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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Andrew Hennessey

Scotland and the UK have for some time been accredited with being oneof the world's busiest UFO hotspots with attention in Scotland being focused initially on Bonnybridge and the Falkirk triangle. However, more recently, from about 2000, it has become apparent that the small town of Gorebridge – an ex coal mining town about 15 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, has had more than its fairshare of close encounters and abductions.On checking the local news and gossip – there have been reported and unreported close encounters in the Gorebridge area for decades.

Geographically and historically, Gorebridge is situated adjacent toRosslyn Castle and Chapel which lie a few miles to the west. In Rosslyn glen by the river there is a bronze age carving in stone ofa reptilian head and, folklore referring to a tunnel and cavern system. To the east lies the cavern systems of Cousland and a place called`Goblin Halls' as well as numerous other references to this reality in village names. e.g. Elphinstone.

Gorebridge, then, a typical post-industrial mining community with abandoned mines and workings has a past intimately tied in to Celtic mythological traditions.It has been noted for a few years now that Blinkbonny mine, an abandoned coal mine at Gorebridge, has been a centre for nocturnal activity with lights descending from the sky, and curious strangers there who move the locals on.

Two individuals were chased from that locality one year whilst diggingup some fir trees for Christmas by a luminous, floating,`green eye'.

Access to that locality has become more controlled over the last few years with some of the other entrances to the mine at other localities becoming filled in by contractors. It has more recently become a Bikers locality for non-locals.

In other localities in and around Gorebridge strange things have been reported such as parked `silver domes' in the local fields, black triangles flying low overhead, people being pursued by strange glowing intelligent lights, sightings of Greys and Men in Black in the local woods and abductees who share the same year and dates of birth.

Also there is the story of Jackie Gillies a contactee from Gorebridge who has filmed numerous alien craft at close quarters. These images are featured at http://www.LSUFOS.com. In 2002, John, or Jackie as he prefers to be called went out at night to his doorstep because he had the `feeling' that he would film something. Sure enough he films a square shaped and peculiar UFO flying low across his rooftop. Managing also to get the ship at various stages of its approach. The next morning Jackie hears the thunder of a helicopter at rooftop height overhead and goes out with his camera to see a dark helicopter eyeballing him at his doorstep with its cameras trained on him. Jackie then filmed them filming him. Thinking it bizarre, he contacted a then prominent UFO group in Scotland with his story and his footage but their investigation though revealing that the helicopter was from a company called PDG helicopters, dismissed their activity as normal and routine.Certainly its all routine for the security services to survey citizens on their doorstep. All of Jackies footage has been dismissed by this group as `rubbish'. However, when he eventually started investigating the suspicious helicopter, there the morning after a close encounter, and when he examined the images of the pilot he was in for a shock – for he had a clear image of a Grey working for the UK establishment. PDG helicopters have declined to identify the pilot and any use of`strange headgear' etc. and they remain silent about their presence on his doorstep.

The UFO group who initially investigated Jackies claim of harassment and who had dismissed the incident as routine had failed to note that the helicopter was flying at 150 feet and that 500 feet is the legal ceiling for such activity.There are also some of Jackies neighbours who were alarmed by this low flying machine.

Further scrutiny of this clear helicopter footage and survey of the locality by an RAF flight sergeant from Leuchars airbase who is also a bomb disposal expert and Iraq combat veteran reveals a fairly exact confirmation of the height at about 150 feet and that the camera in use to film Jackie and his house was no ordinary routine camera.The camera in use by the very strange surveillance team was a radiation source seeking camera which can see through walls. The camera operator is a Grey with a heart shaped head a head much like the Faerie head from the 13th century carved in stone in St Giles cathedral Edinburgh. This is also the Speilberg `ET' from the film of the same name –perhaps checking if Jackie was following advice to `be good' and whether or not he had recently acquired any exotic technology from the previous night's encounter with which to `phone home'.

The ramifications of Jackies Grey chopper pilot are staggering – for when `alien Tony' as he has been dubbed flies back to the airport –how is he facilitated. What are his catering and restroom arrangements.Working as an alien technological consultant for the UK black ops – he assists in the `routine surveillance' of UK abductees and contactees. Does he drive back to Elphinstone or Goblin Halls at night after he clocks off.

Jackies photo of `alien Tony' represents the first clear public domain evidence that the Ministry of Defence is clearly working hand in glove with extraterrestrials and that these ETs are helping them with their field work. Indeed this disclosure makes the recent MoD Condign Report facile and ridiculous. One of its points of laughter was a sub-report entitled`Elves, Sprites and Blue Jets'.Its certain from this evidence that the government are intent on policing their monopoly on exotic technology and all the benefits to be had therefrom.

The authorities only becoming involved overtly if there is a `risk' that Joe Public could be receiving technological gifts of strange things. Close monitoring of the contactee public is done with the use of conventional and unconventional technology and personnel.

A more recent overfly of Gorebridge by a PDG helicopter was reported in late May 2006. In chatting to a local gamekeeper it was revealed that he did not go to a certain hill a few miles south of Gorebridge because it always had a low level light over it at night. The gamekeeper related that the light was under the level of the low cumulus clouds.

Indeed from two independent sources it was confirmed that a field onLeadburn road a few miles to the west had alien and or military technology in it.A local gypsy called Muriel told me that `someone' a while back had left a probe in that field and that if you stood at a certain place it would drift over to where you stood to check you out. This was also checked out by Garry Woods another prominent Scottishabductee and investigator.

More recently it has come to light that two friends and hillwalkers had been in that area and one had said to the other to watch the trees at the top of a hill whilst walking up to a certain point in the field. When the point had been reached, a Harrier vertical take off and landing `jump jet' rose above the treeline. The friend then said to the other, now step back, and then the jet sank back down into thetrees. Now step forward again and the jet rose up again.It would appear that some sort of holographic technology may be in use, for there are, according to a Flight Sergeant at RAF Leuchars, air traffic control, no Harriers flying in Scotland – the nearest being 300 miles away at bases such as Peterhead and Norwich. The hillwalker had encountered the Harrier before many times noting that it rose up if he walked forward and then sunk down if he walked back at a spot in the field. The weird Harrier is in the exact locality identified by the local gypsy as that which contained the `alien probe'.

There are though, many other mining towns in the Scottish region of the Lothians, comprising of West Lothian, Midlothian and East Lothian e.g.Blackridge in West Lothian [closer to Bonnybridge] that have noted ET activity and abductions from craft and beings operating in and around old coal mines.It may be though, that old mines could be utilised in times of national emergency for various reasons and are currently being made secure for that purpose. There does seem to be sightings of dark helicopters associated with these places – as a recent correspondent from West Lothian confirms.

With so many contactees in Gorebridge itself and many more people who have witnessed strange encounters and happenings – it was with interest that I note that an abductee who had parents born in Gorebridge on the same day within 5 minutes of each other and who had then moved to Edinburgh was also being followed up in later life by ongoing ET contact.

There is clearly something alien going on at Gorebridge and that when you open your back door and find yourself being confronted by a helicopter cockpit and one of the occupants in plain view is an alien or even a spook wearing a strange mask – then you know that maybe the authorities know something about it too.

Other footage shot by Jackie Gillies reveals an arrowhead shaped craft with visible triangular structural details flying up from the Rosslyn area through the stars of Orions belt. As it rises heading south in the direction of the Scottish Borders – three cities materialise for it to dock with.

This footage provides proof for an anecdote reported by Charles Fort in his book New Lands, of a city descending from the sky over the Scottish Borders in the 18th or 19th century.

Recent claims of a sighting of an Aurora jet over the Lothians by a`respectable witness' who claimed to see percussion smoke rings from faster than sound flight behind it do not detract from the fact that the ship filmed by Jackie is not of conventional technology and was clearly leaving the Earths atmosphere. It is enveloped in a bright blue glow and is identical to one filmed on the Martian sands by a NASA satellite.

The UK military thought by the looks of `alien Tony' the chopper occupant have long surpassed the need for jet aircraft – and the ultimate irony in the recent MoD Condign report that jokingly refers to `blue jets' is that Jackie had indeed filmed a blue craft – but it was clearly enveloped in a light blue electrogravitational field. [Ofthe sort described and produced by Townsend Brown in the 1930's]Does Condign mean Condescension ? or just a Con ??Exactly what is going on at Gorebridge ? Well two strangers, men in suits were overheard to declare the area a `hive'.Well it certainly has been and continues to be a hive of alien activity. I have a feeling though that there is much more to come.

Andrew Hennessey


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