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Friday, May 26, 2006


‘We can compare this process with a nine-stage filter, intended to rid the water passing through, of nine elements. At the end of stage one in the process, one will have been completely eliminated, with eight remaining. Of course, to make this information easier to digest, I am making enormous use of imagery...

‘This Astral body then, will have completed its cycle with the Higher Self of the first category and will then detach itself from Higher Self number one to rejoin the Higher Self of the second category; the entire process will be repeated. By the same token, the Astral body will be sufficiently spiritually advanced to pass to a planet of the next category, as well.

‘I see you are not following me very well and I am anxious that you will understand absolutely, all that I explain to you.

‘In his wisdom, The Spirit, by means of the Fourth force, provided for nine categories of planets. At present, you are on the planet Thiaoouba which is in the ninth category; that is, at the top of the scale.

‘Earth is a planet of the first category and therefore at the bottom of the scale. What does this mean? The planet Earth could be likened to a kindergarten with the emphasis on teaching basic social values. A planet of the second category would then correspond with a primary school where further values are taught - in both schools, adult guidance is imperative. The third category would comprise secondary schools where a foundation of values allows exploration beyond. Next, you would go to university, where you are treated as an adult, for you would not only have attained a certain amount of knowledge, but you would also start to accept civic responsibility.

‘This is the type of progress occurring with the nine categories of planets. The more spiritually advanced you are, the more you will benefit, on a superior planet, by an environment and general way of life which is superior. The very way in which you procure food is much easier, which in turn, simplifies the process of organising your way of life; the consequence is more effective spiritual development.

‘On the higher planets, Nature itself, enters the stage to assist ‘the pupil’ and, by the time you reach planets of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth category, not only is your Astral body highly evolved, your physical body has also benefited from your development.

‘We know you have already been favourably impressed by what you have seen on our planet. As you see more, you will appreciate that it is what you would call on Earth, ‘a paradise’; and yet, compared with true happiness, when you become a pure spirit, it is still nothing.

‘I must be careful not to make this explanation too long, for you must report it word for word, changing nothing in the book that you will write. It is absolutely essential you allow no personal opinion to intrude.

‘No, don’t get anxious - Thao will help you with the details when the time comes to start writing...

‘From this planet, it is possible either to remain in a physical body or be reunited with the Great Spirit in the ether.’

As these words were uttered, the Aura surrounding the leader shone more brightly than ever and I was surprised to see him almost disappear in a golden mist, only to reappear a second later.

‘You have understood that the Astral body is a body which inhabits your physical body recalling and noting all the understanding acquired during the course of its various lives.

‘It can only be enriched spiritually - not materially. The physical body is merely a vehicle which, in most cases we abandon when we die.

‘I will elaborate, for I see that ‘in most cases’ has confused you. By this, I mean that some of us, including all on our planet, are able to regenerate the cells of our bodies at will. Yes, you have already noticed that most of us seem to be of the same age. We are one of three planets that are the most highly evolved in this galaxy. Some of us can, and do, directly join what we call the great ether.

‘So, on this particular planet, we have arrived at a stage near perfection, both materially and spiritually. But we have our roles to perform, as does every creature existing in the Universe; in fact, everything, including a single pebble, has its role.

‘Our role, as beings of a superior planet, is to guide - to help with spiritual development and even, sometimes, materially. We are in a position to give material assistance because we are technologically the most advanced people. Indeed, how could a father give spiritual guidance to his child if he were not older, more educated and more skilled in diplomacy than the child?

‘If the child should require physical punishment, as unfortunately, is sometimes the case, isn’t it important that the parent be physically stronger than the child? Certain adults, who refuse to listen and who are absolutely stubborn, also need to be corrected by physical means.

‘You, Michel, come from the planet Earth, which is sometimes called ‘The Planet of Sorrows’. Indeed, the name is appropriate, but it is this way for a precise reason - it is intended to provide a learning environment of a quite specific kind. It is not because life there is so difficult that you have to intervene - you cannot lightly go against Nature, destroying rather than conserving what the Creator has put at your disposal; that is, interfering with ecological systems, which have been intricately designed. Certain countries, like Australia, where you are from, are beginning to show great respect for ecology and it is a step in the right direction; but even in that country, what case is made of pollution - both water and air pollution? What is ever done about one of the worst forms of pollution? Noise.

‘I say ‘worst’ because people such as Australians pay virtually no attention to it at all.

‘Ask someone if traffic noise bothers him and the response will surprise you - eighty five per cent of the time it will be; ‘What noise? What are you talking about? Oh that noise - we get used to it.’ And it is precisely because they ‘get used to it’ that the danger exists.’

Just then, Thaora, as this high figure was called, made a gesture and I turned around. He was replying to a question I had mentally posed; ‘How can he speak of percentages and know so much about our planet with so much precision?’

Turning around, I almost uttered a cry of surprise for, behind me, stood Biastra and Latoli. In itself, this was nothing surprising, but the friends I knew who measured 310 and 280 centimetres in height respectively, were now reduced in size to correspond with my height. My mouth must have continued to gape, for Thaora smiled.

‘Can you understand, that sometimes, and very often in these days, some of us live among your people on Earth? - and there is my answer to your question.

‘To continue on the very important subject of noise, it is such a danger that, if nothing is done, catastrophe is certain.

‘Let us take the example of a discotheque. The people who expose themselves to music that is typically played three times too loudly, are subjecting their brains and their physiological and astral bodies to vibrations which are so harmful. If they could see the damage that is caused, they would vacate the discotheque quicker than if there was a fire.

‘But vibrations don’t only come from noise; they also come from colours and it is astonishing that, on your planet, experiments conducted in this field have not been followed up. Our ‘agents’ reported a particular experiment involving a man who was capable of lifting a certain weight. It was (found) (that-Editor’s addition) after staring for a moment at a pink coloured screen, he consistently lost thirty per cent of his strength.

‘Your civilisation pays no attention to such experimentation. In fact, colours can enormously influence the behaviour of human beings and yet, control of this influence requires that an individual’s Aura be taken into account. If for example, you want to paint or wallpaper your bedroom with the colours that are truly appropriate for you, you must be aware of the colours of certain principal points of your Aura.

‘By matching the colours of your walls with those of your Aura, you can improve your health or maintain good health. Further, the vibrations emanating from these colours are essential for good mental balance, exerting their influence even while you sleep.’

I was wondering how we could be expected to know these significant colours in our Auras when, on Earth, we were not capable of perceiving Auras.

Of course, Thaora replied immediately, without me having to say a word aloud.
‘Michel, it is now very important that your experts invent the special equipment necessary, to enable perception of the Aura, as this, in turn, will ensure that correct choices are made at the critical cross-roads ahead.

‘The Russians have already photographed the Aura. This is the beginning, but the results obtained allow them only to read the first two letters of the alphabet, as it were, in comparison with what we are able to decipher. The reading of the Aura in order to heal the physical body is nothing compared with what such a reading can achieve for the psychic body, or the physiological body. It is in the area of the psyche that, on Earth, your greatest problems exist.

‘At the moment, most responsibility is taken for the physical body, but this is a serious mistake. If your psyche is poor, it will influence your physical appearance accordingly, but, regardless, your physical body will wear out and die one day, whereas your psyche, being part of your Astral body, never dies. On the contrary, the more you cultivate your mind, the less you will be burdened by your physical body and the quicker you will proceed through your cycle of lives.

‘We could have brought you to our planet in Astral body, but instead, we have brought you here in physical body - and for an important reason. I see you already understand our reason. This pleases us and we thank you for your willingness to assist us in our task.’

The Thaora stopped talking and seemed to lapse into thought, at the same time, fixing me with his luminous eyes. I cannot say how much time elapsed. I know my state became more and more euphoric and I was aware that the Auras of the seven personages were gradually changing. The colours became more vivid in places, softer in others, while the outer edges became misty.
This mist became more golden and pink as it spread, gradually blurring the seven figures. I felt Thao’s hand on my shoulder.

‘No, you are not dreaming, Michel. It’s all quite real.’ She spoke very loudly and, as if to prove her point, she pinched my shoulder so hard, she left a bruise that could be seen for several weeks.

‘Why did you do that? I would not have thought you capable of such violence, Thao.’

‘I’m sorry, Michel, but sometimes strange means are employed. The Thaori always disappear - and sometimes appear in this manner - and you might have thought it part of a dream. I am entrusted with the task of ensuring that you recognise what is real.’

With these words, Thao pivoted me around and I followed her, as we departed by the same route we had come.


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