin. I have had other indications that I saw Jesus and God. I believe they protect me but they have not stopped the torture. In one incident God indicated to me he in a round-about-way I was given the tools to protect my ownself.

I learned that the Truth will protect us. If you stand and believe in the Truth and don't keep the Parasites secrets they cannot kill you, but they can torture you. I set up this website because I refused to keep the Parasites secrets. I believe their secret is they are in control of everything on Earth and they cause all the suffering in the world. I believe the best tool to get rid of them is exposure and I am so happy to see the people are doing just that. I love all your websites and comments. Keep up the good work and I will also.

I was told by a UFO investigator I am a Paranormal Viewer. Which means I sometimes get glimpses of them that I can remember. I believe the Parasites possess almost all of us and control our world and cause all of the suffering. Just because you cannot see them is no indication they are not there.

Go to her web page and look at the photos she has taken of these "things".


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