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Friday, September 09, 2005


Incident near Area 51 , Rachel, Nevada on Tuesday, March 16, 1993
© Copyright by William F. Hamilton III

This being was gray in color and about six feet tall. His eyes had what appeared to be black plastic shields slanting in insect fashion around his egg-shaped head. He had on a two-tone gray suit, lighter gray V in the front, and a black belt with a black tube on his right side. There was a triangular symbol (actually giving the impression of a tetrahedron) enclosing a helical coil on the left breast of the suit. His long arms ended in four long fingers. His face was a mask of non-expression, yet he communicated with me in blunt, concise phrases. I was concerned about Pamela, but he showed me her frozen form on the ground. Off to her left side was a small gray creature as if posted on station. I was confused. She was the abductee so why was he taking me inside this craft? He indicated it was my turn and I needed an adjustment and I would learn some things. He took one arm and escorted me gently inside a dome-like room that was evenly and brightly illuminated in all directions. In the center of this room was a tilting metal table which he placed me against. It tilted back about thirty degrees from the vertical. In front of me, projecting out from the curving wall, were what appeared to be a row of small computer screens. I knew that this table was a sophisticated sensor and was registering my thoughts, emotions, and physiology which were displayed on these screens. This being identified himself as Quaylar. Quaylar had replaced my leg at the ankle back onto the tilt table's surface at one point. This process lasted about five minutes. The telepathic or mind-sharing process allowed me access to a great deal of information that wasn't simply communicated. Quaylar returned me to the exit and I jump-floated to the ground about fifteen or twenty feet below. When I re-synched, I saw the phantom car lights. Was this a signal to my sub-conscious that something odd intervened in the missing-time period?
(From Chapter 9 of my book Alien Magic © 1996,2001)

The symbol on Qualar’s uniform in the 1993 Tikaboo Valley incident looked like the helix serpent coiled around either a sphere or like the Cosmic Egg. Some references indicate the serpent to be symbolic of wisdom. The framework appeared to me to represent a tetrahedron.

Chapter 9



They call it the Ranch, Watertown, or Dreamland. It is part of a vast military reserve in central Nevada. Spy planes have been tested, taking-off and landing on the long runway at Groom Lake. Since 1989 and the release of Robert Lazar's story of having worked at S-4, a few miles south of Groom Lake at the base of the Papoose Mountains on back-engineering alien spacecraft, hundreds of visitors have come to the Little Ale'Inn in Rachel, Nevada and what is called the Mailbox Road to look for the glowing lights of UFOs that appear beyond the Jumbled Hills. Indeed, many witnesses claim to have seen classic UFOs and dozens of photos and videos support their claims. Critics have proposed that witnesses are seeing advanced experimental aircraft near Groom Lake as this has long been a testing site for advanced technology aircraft.
However, interviewing several witnesses along with written testimony reveals that witnesses are describing classic disc-shaped aeroforms that move in zigzag maneuvers, fly silently, and are surrounded by glowing plasma. One enterprising photographer filmed one of these craft using a movie camera with a telescopic lens. The film distinctly shows the seething changing shape of a plasma field.

Not all experiences along the so-called Extraterrestrial Alien Highway, Highway 375 have been skywatcher sightings. Unsuspecting curiosity seekers have experienced encounters with bright lights and missing time. I would like to recall some insightful statements made by a Nevada abductee by the name of Gina. Gina claims that her abductions started when she was only 16 months of age.

Gina reported abductions by two groups of aliens, Grays and Reptilians. She says the Grays have been used by the Reptilians as middlemen, doing their work and exposing themselves to us on behalf of and instead of the Reptilians. The Grays are engaged in abduction and related activity, as they tell it, in order to survive. They use biological substances from humans (such as glandular secretions) in a manner we can compare with eating (they absorb nutrients through their skin). As a species they are using material from us to recreate themselves, by creating their next generation with hybrids. Most of them can no longer individually produce offspring.

Gina has stated that she has had conversations with Grays, but not Reptilians. Often the Reptilians were present during her abductions, but standing off to the side. She is under the impression that the Reptilians have little regard for humans as living beings. However, they consider some humans as valuable property.

Gina says that a significant part of the abduction experience is the government factor, for abductees that have no direct involvement as well as those that do. According to her, the American government knew of the abductee situation in the 1960s. She says that "handlers" were assigned to some of the abductee children at that time. These handlers were human agents and their job was to keep an eye on the abductee and observe abductions.

Gina remembers one of her first experiences with a "handler." She says she was seven years old and lying on an examination table in an underground base. The Grays had finished with her and left the room, leaving her on a table, fully conscious but paralyzed. She could see, feel, and hear, but could not speak or move. She could hear a man in the room tell another that he could have her. She recalls that a young man in a khaki-colored uniform came into the room and raped her. After awhile, a second man, the "handler", came into the room and pulled the first one off her and appeared to beat him up. This was done purposely to forge a bond between her and the agent. She was told not to talk about these events.

A few years ago, Gina's story sounded bizarre and like something she invented to attract attention. Since she only allowed her story to be told using a pseudonym, such a motive is doubted. I had a unique opportunity to interview Gina in 1991 and ask her some questions concerning the Nevada Test Site. I found her to be a sincere and intelligent young woman who had a number of insights on aliens and abductions. She has been abducted by the large, independently-acting Grays and the smaller clone-like Grays. She described the appearance of the Reptoids, including one that appeared to be an honored leader. The Reptoid with rank was different from the others in its albino appearance. She also claims to have met individuals of the Orange race.
Gina says that she is used as a breeder. The Grays are harvesters and experimentalists. They cross-breed and produce variations in many different species, not just humans, for their own particular purposes. They instruct the breeder by training them on many tasks. Gina has had weapon training, flight training, training in using ESP, and other training exercises designed to imprint the training pattern onto the genetic pattern. I gathered that the Grays were trying to alter the morphogenetic field in order to pass on desired traits to their progeny. The bred hybrid will then have a predisposition for learning a training pattern in a more efficient way.

She told me that she had been abducted and taken to an underground base that she knew to be located within the Nevada Test Site. I asked her if she could describe the security forces she had seen at this site. She said they were known as ASI (Advanced Security Intelligence) and they all wore black jump suits and black hats. She also stated without hesitation that they were a branch of the NSA (National Security Agency).
Gina went on to say that the Grays used a little black box to locate the abductees they singled out of populations. She did not elaborate on this point further. She knew of a black box that used to control abductees, producing a field that caused headaches, nausea, numbness, and a quick loss of energy.

I asked her for a description of the Reptoids that she had seen in the underground areas and she described them as tall and strong. They have a quilt work pattern of squares on their skin and have green eyes. They take charge of the situations she has found herself in. Others have described Reptoids with charcoal skin and yellow eyes.

Gina was trained on a weapon that might be described as a nerve-triggered beam weapon. The weapon fits on the hand and arm with a wire embedded underneath the skin. The weapon generates a miniature hologram that teaches the user how to aim and fire the weapon on impulse.

She claims that she was taken to several underground bases. One was located at Dreamland, another inside Sandia Mountain in Albuquerque, and another time she was taken to the Dulce facility. She saw aquatic animal biotech experiments at the base inside Sandia. These animals were also being trained by aliens.

She also learned the alien symbol language and described how she sat at screens and was taught to read the symbols.

There are an ever-increasing number of abductees who report being taken to underground facilities or have interaction with human agents in company with the alien abductors. Granted we can feel comfortable dismissing these stories as fantasy and going on living our lives under the illusion that we are the lords of earth, the highest form of life in creation. To come to the realization that other intelligent species inhabit the earth, from some other location in space and time, that they may be controlling our lives and destiny from hidden enclaves, is a shock to all that we have come to think of ourselves. In this, we cannot forget, that witnesses have described a variety of encounters, and not all such encounters were as menacing as Gina's.


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