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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


POLAND: Consequences of UFO sightings: Mrs. Joanna’s from Opoczno case.

Summary: Mrs. Joanna [49] from Opoczno witnessed several observations of UFOs and then experienced some strange situation(s) that might be connected with those experiences. She was also allegedly forced to go (out) of her house to witness a manifestation of an UFO. In other instances she discovered strange burns on her body, had problems with electronic devices, felt strange heat and began drawing things as a magnet. All the experiences allegedly started after the observation of an UFO craft.

Her first UFO sighting took place on October 19th 2004. Mrs. Joanna stated that she wasn’t able to do ironing due to a constant feeling of electrical shocks. The shocks were quite delicate but she wasn’t able to finish ironing. The woman felt that “something” (was) pulling her outside. It was a very strong feeling.

“The day was rainy, skies were covered with clouds but that force was overpowering. I took my dog and went outside the block. It was very strange but I felt as if I wasn’t driving my dog and the strange force was guiding both of us,” she said.

When the woman guided by a strange power was about 100 m. away from block she lives in, she rose her head up [what was an unusual act for her as she claims]. “At first I thought that there were two strange clouds that are wandering through the violet-red rainy skies. But something didn’t let me go away so I was standing there and observing. Then I quickly realized that they weren’t surely clouds. They were UFOs. I comprehended that they brought me in that place intentionally.

I must see those objects, but why? After some time one of those objects rotated and then I saw is bottom. It looked like a fiery, red ball. The UFO withdrew after 2 or 3 seconds. The second one also moved away starting from his original position and very quickly it flew toward the same direction where the previous one headed. The sightings lasted about an hour.”

Then Mrs. Joanna realized that it wasn’t just a coincidence and she was intentionally guided to that place to observe those unusual objects. She didn’t mention any mental messages nor similar experiences. Friends didn’t believe in her story but it finally turned out that it wasn’t a hallucination. Anyway it also seems that the woman might be steered by some intelligence but not with mental messages but with electrical shock that made her obedient to fulfill their will. It isn’t of course known with what and in what way the steering was conducted but it seems a little worrying.

Also another one detail bothered her. It turned out that the observation of two objects took place between 18:40 and 20:00. During that time everything around was in normal order, pedestrians were passing by and cars were driving through streets of Opoczno. But according to Mrs. Joanna’s relation, only she was able to perceive the objects and she was the only one person who was observing them. “People were walking on the street, but only I was observing those objects. It seemed to me that the aerial show lasted 10-15 minutes but in fact it was about an hour long.” It wasn’t determined by what that feeling [of lost time] was caused and it isn’t established yet whether Mrs. Joanna experienced a missing time.

But after several weeks the witness told her friend about the observation and she found out that on the same day [i.e. October 19th], after 8 p.m., some identical objects were seen by inhabitants of Piotrkow Trybunalski [woj.lodzkie]. Local Lodzian TVP 3 covered their story in "Wiadomosci” [informational program]. Mrs. Joanna felt relief because she was assured that she hadn’t (had) any illusions and the objects were seen also by other witnesses.

As it was said in the upper part of this report, after the sighting Mrs. Joanna began experiencing some unusual phenomena. “It was a dreadful itching of my skin. I can say that it was burning in chest area and inner part of my palms. It seemed that it was some kind of an allergy lasting for 10 days of every month.

Then everything returned normal.” The woman also experienced some strange, unexpected problems with electricity. “Electricity struck me every time I get in contact with current-powered appliances, every kind of metal and even with water (which) was the worst thing. I could feel current flowing in wires when I was touching it with hands or legs. I burned a PC, a television and a radio set began go off by itself and light bulbs in my flat began burning. After touching a door handle spirals of current were emitted from my palms. That caused my life (to) turn into a nightmare.”

But it was only the beginning. In February 2005 Mrs. Joanna accidentally discovered that her chest is as if a magnet. She was attracting every metal-made stuff. After some days her whole body behaved as a magnet and things stuck even to her face. But after a month her body began attracting also other non-metal stuff, wood, glass, rubber, plastic, paper, etc.

“I don’t know if the things that were going on in my organism were connected with another unusual event. It was at night, between 6th and 7th day of April 2005. There was a week of mourning after John Paul II death and I was watching some TV relations. Suddenly I felt, about 1:30 a.m., strange heat in my chest and I intuitively touch it with my left arm. At that moment all the heat moved to my left arm and I could feel that my arm is over the gas stove.” The woman told that after about an hour that strange wave of heat began moving left and toward feet. “The whole left part of my body was as if a huge torch. I was scared and didn’t know what is going on. I was scared of being burned, burned by myself. A cold shower didn’t help, water in a bath began getting warm when I was lying in it.”

The frightened woman went in the morning to her friend, a bioenegroterapeutist (?? - editor) she was sharing her feelings about the phenomenon since some months. She said: “I told him what happened at night. He was surprised with that story. He examined me and said that I received a strong portion of curing energy and I became a magnetizer.”

Another observation of an UFO craft occurred in July 2005 in Myslecinek, in Mrs. Joanna’s parents home. “Around midnight I noticed in the sky three blinking, silver objects in a small distance one from another. It lasted 15 minutes and then UFOs turned in that way that I was able to notice their red bottoms and they very quickly shot up. My family claimed that there were airplanes but aircraft aren’t moving in that way.”

Another UFO sighting of Mrs. Joanna took place in late November 2005. “At about 11 p.m., when I went on a stroll with my dog I saw 7 strange objects in the sky. They created two rows, the upper row contained 4 discs and the lower one 3.” The woman also added that the objects were intense red in color. “They remained suspended in the sky for 30 minutes and I was standing there and observing. After that time all the discs shot up with amazing speed. Likewise the observation from October 14th 2004 I observed them in vicinity of a block I live in.”

Site: http://nol-polishufojournal.blogspot.com/
Attributed to Piotr Cielebias: NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal.
Thank you Brent Raynes for this interesting case.


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