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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Coming back ‘home’

The sheets of galvanised iron on the roof creak under the burning rays of the sun, and even on the verandah, the heat is almost unbearable. I watch the delightful play of light and shadow in the garden and hear the song of the birds as they chase each other across a pale blue sky - and, I am sad.

I have just put the final full stop at the end of the twelfth chapter of this book I was asked to write. The task was not always easy. Often details would escape me and I would spend hours trying to recall certain things which Thao had said, and particular things she wanted me to write. Then, at the moment when I was totally exasperated, it would all come back to me - every detail, as if a voice was dictating the words over my shoulder, and I would write so much I would develop cramps in my hand. For periods of about three hours, sometimes more, sometimes less, images would crowd into my head.

While writing the book, with words jostling each other in my mind, I often wished I had known shorthand - and now, again, the strange sensation is back.

‘Are you there, Thao?’ I would ask, never receiving a reply. ‘Is it one of you? Thao? Biastra? Latoli? Lationusi? I beg you to give me a sign, a sound. Please respond!’

‘You called me?’

I had spoken aloud and my wife had come running. She stood in front of me, watching me closely.


‘You are doing this periodically, aren’t you - talking to yourself. I will be glad when this book is finished and you ‘come back to Earth,’ literally!’

She left. Poor Lina. She certainly has not had an easy time of it, these past months. How must it have been for her? She got up one morning to find me stretched out on the sofa, deathly pale, having difficulty breathing and desperately wanting to sleep. I asked her if she had found my note.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but where did you get to?’

‘I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I was picked up by extra-terrestrials and taken to their planet. I will tell you everything, but for now, please, just let me sleep for as long as possible. I’ll go to bed now - I stretched out here so as not to wake you.’

‘Your tiredness is not, I suppose, due to some other reason?’ Her tone was bitter-sweet and I could sense her concern. However, she let me sleep and it was a good thirty-six hours before I opened an eye. I woke to find Lina bending over me, with the anxious air of a nurse watching someone gravely ill.

‘How are you?’ she asked. ‘I very nearly called the doctor. I haven’t known you to sleep for so long without once stirring - and yet you were dreaming and calling out in your sleep. Who is the ‘Arki’ or ‘Aki’ you mentioned? And ‘Thao’? Are you going to tell me?’

I smiled at her and kissed her. ‘I’m going to tell you everything.’ It occurred to me then, that thousands of husbands and wives must say that very same sentence, having no intention whatsoever of explaining ‘everything’. I wished I’d said something a little less vulgar and common.

‘Yes, I’m listening.’

‘Good, and you must listen carefully, for what I have to say is serious - very serious. But I don’t want to tell the same story twice. Call our son in, so I can tell you both.’
Three hours later, I had largely finished my account of the extraordinary adventure I’d had. Lina, who is the least credulous member of the family when it comes to such matters, had detected, by certain expressions and certain intonations in my voice, that something really serious had happened to me. When one lives twenty seven years with a person, some things cannot be misunderstood.

I was besieged with questions, especially from my son, for he has always believed in the existence of other planets inhabited by intelligent beings.

‘Do you have proof?’ asked Lina. I was reminded of Thao’s words - ‘They seek proof, Michel, and always more proof.’ I was a little disappointed the question came from my own wife.

‘No, none, but when you read the book that I must write, you will know that I tell the truth. You won’t have to ‘believe’ - you will know.’

‘Can you imagine me telling my friends: ‘My husband has just come back from the planet Thiaoouba’?’

I asked her to speak of the matter to no one, since my orders were not to speak, but first to write. I felt it was better that way, in any case, because words can be lost in the breeze whereas what is written, remains.

The days and months passed by and now the book is finished. All that remains to be done is to publish it. On this subject, Thao had assured me there would be few problems. This was in response to a question I had asked in the spacecraft on our return to Earth.

The ‘spacecraft’ - how many things that word brings to mind...

That last evening, on the beach, Thao had pointed out the minuscule star that is the sun that now made me perspire. We had then taken the flying platform and headed for the space base - quickly and without a word being spoken. A spaceship, prepared for immediate departure, awaited us. During our brief journey to the base, I had observed in the darkness, that the Auras of my companions were not shining as brilliantly as usual. The colours were more subdued and stayed closer to their bodies. This surprised me, but I said nothing.

When we boarded the spacecraft, I assumed we were going on a trip, perhaps with a specific mission, to a nearby planet. Thao had told me nothing.
Our take off went according to normal procedures and was uneventful. I watched as the golden planet became rapidly smaller, presuming I’d be returning in a few hours time - or perhaps the next day. Several hours had elapsed before Thao finally addressed me again.

‘Michel, I know you have noticed our sadness. It is very real, for there are certain partings that are sadder than others. My companions and I have become very attached to you and, if we are sad, it is because, at the end of this journey, we must part. We are taking you back to your planet.’

Again, I felt a twinge in the side of my stomach.

‘I hope you won’t hold it against us that we left so quickly. We did so to spare you the regrets one always has when one leaves a place one is fond of - and I know you are enormously fond of our planet, and our company. It’s hard not to think, ‘this is my last night’ or ‘this is the last time I will see this or that’.’

I looked down and had absolutely nothing to say. We sat together in silence for some time. I felt heavy, as though my limbs and organs were weighted. I turned my head slowly towards Thao, looking at her surreptitiously. She seemed even sadder and something different was missing. Suddenly, I knew - it was her Aura.

‘Thao, what’s happening to me? I can’t see your Aura any more.’

‘It’s normal, Michel. The great Thaori gave you your two gifts - the ability to see Auras and understand languages, to serve as tools in your learning, but only for a limited time.

‘This time has just elapsed, but don’t be saddened by the fact; after all, these are gifts you didn’t have when you first joined us. What you do take back is knowledge that you and millions of your fellow beings can profit from.

‘Isn’t that more important than understanding languages or being able to see Auras when you aren’t able to read them? It is the reading of Auras that counts, after all - not the perceiving of them.’

I accepted her reasoning, but was disappointed nonetheless, for I had soon become accustomed to the radiance around these people.

‘Don’t be sorry, Michel,’ said Thao, reading my thoughts. ‘On your planet, most people don’t have radiant Auras - far from it. The thoughts and concerns of millions of Earthlings are so closely related to material matters, that their Auras are quite dull; you’d have been disappointed.’

I looked at her closely; very conscious of the fact that soon I would see her no more. In spite of her large size, she was so well proportioned; her pleasant pretty face was without a wrinkle; her mouth, her nose, her eyebrows - all were perfect. Suddenly, the question that had been brewing in my subconscious mind for so long sprung to mind almost involuntarily.

‘Thao, is there a reason for you all being hermaphrodites?’

‘Yes, and it is important, Michel. I was surprised you didn’t ask that question sooner.

‘You see, as we exist on a superior planet, all we have that is material, is also superior, as you have seen for yourself. Our various bodies, including the physical body, must also be superior, and in this domain, we have progressed as far as it is possible to progress. We can regenerate our bodies, prevent them from dying, resuscitate them and even, sometimes, create them. But in a physical body, there are other bodies, such as the astral - indeed, there are nine altogether. Those which interest us at the moment are the fluidic body and the physiological body. The fluidic body influences the physiological body which, in turn, influences the physical body.

‘In the fluidic body, you possess six principal points which we call Karolas and which the yogis on your planet call Chakras. The first Chakra is the one situated between your two eyes, just a centimetre and a half above your nose. It’s the ‘brain’ of your fluidic body, if you like; it corresponds to the pineal gland, which is placed much further back in your physical brain but on exactly the same level. It was by placing a finger on this Chakra that one of the Thaori was able to liberate in you the gift of understanding languages.

‘Now, at the bottom of the fluidic body and just above the sex organs, is found a very important Chakra, which we call the Mouladhara, and which your yogis call Sacred. Above this Chakra, and meeting the spinal column, is the Palantius.

‘It is in the form of a coiled spring and only reaches the base of the spinal column when it is relaxed.

‘For it to become relaxed, it requires the accomplishment of the sexual act between two partners who must not only love one another, but also have a spiritual affinity between them. Only at that moment and under these conditions will the Palantius extend to the spinal column, transferring an energy and special gifts to the physiological body which then affects the physical body. The person concerned will experience happiness in sexual enjoyment that is far greater than normal.

‘When, on your planet, you hear such expressions among people very much in love as: ‘we were in seventh heaven’, ‘we felt light’, or ‘we were floating on air’, you can be sure the couples were in physical and spiritual accord and ‘made for one another’ - at least for a while.

‘Certain Tantrists on Earth have attained this point, but it isn’t common among them, for still their religions, with ridiculous rituals and prohibitions, create a real obstacle to attaining this goal. When they look at the forest, they don’t see the trees.

‘Let’s go back to our loving couple: The man has experienced great pleasure transformed into beneficial vibrations for the Palantius, thanks to a love which is genuine, and absolute compatibility. All these sensations of happiness were released by the accomplishment of the sexual act. The sensations of happiness are not the same with the female, but the process is the same with her.

‘Now, to answer your question. On our planet, with bodies that are both male and female, we can achieve, at will, the sensations, both male and female. Of course, this brings us a much greater range of sexual pleasure than if we were mono-sexual. Further, our fluidic body can be at its best. Our appearance is, needless to say, more feminine than masculine -at least where our faces and breasts are concerned. Don’t you agree, Michel, that, as a general rule, a woman has a prettier face than a man? Well, we prefer to have faces that are pretty, rather than unattractive.’

‘What do you think of homosexuality?’

‘The homosexual, female as well as male, is a neurotic (when it is not a matter of hormones) and neurotics can’t be condemned but, like all neurotics, they should seek treatment. In all things, Michel, consider what Nature has decreed and you will have the answers to your questions.

‘Nature gave every living thing the possibility of reproduction, (so) that various species might continue. According to the Creator’s will, males and females have been created in all species. With human beings, however, and for the reasons we have already explained, he added features not given to other species. For example, a woman can bloom in sexual fulfilment, achieving a range of sexual sensations that can release the Palantius and bring about vast improvements in her physical body by way of the fluidic body.

That can happen over numerous days of the month without her becoming pregnant. A cow, on the other hand, will accept the bull only during a certain few hours of the month and, then, it is motivated only by the drive to procreate. When in calf she is no longer receptive to a bull’s ‘advances’. There you have a comparison between two of Nature’s creations. The first is quite a special being, possessing nine bodies, whereas the second possesses only three bodies. Evidently, the Creator has taken special care to place, within us, much more than a physical body. Sometimes, on your planet, these special things are referred to as ‘divine sparks’ - and it is an appropriate comparison.’

‘What do you think of deliberate abortion?’

‘Is it a natural act?’

‘No, of course not.’

‘Then why do you ask - you already know the answer.’


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