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Sunday, February 12, 2006


This is from the book, The Coming of Tan, the contact case of Riley Martin.

"All wayfarers who may be afflicted with any manner of physical handicap or amputation or body distortions will be technologically restored. (This is about a chamber) The lame will walk and the blind will see, etc. And the aged will be restored to youth.

Their technology is such that a person will be able, within reason, to pick out the physical form they wish. There are limitations though. For instance, an obese person can order up a body weight of say a hundred and twenty and correct any facial or body abnormalities, a crooked nose, a missing eye, a club foot or cleft palate, etc., but a Chinese would not be made a Caucasian, or a short person made taller. You couldn't order up another person's face. Woody Allen could not become Tom Selleck, but he could become a perfect Woody Allen.

Any manner of disease or abnormal medical condition would be healed, and if you are missing a finger, an ear, etc., they can and will replace it. You cannot order larger sexual organs, which were not genetically given to you in the first place, but you can have access to certain aphrodisiacs. Pregnancy will be left to choice and will not be a chance situation. And, of course, you can have sex freely without fear of veneral infections.
This is about the chamber from the Biavians. From the book, The Coming of Tan, page 247 and 248. http://www.thecomingoftan.com/ for more information on how to purchase the book.

Several days ago I published an important message that was given to a contactee. Perhaps you missed the most important part of the message and that was about the chamber for rejuvenation. It would be the most important alien technology ever given to man but no one paid attention. And that is precisely the reason I am publishing Riley Martin's contact case where the Biaveans tell him about the chamber they have that achieves exactly the same thing.

This is the paragraph that was published pertaining to the chamber:

"We offered a young scientist the plans for a wonderful machine that would cure diseases and rejuvenate your bodies, all we asked is for you to contribute to the building of it; yet alas you have rejected that too. You want no part of it until it is made and then will all but kill each other to be able to use it. This offer shall never be made again."

After publishing that information from the contactee I received many comments. Some chastised the post as pure fiction. It reminded me of an old episode of the Twilight Zone in which a man is ridiculed for building a bomb shelter in his basement. He believed the end of the world was near and his neighbors thought him to be too negative, if not "insane". Yet when it appeared that the end was approaching these same neighbors first begged to be let in and then tried to break in. These same neighbors who thought the man "insane". There have been many warnings as to man's inevitable end and much talk about the wonderous healing abilities of these chambers. As I find more I will put them in my blog. I often wonder how many warnings or offers will be ignored before no one wishes to help us anymore? Who then will we have to blame but ourselves?

From the book, And Yet They Fly! by Guido Moosbrugger about Billy Meier's contact.

Again, we find information about how the Plejarans heal.


Healing and regeneration devices are securely installed in the instrument panel but can also be adapted for use in the cockput.

Billy was often connected to a regeneration machine when his physical state of health left much to be desired. He felt considerably better each time after such a treatment.

Healing of Broken Ribs

The following are excerpts of the contact conversation between Semjase and Billy March 28, 1976

Semjase: Do you have pain?
Billy: A little. I fell from my moped and crushed two of my ribs.
Semjase: That is not good. Where does it hurt? Let me take a look at it.
Billy: Oh, it's really nothing serious.
Semjase: I wish that you would let me see it. You are much too inclined towards
making light of everything
Billy I't's really not bad.
Semjase: I sense something else though.
Let me see it.
Billy: Okay, okay, it got me here.
Semjase: Take off your over-clothes.
Billy: That too - good... (I take off my coat, shirt and vest.)
Semjase: So. I thought so. How can you still drive your motorcycle? That is irresponsible. Both ribs are
broken. You should be resting. Did you know of this? I suppose so. yes.
Billy: Certainly, but one gets used to it. It's the third time that I've wrecked these two ribs. Perhaps I
should have it properly repaired sometime with gooey paste or rubber solution. (!!)
Semjase: As usual, you are unreasonable in these matters. Go home now and lay down to rest.
Billy: I can't. I have a lot of questions.

Billy went home that day since Semjase did not answer his questions at that time. On Sunday, April 6, 1976, another contact took place. The following are excerpts:

Semjase: You are puzzling. Just take off your over-clothes. Here this device will regenerate your
broken ribs. You only have to sit here between these two poles. Your rib cage will be
fully regenerated after this process. There will be no further indication that they
were broken. There, now sit down beween them, yes, that is right, that is the way. Now remain in
this position several minutes. The entire area is quite inflamed, especially the periosteum.
Unfortunately I cannot relieve the inflammation with this device. It will probably take about two
months for it to subside. For the time being, though, I will have it restored to health with a special
Billy: Thanks, that'll be enough, Semjase. If the bones are patched and glued, then the rest is insignificant.
It's bearable now.
Semjase: Okay, I do not want to pressure you in this matter. I am happy that the rib cage is healthy again.
So, that is enough. Yes, everything is all right now. Move around a little. There, yes that is very
Billy: That's super, the worst pain is gone.
Semjase. It certainly should be. Now please be more careful in the future.

The following excerpts from the contact conversation between Semjase and Billy on July 16, 1977.

Semjase: Your face shows signs of pain and is flushed with fever. What are you suffering from?
Billy It's not worth mentioning.
Semjase: Sit down over here.
Billy: What for?
Semjase: With this apparatus I will find out what affliction you are suffering from.
Billy: That's really not necessary because I know very well what's wrong with me. I've only been
poisoned somewhat by a little sausage that we are all aware of. They've been after me the whole
time about it, telling me I should go to the doctor. It's really not so bad, though, because I'm
always experimenting a little bit to help myself. I'm halfway all right and can at least creep
Semjase: I am quite aware of the way you continually minimize the danger. And besides, the symptomatic
features of your face reveal something totally different from these explanations of yours. Now sit
down over here!
Billy: When it's absolut.....
Semjase: You should not disagree, just take a seat over here.
Billy: All right, already, I'll do it. Are you satisfied now?
Semjase: Of course, you are sitting just fine. Aha! Just what I thought! You are completely exhausted and,
furthermore, it appears that you have not eaten anything for days now.
Billy: It can't be so bad. How was I supposed to eat, when I was always feeling sicker than a dog?Semjase: Then I am right. Your poisoning is not light in nature but, on the contrary, already quite severe.
As the apparatus indicates here, your blood has been poisoned already, while certain cerebral cells
have also been affected and that accounts for your sudden pessimism.
Billy: So what. That's quite normal for meat poisoning.
Semjase: It is not as normal as you think, because as I see here, we are not dealing with a usual poisoning,
but rather with a far more severe infection caused by meat parasites.
Billy: You mean there are...
Semjase: Certainly, that is why I have to take the necessary action against this. Give me your arm. This is
right, that is good.

A parasite neutralizer as the people of Earth would say, is an apparatus which neutralizes all parasites (that are pathogenic or detrimental toward the physical human life form) as soon as the colorless substance comes in contact with the surface of the skin, just as it is now. The time it takes for neutralization to occur is less than six seconds for the entire human body. The neutralizer automatically adapts to the physical condition and constitution of the human life form concerned within a fraction of a second. As a result, the apparatus neutralizes all the damage caused by the parasites, other materials, and substances of a gaseous nature, and that is what has just happened to you and what has taken care of your poisoning.

Billy: That's terrific! I actually feel well enough to squeal again. But tell me, what do you actually mean
with the word parasites in the case of a disease or even a poisoning?
Semjase: This includes all kinds of bacilli, viruses, microbes and other pathogenic organisms whose
existence is still largely unknown to the Earth scientists. Some of them will be discovered over the
course of the next few years. (Happened)
Billy: Aha! Then do salmonella and other leasing animalcules also belong to these?
Semjase: Certainly.

And so you see that the aliens have healing instruments for all kinds of earth maladies. Ones we have yet to invent. Only by studying contact cases can we learn of their technologies.


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