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Thursday, July 27, 2006


By Karin Hoppe Holloway, CHt

If S weren’t so nervous you’d never know he was being followed. Government vans and men in suits, a red eyed alien, Reptilians and Pug-nosed Humans never leave him alone.

He travels with a knapsack. Its contents are highly suggestive of his state of mind: a book on dinosaurs and fossils, a notepad and pencil, a camera (when someone’s gracious enough to loan him one), and a net. He’s always prepared for the big catch.

S is young looking for his thirty-some years. Sandy colored hair with a moustache; slim muscular build; and a pleasant, earnest demeanor are his normal aspects. He spends a great deal of his time in the woods and swamps of Southeastern Michigan looking for snakes and turtles and deer hunting. He’s incredibly observant and he can patiently sit and watch for hours. He also hunts fossils, rather obsessively. He has an incredible memory for details. He feels a kinship with all animals. He’s been on local TV and in the local papers with his strange fossils And many of the kids I teach know S because he likes to point out UFOs and aliens to them while they’re partying in the fields. Upon talking with him you would soon discover a nervous, quiet laugh and the tendency to whisper. And once you’d gotten to listen to him for a while you would soon dismiss him as being mentally and emotionally unbalanced. As far as I know, S is the closest thing we Americans have to a Crocodile Dundee as well as being the closest person in the world to the real Reptilians.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist I knew S needed my help to integrate his experiences into his life so that he could begin to have the things many of us take for granted: a job, a car, a loved one. Thank goodness he has a family which has sheltered him. S can’t keep a job because he’s too busy pointing out the UFOs which follow him to his fellow workers and customers. He can’t become involved in a relationship because all he can talk about are fossils and the Others. And he can’t relax because he takes caffeine pills so that They can never sneak up on him at night. I know; you’re thinking he’s schizophrenic. But when I’ve been with him I’ve seen the most amazing lights in the sky and on the ground and I know I’m not seeing things. I’m a certified field investigator for MUFON and I know what is and what isn’t unusual in our skies. Perhaps, as a red light in a tree once told S, "We have something in common; the woods." He is somehow an alien magnet and They are driving him crazy.

We’ve had two regressions, three nights of watching the sky, and innumerable phone conversations. We began with his telling me about his aunt’s encounter in her garage with a red-eyed creature which told her he was hiding because his ship had crashed. His Grandmother had also had encounters with spirits.

The last I heard of S the police had taken him to jail, finally, for speeding to get away from a UFO. Remarkably, he’d been stopped before and let go by the police for the very same thing leading S to believe that the police believe him. Perhaps they have gotten him to a psychiatrist by now, but knowing S, I’m sure he’s persuaded the doctor to look at the sky and I can’t wait to find out if the doc is able to see. If not, perhaps S is now chemically sedated and beginning to live a cloistered life in an institution.

S is a simple man with deep religious convictions. He doesn’t have the intellectual ability for subterfuge. He is so honest that his father wishes him to just shut up about his experiences and beliefs. I am not happy with what S has unearthed in his memory bank for it frightens me, too. I would rather ignore his warnings as those of a madman. But I have seen lights doing choreographed aerobatics over his aunt’s home and a huge light rising and falling in her back field. I’ve seen an unusual yellow light circling my home when he visits me. He has taken what I believe is the first photograph of a Pug-nosed being. And I have watched him express great emotion under hypnosis during his remembered encounters. I cannot dismiss S while I have any credibility myself.

He began his first regression as I had begun mine, surrounded by a beautiful light. It was a light ray, "like the sun through the clouds", which touched and surrounded him, making him feel its warmth. Remembering the warmth of the light deepens his trance.

When S was five he was taken hunting by his Dad and his Grandfather; he remembers standing alone in the tall weeds, screaming and crying, because the men have left him to follow their dog. The dog returns, licks his lace, knocks him down, and stays with him. "I know if hold the dog I won’t be by myself anymore... I feel better." Dad and Grandpa finally come and find them. Dad picks him up and he’s not scared anymore now that he’s out of the tall weeds. Yet, in a short while, they leave S alone again. But this time there’s something in the weeds with him.

"I should he afraid but I’m not. It’s too fast to be seen by anybody but it has stopped by me. I’m not afraid but it stays within ten feet of me, circling slowly to get my attention. It’s round; it looks like a ball with a circle around it. It’s the size of a dog. It’s playing with me. It makes me laugh and I stop screaming. It spends about half the day with me. It’s my friend. It’s alive. It’s some kind of … something, it feels what I’m feeling."

From now on S will he able to feel when his Friend is near him. On at least two occasions it saves him from hurting himself. S remembered that when he was seven he chased a mouse in the house with his older brother. As they ran by a clothesline a clothes hanger fell. It should have penetrated his eye but it was grabbed by the Friend. His brother was "freaked out" when incredibly, the hanger rested, safely, on S’s bottom eye lid, just hanging there. Another time S climbed a tree, showing off for some girls. He jumped to a branch, it broke, and he and the branch both fell to the middle of the tree. S stopped one foot from a "spike", a dead branch sticking upwards, and miraculously he did not get hurt. He didn’t see his Friend, although S said, "I felt it there. It’s been with me most of my life."

For many years S’s family has camped and gone hunting at Taylor’s Beach on Cook’s Lake, in Michigan. In regression he remembered a number of specific events, beginning around the age of fourteen, having to do with the lake. First he remembered seeing a big "V" of light in the sky as it starts to get dark. It has a round circle of light inside it. It’s very faint and perhaps 3 feet long. At times it hides in the trees; it follows him. S hears a noise in the trees and he goes to look for the interesting animal he assumes must he there. When he gets to the trees and looks he thinks, "Don’t worry about it". He then goes to the boat. where he sees something glimmering in the weeds. Now he feels and hears in his head, "No big deal". He sees a star move back and forth in the sky and he knows he’s seen it before. Later, while turtle hunting on the lake where he has caught and released at least twenty different turtles that day, he’s very aware that the "V" is in the water. He can’t see it, but he can feel its presence. It feels familiar. Whenever he rows towards it he finds more turtles.

Next year there’s a strange animal in the water. S finds it all along the edge of the lake. At first he excitedly thinks it’s a small alligator although none exist in the wild in Michigan. It has a four inch long grey head, with grey eyes. When it pokes its head out of the water and looks at him it looks like a snake or a turtle. S can see ripples of skin over skin, in little rows, with little points like a lizard on it. When he throws stones at it, it pops back up again when all other animals would just skedaddle, move away. Even three feet away from it he can’t tell what its body looks like. He feels It is intelligent and that It’s playing games with him. But he becomes very frustrated with not knowing what this creature is. All summer It, too, leads him to choice hunting spots for turtles in the lake and in the creek. S once came upon a spot which had big bubbles in the water, they were too big for even a snapping turtle, and ever curious about his unusual hunting ‘partner’ S poked a stick down into the mud. He felt It move under the stick. It was hard and bigger than he’d thought. It was moving, and three to four feet wide, but he could tell it was not a turtle. He never saw the creature again.

At the age of eight S had his most remarkable experience. "Honeycombs! I’m in them. Standing there, looking. I’m surrounded by honeycombs. There are weird white lights above me, just following me around. The honeycombs are big, bigger than me. Gigantic honeycombs. Black, dark floor. They came out of nowhere. It just covered me. I was checking the Lake out, relaxing, looking for turtles. It’s been watching me and studying me. It wants to know more. It draws me to these creatures [turtles and snakes] and It wants to know why I’m not afraid. I’m just not. My excitement overpowers my fear. There are eyeballs looking at me in the "V", both human and reptilian eyes. There are two different kinds of creatures. There are about 30 of them. All I can see is eyes and flashes of head. There are four points on top of its head, like a reptile. Two eyes are really big. They look at me and then disappear; then others come and they disappear; then the big one comes back and I’m scared. It ain’t human or animal. They’re coming out of the honeycombs, too many to count. Their eyes are in the white lights. All of them have faces. For about an hour I just see shapes of heads and eyes. They let me go. They were there and then gone."

"I’m in the woods. I’m older. Hunting. Twelve noon. I’m looking across a lake. An orange fireball! [But] the suns out. I feel fear, like we’re being attacked. Then its dark." S feels a heavy weight. He’s inside something. Black; dark. He moves ahead but he can’t see. It seems like a dream but it’s not. He feels a pressure. He’s enclosed in something; he feels it all around him. "There’s a pressure on everything and it’s real quiet. No- there’s a humming noise, like a quiet generator." He sees his friend, the Object. It’s a disk, a ball with a circle, like the rings of Saturn. It’s alive. "I feel it, it feels me." It interacts with his feelings.

Now it’s starting to get lighter. He’s going through something. It has cracks of light in it. He’s moving towards something lit up, still going through the darkness. There are white lines moving, like passing through a tunnel. He’s walking, being led; it’s "making me go through it". He feels some pressure, again, and then he’s left in the light. "I‘m inside a spaceship. I see the woods through the cracks." He sees a face with round eyes. Its a skinny face It has a round hole for a nose and a slit for a mouth. There’s a light by the face and it’s talking to him, telling him what to do. He now knows that this is an examination tube.

"They’re distancing themselves. This thing I’m in, it’s germ free. Its dark but when light comes in it comes in and disappears, like openings- I don’t understand- like a bottle or part of the space ship." S says that the tube is alive; it moves. It comes off the main body of the ship. He’s in the tube so that They’re not exposed to human diseases. The being is taller than S but all he can see is its face. And the white cracks that he can see through move as though the tube were breathing.

There’s a big machine. It’s scary: spooky. It’s taking something out of his body; out of his ear. Then something is put back in. His ear itches. The machine leaves. "It happened so fast so I’m not scared." This has something to do with the creature in the lights. "The lights get brighter, the fear gets gone."

The machine is hack! S becomes very agitated. "Moving my spine. Wants to know how I function. When it enters my spine it will know all the inner organisms in my body." "The pain is there for a reason," he’s told. More pressure. "It’s chosen me because it knows I’m not afraid" but now it stops showing him what’s going on because he is afraid; and then he feels better. "They find me unusual because I’m not afraid to pick up anything alive and hold it." They show him his first encounter with a snake. It bit him and there was blood but he was happy. He had overpowered his fear.

Another memory begins with nine flying saucers which came down low, just over the treetops. "One is above me, it’s not big enough for me to get in; only if I scrunch down could I get in. There’s a red light on the bottom, strobing, flashing. I’m mad because They won’t tell me why this is part of my life." I direct S to find the "why’ within himself. He finds it "too scary" so I direct him to go to his safe place movie theatre and to view the reason there.

"I see teeth. One, big bunch of teeth, A jaw, top and bottom. It’s a meat eater. Green flesh, looks right at me. That’s all it’s doing; it fills the whole screen. We’re walking around in the honeycombs. It’s intelligent. It communicates by looking at you. It puts weird thoughts [in my head]: it’s going to land, people are going to go crazy because we’ll see Them; society’s going to turn upside down. Something’s spinning around now and I’m going down a tube. Now I’m on the ground and it’s left. I’m confused; it seemed like a dream. I liked it. It’s a giant reptile and it’s scary but I liked it. It called me by my name. It’s watched me since I was born. It showed me pictures of myself on a screen in the honeycomb; I was catching animals. It was a leader; the others are in the distance, just eyes. Lots of little ones and big ones in the honeycomb. They’re related to the dinosaurs of Earth but they’re intelligent. I’m supposed to tell people about them; let them see and understand just by my being me. Others don’t approach me like the Big One. They just want to quit hiding. They’re tired of hiding."

"The fossils have made me study. They’ve trained my eye so I can observe Them. I watch how They work and I’m not scared. When They do come down They will come down for me. They’ll save people but They’re gonna … The red-eyed creature is harmless, light from his eyes is how he talks. Eye lids flutter faster, it gets redder and the more he can communicate. He’s always been with me and my family. He’s protecting me from the Reptilians. They’re strong, the strongest of all aliens. He keeps me from being eaten. They do abduct people and They do eat us. We are in danger."

"The Others come together when the Reptilians are being mischievous. They stop them by forming a web to stop the ships. They won’t keep on doing this because of the way we are; we’re destroying ourselves. They’re going to let the Reptilians come down. They’ll let me know when They’ll let the Reptilians come down because of the evil. They’ll only eat those who are evil."

"I see dead people in a space ship. They’re inside something. Being interbred with something half alien, half human. Clean organs in solution. Some are half alive. Pug-nose, trying to make better ones. They like to confuse us. Something coming at. me- aReptilian. It’s eating one of us, the insides of a person. They eat a lot of Abductees, those reported missing. They travel and if they see someone they want they just take them. Can’t shoot them. They won’t let us.

People will fight amongst each other after seeing what they do. There will he chaos. Can’t avoid it. Flesh will he gone; fowls of the air; flesh eaters. They’ve always been here and we destroy things when they leave things alone.

They have landing zones where they like to commune. Hill Crest. Hines Park. Too late because there are buildings there now. It’s their cycle; They have not been here for thousands of years. They have to have zones where they land. They have to have these spots to land. Creatures of all sizes, thousands and thousands: little ones run from big ones. W (another investigator for MUFON) was right- the creatures interact with me. Universe as we know it will come to an end sooner than we can know."

Now you’ve heard S’s warnings. There’s more, but I believe that these were the essential memories to share with you. S is not emotionally well balanced; I was not able to bring complete peace into his life but a great deal of psychic pressure was removed from him by his remembering. At least he now has a reason for why he is constantly plagued by his obsessive search for fossils and plagued by UFOs both day and night. I’m not urging you to believe him. It is just that we cannot ignore him.


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