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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Sent in by Irena Czajka

Timothy Good - Above Top Secret (page 115-116)

Structured UFO Encountered by Three Police Officers

On a January night in 1978 Sergeant Tony Dodd and Police Constable Alan Dale were driving in the vicinity of Cononley, near Skipton, Yorkshire, in their official line of duty, when a strange aerial machine came into view. 'We were going down a country lane,' Sergeant Dodd told me, 'and you know what it's like up there - it was dark - and the only light you've got is your headlights.

Suddenly the road in front of us lit up. Of course, the immediate reaction is, where's the light coming from? But it was coming from above. We stopped the car, looked up, and there was this thing coming from our right to our left.'The object was about 100 feet away, moving at less than 40 mph. 'It was glowing; like a bright white incandescent glow, and it came right over our heads,'the police sergeant recalled. 'The whole unit was glowing.It was as if the metal of what this thing was made of was white hot. And there were these three great spheres underneath, like huge ball-bearings - three of them equally placed around it. There was a hollow area underneath and like a skirting around the bottom, but these things protruded below that.

'It was absolutely awe-inspiring to see it. I don't know how to explain it to you - it was such a beautiful-looking thing. It seemed to have portholes round the dome - an elongated domed area. And what stood out more than anything else was the coloured lights dancing round on the outside of the skirt at the bottom... which gave the visual impression that it was rotating. Now whether the thing was going round, or whether it was just the lights that were going round and give that impression, I don't know. I would say it was the lights that were going round because,when you were looking at the portholes, they didn't seem to be going round in a circle as you would have expected.

'The object was completely soundless. 'When the thing had passed over our heads it sort of went into the distance then suddenly appeared to come down: there's a big wood to our left, right on a distant hillside, and it appeared to go down in that wood,' said Sergeant Dodd, who added that a third police officer had seen the object.

'We carried on along this road and as we got towards the village we could see these lights coming towards us from the other direction - it was another police car. We stopped, and he said, "I've just been watching this damn great UFO, and it seems to have come right down somewhere over here!"

''The three spheres seen under the craft have been observed in a number of incidents, most notably by the much vilified George Adamski, whose photographs and film of this type of craft taken in 1952 and 1965 have been ridiculed and denounced as hoaxes. I have spent enough time with Tony Dodd to know he is completely sincere, and the fact that a highly unusual and silent machine was seen by three police officers must surely count as compelling evidence in the search for proof of UFO reality.


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