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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Location. Not given
Date: March 12 2007 Time: 1243A

The witness had just finished working out in his den when he heard a noise coming from his backyard, which startled him "to the bone". He has two Chow dogs and not for a second he thought it was them. The noise sounded like a pig when it squeals and a barking dog when it's hurt and the spooky sound of a hyena. This lasted for more than 30 seconds after his workout. Trembling and shaking he grabbed a barbell, opened the backdoor to his den very slowly as the eerie sound persisted. At first he saw his dogs running in circles, looking in an upright like position, as if something was flying over real low. He saw nothing, but just before he could close the door, a huge-looking creature flew right over his dogs about four feet hitting his fence with its legs or something really hard, making a sound of something extremely heavy being thrown against it. The witness described the bizarre creature as having "a silly ridiculous looking body" and small wings for the size of its body. The head resembled that of a horse or a mule. It hardly flapped its so-called wings and was way up in the air in no time. The witness woke up his wife who did not see the creature but heard the eerie sound.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales, April 2007

Comments: Modern day Jersey Devil? I would like to know the location of this incident.

Location. Near Buulo Burde, Somalia
Date: March 21 2007 Time: unknown

A mysterious device looking like a satellite or a UFO has been spotted near Buulo Burde town in southern Somalia. Villagers report that the device fell five days ago in an area which lies forty kilometers north of Buulo Burde. The device is occupying an area of one hundred meters square as villagers who spotted this device confirmed to Shabelle Radio. "In the evening of last Wednesday, a large device flew over our heads and moments later, we heard a loud sound, BAM" said Ilyas Ali, a villager who lives nearby where this large device has fallen. Ilyas spoke of the device, saying that in the daylight it glitters and at nighttime it turns lights and "speaks in a strange language which cannot be understood by the villagers." The impact of the unidentified device killed a camel which was grazing nearby. Because of the remoteness of the area it fell, news of the device is emerging gradually now despite the fact that fell five days ago.

HC addendum
Source: Shabelle Media Network Somalia

Comments: Awaiting further information on this interesting story.

Solar Telescope Falls From Sky, Lands On Texas Farm

Barbara Nefstead snapped a photo of what the National Center for Atmospheric Research said is a solar telescope.

"I didn't think it was very likely (for it to land on property)"," Nefstead said. "We went outside and saw what had come down outside."

"It's a once in a lifetime thing," Scott Nefstead said.

Recently, scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research facility launched the space equipment as a test flight, according to the report.

Officials said the equipment stays in the lower atmosphere and is designed to drop to earth after gathering weather related data.

The space equipment did not hit anything when it landed on the farm.

Scientists said they plan to get the telescope this week.

From God Like Productions forum

Location. Galveston, Texas
Date: March 21 2007 Time: 0300A

Mr. Harry White was awakened by noises coming from outside his opened window, he sat up in bed, and he was very alert since his cat had been keeping him awake all night. He could see most of his yard which he scanned (he possesses exceptional night vision) suddenly his eyes landed on an "object" that seemed out of place and moved with blinding speed behind a small metal building. It had been totally dark in his room but this figure that was light colored and perhaps 3ft tall, seemed to know that the witness noticed it. Perhaps 5 minutes later the proximity lights came on and he heard noises on the roof. His room is located next to an attic over the garage. He then heard what he could only describe as breathing for about 5-10 minutes and when he put his ear to the wall something was scraped down the wall. Strangely he was not afraid at the time but gets really scared when he thinks about it now. In the morning he searched the backyard with his Mag-light which immediately went dead. He further described the figure as having a head and torso and being the size of a small child. He states that he had never seen anything move with the speed that he witnessed that night. He has trouble recalling the sequence of events and thinks that he could not account for as much as an hour between the time he heard the scratching noise on the wall and actually walking outside to investigate.

HC addendum
Source: direct from Harry White whitewood41@yahoo.com

Location. Covilha, Cova da Beira, Portugal
Date: March 26 2007 Time: 0300A

A municipal waste department worker was out on his rounds collecting garbage in an industrial area and was approaching a container when he noticed a strange dark human like figure with a strange head walking near the container. The figure seemed to be about 1.50m in height and thin. It seemed to notice the witness which by now was standing still observing the strange figure, and suddenly ran off at incredible speed, covering a distance of 10 meters in 2 seconds. It disappeared into a darkened nearby field. The witness did not investigate.

HC addendum
Source: A.P.O. Portugal Forums

Location. Tennessee, exact location not given
Date: March 29 2007 Time: 0100A

The witness was awakened by a light coming into his bedroom window. He stepped out his back door to see what could have possibly been making the light and a blinding whitish green light came towards him. He has a vague memory beyond that that point but woke up naked in some woods next to his house. When he got back inside his house it was 0600A. He had lost 6 hours and had no recollection of what had happened. He experienced severe rectal bleeding after the incident and feels very nauseated. He feels attracted to circular objects and finds himself repeating the word "obtuse" over and over again, without noticing and even in his sleep. A couple of days later he began to remember the ordeal. He recalled being drawn to the light and stepping forward. It seems that he fell into a trance and was pulled into this blinding light and he remembers entering a large room with many beings inside. They were all staring at him and making strange sounds that sounded like humans moaning during an orgasm. They placed him in a container which quickly filled with a green liquid, however somehow he was still able to breathe, even when fully submerged. The beings resembled little elves with human-like features but little bodies. Their eyes looked like about the size of an orange.

HC addendum
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Location. Near Superga, Turin, Italy
Date: March 31 2007 Time: 2030
A man and his young daughter were traveling to Turin when they spotted what appeared to be an 80cm tall luminous whitish humanoid with large black eyes standing on a nearby hill. The man stopped his vehicle and aimed the headlights at the being that appeared to be more scared than they were and scurried behind a nearby tree no more than 5meters from the witness's vehicle. The man thought of driving away but curious aimed the headlights at the tree and attempted to approach the strange being. However as he did the being emitted a terrifying howling sound, which the witness could not identify as either human or animal. It was a terrifying sound that he has never heard before. Now thoroughly spooked he got into his vehicle and drove away with his daughter without looking back.

HC addendum
Source: UFOLOGIA.NET, Italy

Thanks once again to Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts


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