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Monday, August 07, 2006


Thank you Albert Rosales for this interesting case.

Location. Miami, Florida
Date: February 7 1962
Time: 0630A

17-year old Ron Card felt a strong urge to go down to Biscayne Bay before going to school. His home was about two miles from Biscayne Bay, which is a large body of water lying just southeast of Miami. Instead of taking the bus directly to school, he left the house a little earlier than usual and rode a different bus down to the bay. He got off at Bayshore Drive and 17th Avenue. The general area then was mostly a deserted stretch of wooded coastline with undergrowth, palm trees running from the highway (US1) down to the water. The vicinity was later developed into a beautiful public park. He was quite familiar with the surroundings because he and his buddies would frequently hang around there on the weekends.

It was an unusually foggy and chilly morning as he made his way down one of the many dirt paths that eventually led to the shore. There was a cool gentle breeze coming out of the southeast. As he neared the end of the path, he looked up and discovered that he was not alone. Standing directly in front of him, about 25 or 30 feet away, was a man wearing rather peculiar looking clothes. It was not unusual to see other people in these woods, so his initial thought was to walk around this person and continue on his way. He cautiously moved to within about ten feet of him and then something told him to stop. He just stood there motionless, looking at the man over from head to foot. The stranger did not move either, and stood there with his arms at his sides. He was slightly shorter than Card, who guessed him to be about five foot six inches tall and perhaps 130 or 140 pounds in weight. He could tell that the man was well built physically, for his chest muscles were apparent against his clothing. He appeared to be in his early twenties, maybe twenty five at most. He had short blond hair worn in a sort of overgrown crew-cut that did not stick up on top. He had blue gray colored eyes and his forehead was unusually high. His face had an oval shape and his cheek bones were almost oriental-like in appearance. His complexion was very fair and his face was not tanned at all. He was wearing what looked to be a one-piece chocolate brown colored ski-suit, an outfit quite unlike Ron had ever seen before. The sleeves were loose and billowing and were drawn up at his wrists by cuffs about two inches wide. The suit fit him snugly about the shoulders and upper chest area. The material was loose around the stomach area and drawn up about his waist by his belt. The suit was close about his neck but had no collar. Ron could detect no seams or pockets anywhere. The material of the suit was smooth textured like silk, and had a luster to it. The fabric must have been super finely woven for no weave was apparent. His pants were full and billowing like the sleeves and the material was gathered up where it entered the tops of his boots. He wore a rather wide belt, about six inches wide, gold in color and shiny plastic-like in appearance. In the center of the belt was a thick, rectangular metallic like buckle. It looked to be about four by five inches in size and seemed to be made of solid gold. In the middle of the buckle, in relief, was a circular geometric design. The design reminded Ron of the symbol for a planet with a ring around it, signifying the orbital path of a moon. In each corner of the buckle, around the circular design were odd looking etchings, resembling Oriental language characters. He wore low cut jet black boots which in no way resembled leather in construction. They were shiny like patent leather and had no heel. They seemed to be made of the same material as his belt. Ron later noticed that when the stranger moved his soles left an unusually wide, tread-like imprint on the ground, similar to that which an Army combat boot would make. He watched Ron intently as Ron continued to visually examine him. He wore short brown colored gloves. They appeared to be very thin, unlike winter gloves as they fit his hands quite tightly. The identical planet-like design as on his belt buckle was thickly embroidered on the back side of each glove and was gold in color. His gloves looked to be made of the same material as his suit. Ron could see a small band of his skin between the top of his gloves and the sleeve cuffs.

As the witness stood there in sheer amazement the stranger smiled and spoke to him in perfect English. “Hello Ed” he said, “we have been watching you.” His voice was quite pleasant deep and soft. The witness was flabbergasted but not scared and after a few seconds managed to utter, “Who are you?” He then told Ron that he was from the planet we called Venus, and that their existence was of a different reality than that of Earth. It was his “job” to contact certain people on Earth for special reasons. He said that “they” had been intercepting his thought waves and upon analyzing them, determined that his desire to learn more about the spaceships he had seen before was sincere. He explained that ever since Ron’s first sighting, his thoughts had activated a special device of theirs that records thought forms or vibrations which are “aimed” their way. He said that the people of Earth could not perceive or see what their reality of Venus was like. This was why Earth astronomers could not detect their existence by observing Venus through telescopes. He said that he could easily enter and leave our Earth reality, but that people of Earth were not yet ready to understand this process.

He stated:
“Our existence does not conform to your laws of logic, as we exist totally apart from your world and its reality. Your scientists and philosophers cannot apply their laws to our existence because to do so would introduce distortions that would seem illogical and alien.”

He went on to say:
“We have decided to go ahead and make contact with you as an experiment, as you would say. We are taking a calculated risk, but due to the relevant differences in development between our two worlds, we realize the possible ramifications that could result whenever we approach people like yourself, on your planet. It is hoped that we may plant the seeds of enlightenment within you that will uplift and illuminate your consciousness. This will encourage you to carefully examine your beliefs and your personal feelings about all that you come in contact with. We understand also that this new relationship may possibly have a negative impact upon you. Depending on how you conduct yourself and utilize the forthcoming information, in the form of answers and questions, you may find yourself put in a different light among your friends and relatives.”

After some more communication, the witness stood there speechless. Time had slipped by rapidly. He then asked Ron if he should not be getting off to school. It was after seven and the witness reluctantly agreed, but not before he asked what the symbol on the buckle meant. He told him that it was the symbol for his planet. Ron asked him if he was going to see him again. He indicated, yes, and said that it would be very soon indeed. Ron quickly asked when and where and he told him not to worry about it, for he would arrange everything. They said good-bye and the witness turned and ran back down the path to the highway. The witness managed to make it to school on time.

HC addendum
Source: Wendelle Stevens, Ron Card, “UFO Contact from the
Planet Venus”


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