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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Howard Menger was raised in New Jersey with his brother and parents who were farmers by trade. He enjoyed exploring the surrounding woods with his dog and swimming in a nearby lake with his friends. His life was simple yet energetic. He was born with a love and respect for all life and he marveled in the abundant nature around him.

At age 10, he encountered a beautiful angel in his terrain! She sat on a large rock in the higher grounds beyond his home. She spoke to him of his past and also of his future. Pure Love emanated from this angelic woman, and Howard was so flabergasted, that he spoke very little, and listened to her words of wisdom which are, to this day, still etched in his mind:
"We contact people who were, Howard, not are....I have been watching you, and others like you. In your earth years, I would be over 500 years old...we live WITH nature, not against it".

Years passed, and Howard joined the Army. He was a dutiful officer and worked his way up to munitions handler of the Picantinny Arsenal. He was sent to Okinawa in World War II, injured in battle, blinded temporarily, and escaped death on several occasions. His contacts began again with highly advanced beings. They warned Howard of future events for the planet.
"Wars do not exist on our planet...your planet is in great danger if your people do not STOP wars."

Upon leaving the army Howard began a journey into the unknown. He was appointed a top secret mission with the government. The contacts with angelic beings continued. Extraterrestrial crafts landed in High Bridge, New Jersey, and Howard and several witnesses captured these landings on 8mm film. Howard turned over the film to the American Government.

With a lot of courage, and little backup, Howard Menger started a "crusade" to enlighten the planet Earth. He spread the message (from the angels, as he calls them) on radio, television and cross-country lectures. He spoke with George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Trumann Bethurum, and others who were also receiving enlightened extra-terrestrial messages. Each had their own mission, but joined together in a single cause: to rescue the people from themselves.
During his mission of enlightenment, Howard met Connie Weber. Their connection was immediate. Her talent as a writer and his incredible story would be put together in their first book, "From Outer Space to You". The two "pioneers of truth" would collaborate on several books, lectures, and tours. Howard was well-known throughout the United States and Europe, and appeared on the "Jack Paar" television talk show, and the Long John Nebel WOR radio talk show. He continued to work with the government and shared his secrets of truth and technology.

By the early 1960's Howard and Connie Menger (they married in 1958) found their life in New Jersey a bit too intrusive. People camped out on their front lawns, and wanted Howard to be their "God" instead of looking inside themselves for salvation. The government pressured the couple by assigning Howard to projects that Connie could not know about. The dark side of ufology: power hungry, greedy people came "out of the woodwork" and harrassed Howard and his family.

The Mengers moved to Florida. Howard and Connie, and now their two children, Eric and Heidi would start a life "away from it all". Howard worked for a sign company, then started his own. It flourisdhed and became the biggest in the area. The Mengers tried to stay away from the UFO field. For 35 years they remained silent about many things.

Then, in 1991, together, wrote another book, "The High Bridge Incident....the story behind the story....after 35 years of silence". This book has been read all over the world, and is now published in the german language.

Today, their children are grown with their own families, and Howard and Connie Menger continue to promote the Truth as much as possible to those who will truly listen.


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