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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Can you tell me what is happening? Who are these people?’

‘It would take too long to explain to you, Michel, especially now with so much activity in the vessel, but I can satisfy your curiosity by explaining briefly.
‘These people are, in a way, the descendants of certain ancestors of people existing still on your planet. In fact, a group of their ancestors peopled a continent on the planet Earth about 250 000 of your Earth years ago. Here, they possessed a civilization which was very advanced but, having raised enormous political barriers between themselves, they finally destroyed themselves, 150 years ago, with the atom.’

‘Do you mean - a total nuclear war?’

‘Yes, brought about by chain reaction. We come, from time to time, to take samples in order to study the degree of radiation still existing in various regions. Sometimes too, just as a few moments ago, we help them.’
(for scandinavian readers - some similar things was shown the swedish contactperson Ante Jonsson in 1984 - It is quite clear that they have tried to give all klnd of warnings to earthpeople in the last years. Rø-comment)

‘But they must take you to be God himself after what you did just now!’
Thao smiled and nodded her head. ‘Ah yes, that’s certainly true, Michel. They take us to be gods, exactly as, on your planet, certain of your ancestors also took us to be gods. Still, they talk of us...in the past on earth those BIG Pleiadian/Lyran giants were taken to be gods - from their "miracles" and technique.

rø - see the race from Thao's people coming from the same cosmic family - more on this here from lyssa royals very logic channelings and from information from the contacts from Semjase.(r-ø-made - not from book here)

I must have shown complete surprise, as Thao threw me a look of amusement.
‘I told you a moment ago that my explanation is somewhat premature. We’ll have plenty of time to talk of this again. Besides, that’s why you are with us.’

With that, she excused herself and resumed her place in front of a ‘screen-desk’. The images were changing rapidly on the panel. The sphere was on its way up and we had a view of a whole section of the continent, on which, I noticed in places, patches of green and brown. The sphere took its place again within the vessel and we departed.

We flew over the planet at a breathtaking speed and I allowed myself to be imprisoned in my armchair by the force field.

On the screen were images of the waters of an immense ocean. We could distinguish an island, which ‘grew’ rapidly. It seemed to be a very low island although, for me, the problems of estimating dimensions were very real.

The entire procedure, already described, was repeated. We stopped above the coast and, this time, four spheres left the spacecraft and descended to the island. On the panel I could see a beach which the camera was scanning.
On the water’s edge lay what looked like thick slabs, around which were gathered naked men - the same kind we had seen earlier. They didn’t appear to have noticed the sphere and I assumed that this time, it was at a much higher altitude, in spite of the ever closing images we were receiving.

On the panel, we could now see the men carrying one of the slabs into the waves. It floated, as if made of cork. The men hoisted themselves up on to it, grabbed large oars that they handled skilfully and the boat took to the open sea. When they were a good distance from the shore, they threw out fishing lines and, to my surprise, almost immediately, pulled up fish of what seemed a respectable size.

It was quite fascinating to see how these men were surviving, and to be capable of helping them, as if we were gods.

I had released myself from the force field, wanting to go and study the other screens that were receiving different images. Just as I was about to venture from my seat, I received an order, without hearing a sound: ‘Stay where you are, Michel.’ I was stupefied. It was as if the voice was inside my head. I turned my head in Thao’s direction and she was smiling at me. I decided to try something, and thought as hard as I could, ‘Telepathy is great, isn’t it Thao?’

‘Of course,’ she replied in the same manner. ‘It’s wonderful! Can you tell me what the temperature is down there at the moment?’ She checked the data at her desk. ‘Twenty eight of your degrees Celsius. By day, the average temperature is thirty eight degrees.’

I said to myself if I was deaf and mute, I could communicate with Thao quite as easily as I can with the spoken word. ‘Exactly, my dear.’ I looked at Thao with some surprise. I had been making a personal reflection and yet she had intercepted my thoughts. I was a little put out by this. She gave me a wide smile. ‘Don’t worry, Michel. I was merely being playful and I ask that you forgive me. ‘Normally, I only read your thoughts when you ask me a question. I just wanted to demonstrate what is possible in this domain; I won’t do it again.’

I returned her smile and redirected my attention to the panel. There I could see a sphere on the beach, very close to a group of men who didn’t seem to notice it. This sphere was removing sand samples from a spot about ten metres from the group. By telepathy, I asked Thao why these people were unable to see the machine.

‘It’s night,’ she answered. ‘Night? But how is it that we can see things so clearly?’ ‘Special cameras, Michel - something like your infra-reds.’
Now I better understood why the images received were less ‘luminous’ than on our preceding stops. However, the close-ups were excellent.

Just then, on the panel, we had a shot of a face apparently that of a female. It was really horrible. The poor creature had an enormous gash where her left eye should have been. Her mouth was positioned to the right of her face and appeared as a tiny little opening in the middle of her jaw, around which were lips that seemed fused together. On the top of her head, a single tuft of hair hung pitifully. We could now see her breasts, and very pretty they would have been, if one of them hadn’t had a purulent wound on the side.
‘With breasts like that she must be young?’ I asked. ‘The computer puts the age at 19 years.’ ‘Radiation?’ ‘Of course.’

Other people appeared, some of whom were perfectly normal looking. There were males among them, with an athletic build, who looked to be in their twenties. ‘What is the age of the oldest? Do you know?’ ‘At present, we have no record of anyone older than 38 years, and a year on this planet is 295 days of 27 hours. Now, if you look at the screen, you can see a close-up of the genital area of that handsome and athletic young man. As you will note, the genitals are totally atrophied. We’ve already worked out, from previous expeditions, that there are very few men actually capable of procreation - and yet, there are great numbers of children. It’s the survival instinct of all races to reproduce as soon as possible. Thus, the obvious solution would be that the males capable of reproduction are ‘studs’. This man must be one of them, I think.’

Indeed, the camera was showing a man of about 30 years perhaps, possessing physical attributes certainly capable of producing offspring.

We were also able to see many children coming and going around small fires on which food was cooking. The men and women seated around the fireplaces were taking cooked pieces and sharing them with the children. The fires seemed like wood fires, but I couldn’t be sure. They were fuelled by something shaped rather like stones.

Behind the fires, slabs similar to the boats seen earlier, were piled and assembled so as to form shelters that looked quite comfortable.

In the camera’s field of vision, no trees could be seen - perhaps they did exist, because I had noticed green patches earlier as we flew over the continent.

From between two huts, some little black pigs appeared, pursued by three furious yellow dogs, only to disappear rapidly behind another hut. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but wonder if I really was looking down on another planet. These humans looked like me - or rather, like Polynesians - and here were dogs and pigs. It was all more and more surprising...

The sphere began to return, as did the other spheres no doubt, that were being monitored by screens I couldn’t easily see from my position. The operation ‘return to ship’ was initiated, and all the spheres ‘reabsorbed’ without incident, the same as before.

I assumed we were about to leave again and so installed myself comfortably in my seat, allowing the force field to restrain me thus.

Some moments later, the suns of the planet appeared, two in number, then everything dwindled rapidly, just as it had done when we left Earth. After a time, which seemed quite short, the force field was neutralised and I understood that I was free to get out of my seat. This was a good feeling. I noticed Thao heading towards me accompanied by two of the ‘oldest’, if I can say so, of her companions. I remained standing beside my seat before the three astronauts.

In order to look at Thao, I was already obliged to raise my head, but when she introduced me, in French, to the ‘elder’ of them, I felt even smaller. The latter was easily a head taller than Thao.

I was completely astonished when she, Biastra, spoke to me correctly, although slowly, in French. She placed her right hand on my shoulder, saying,
‘I am delighted to have you on board, Michel. I hope that all is well with you and that it continues to be so. May I present Latoli, the second-in-charge of our spacecraft, myself being what you would call ‘Commander-in-Chief of the Alatora.’(Alatora, in their language, is the name given to their super long-distance spacecraft.)

Turning to Latoli, she spoke a few words in her own language and Latoli too, placed her hand on my shoulder. With a warm smile, she repeated my name several times slowly, as would someone who had difficulty pronouncing a new language.

Her hand remained on my shoulder and a feeling of well-being, a definite fluid sensation, passed through my body. I was so obviously overcome by this, that the three of them began to laugh. Reading my thoughts, Thao reassured me.
‘Michel, Latoli possesses a special gift, although not rare among our people. What you have been able to experience, is a fluid which is magnetic and beneficial, and which emanated from her.’ ‘It’s wonderful!’ I exclaimed. ‘Please compliment her on my behalf.’

I then addressed the two astronauts. ‘Thank you for your welcome, but I must confess I am absolutely astounded by what is happening to me. It really is the most incredible adventure for an Earthling such as me. Although I have always believed in the possibility that other planets might be inhabited by human-like beings, I’m still having a hard time convincing myself that this is not a fantastic dream.

‘I had often discussed things such as telepathy, extra-terrestrials and what we call ‘flying saucers’ with friends on Earth, but they were just words and grand phrases uttered in ignorance. Now I have the proof of what I had suspected for so long regarding the existence of parallel universes, the duality of our beings, and other unexplained occurrences. To experience all that I have in these last few hours is so exciting it takes my breath away.

Latoli, admiring my monologue, uttered an exclamation, in words I didn’t understand but which Thao immediately translated for me. ‘Latoli understands your state of mind perfectly well, Michel.’ ‘As do I,’ added Biastra. ‘How could she have understood what I said?’ ‘She has ‘dipped’ telepathically into your mind while you were speaking. As you must realise, telepathy is not hindered by language barriers.’

My astonishment amused them and perpetual smiles played on their lips. Biastra addressed me. ‘Michel, I am going to introduce you to the rest of the crew, if you will kindly follow me.’ She guided me, by the shoulder, to the furthest desk, where three astronauts were monitoring the instruments. I hadn’t yet approached these desks and, even in Astral body, I had not paid any attention to the read-out of these computers. The glance I now gave them immobilised me completely. The numerals before my eyes were in Arabic! I know the reader will be as surprised as I was, but it was fact. The 1s, 2s, 3s 4s etc. appearing on the monitors, were the same numerals that occur on Earth.

Biastra noticed my astonishment. ‘It is true, isn’t it Michel, for you there is one surprise after another. Don’t think we are having fun at your expense, as we totally understand your wonder. All will fall into place in good time. For the moment please allow me to introduce Naola.’

The first of the astronauts rose and turned towards me. She placed her hand on my shoulder, as Biastra and Latoli had done. It occurred to me that this gesture must correspond to our handshake. Naola addressed me in her own language and then she, too, repeated my name three times, as if she wanted to commit it to memory forever. She was about the same size as Thao.


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