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Monday, October 10, 2005


Excerpted from "UFO Healings" by Preston Dennett

One condition from which millions of people suffer is infertility. Although not physically painful, this condition can cause untold mental anguish. Being denied the right to reproduce can be a devastating experience. Many people go through great lengths, including experimental and sometimes painful medical procedures, all for the chance of having their own child.

The aliens have shown an extraordinary interest in the human reproductive system. One of the central features of an extraterrestrial medical examination may be the removal of reproductive material after a UFO abduction. Under hypnosis, these women often remember a medical procedure in which a fetus was removed from their bodies. In later abductions they are shown these children.

One day, Doriel X. of Chicago, Illinois, saw a UFO. A short time later, two beings mysteriously appeared in front of her. The two beings said their names were Leita and Gamal, and said that they wanted to "incarnate" through Doriel. They told Doriel that she was "one of them" and that she would be perfect for bearing a child.

Unfortunately, Doriel had already been diagnosed with infertility. Her doctor had told her in no uncertain terms that she would never be pregnant.

Doriel was told by the aliens, however, that she would become pregnant in six months. Six months later, the aliens' prediction came true. Doriel was inexplicably pregnant. Nine months later she had a baby girl by natural childbirth. Because of the unusual conditions involving her baby's conception, she gave her the middle name of Lieta.

Doriel had no choice but to believe that the aliens cured her of her infertility. She has the child to prove it. And as she says in her own words, "Physiologically speaking, I had been told that I would be unable ever to become pregnant."

On November 28, 1980, police officer Alan Godfrey of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force in England was assigned to handle a peculiar problem. The station had received several calls about a herd of missing cows that had been seen in various location.

Godfrey had been twice commended for investigative work involving murders, so this assignment seemed trivial. On the way to find the cows, he encountered a "large object blocking the road." At first he thought it was a double-decker bus, but upon closer inspection he saw it was a metallic saucer-shaped object with colored lights hovering five feet above the road.
He tried to radio the station, but his car's radio was dead. Godfrey had no police training for such an experience, but he quickly realized he was seeing a UFO as portrayed in science fiction movies. As he sat there, sketching the object, Godfrey experienced a "jump in time." He found himself further ahead on the road, missing twenty minutes of time.

He rushed to the station and returned with several officers to the scene. Although it had been pouring rain all night, the area where the UFO had hovered was completely dry.

They found the cows in a fenced area in which they appeared to have been deposited. There were no tracks in the area and the gate was locked at nights. As Godfrey says, "The only way they could have gotten there is if something had gone plunk and dropped them there."(This is similar to the 19 cows found in a water tank that we previously ran in this blog.)

At first, Godfrey was ridiculed by his fellow officers, but when other officers in neighboring counties reported similar experiences, the ridicule seemed to stop. Godfrey then received ridicule from another source, his superiors. They advised him to simply resign. When he refused, his police car was taken away and he was given a bicycle.

Eventually, he underwent hypnosis and recalled some of his experience aboard the UFO. Godfrey's wife, upon hearing his experience, made note of a peculiar event. It seems that a year earlier, Godfrey was called to a local disturbance. He ended up being severely beaten by three individuals. During the beating, Godfrey was kicked in the testicles, causing him to lose one testicle. The end result was that he was unable to have a normal sex life and was no longer fertile. As Godfrey says, "I was also told I would definitely be sterile for the rest of my life. I would not be able to father children."

One night, a few weeks after the accident, Godfrey's wife was awakened by a strange sound over the house. She tried to wake up Godfrey, but inexplicably, he would not wake up. After a few minutes, the sound left. She never knew how to categorize the experience until her husband mentioned his UFO encounter. Only then did she realize what probably happened. She believes a UFO was responsible for the sound.

But it was the next morning that they realized something else unusual had occurred. Godfrey seemed to be completely cured. As his wife says, "The next morning, Alan and I made love for the first time since he was beaten up. And then I became pregnant."

Alan, however, became angry and assumed his wife was seeing another man. After all, he was sterile and his wife was pregnant. What other way could this happen? But just in case, Alan went to see the doctor. The doctor was stunned and said that Godfrey was miraculously and impossibly cured. As the doctor allegedly said, "I don't know how it happened. Your condition has been completely reversed. The test shows you're fertile, back to normal


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