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Friday, March 02, 2007



I do believe in UFOs, and I believe that they do have a lot to do with lifeforms from other worlds.

Strange things have happened to me and to other members of my family as far back as I can remember, and one of the strange things happened to my mother even before I was born.

In September 1929, my mother left home one morning to walk seven miles to my grandmothers. For two days she was missing. On the morning of the third day she walked through the backdoor in to Grandmother's kitchen. She had no memory whatsoever of where she had been during the period of missing time. No one could convince her that three days had passed between the time she left home and the time that she arrived at Grandmother's house.

My mother had lost her first child (a stillbirth) two months before and she took the death of her son very hard. Her doctor concluded that the loss of the child had somehow caused her three day memory loss.

Mother and Dad lived in a small Missouri town where everyone knew everyone. No one saw my mother during the period of time that she was missing. When mother arrived at Grandmothers she was as neat and as clean as when she left home. Anyone lost and wandering around for three days should be tired, dirty and very hungry. Mother was not. This mystery of where Mom had spent those three days was never solved. In 1929 no one had ever heard of flying saucers nor of an abduction of someone by creatures of a UFO.

In 1967, I left work one night to drive fifteen miles to my home in Independence, Missouri. I remember turning onto 291 Highway in Lees Summit, Missouri. The next thing I remember, I was turning onto Hidden Valley Road just one half mile from my house.

I can tell you of about sixty other incidents just as strange as these that have happened to me or to other members of my family.

In about 1941 (I was eleven years old I think) I dreamed that I was in an all white brightly lighted room, and I was standing by an all white long table. Beside me there stood a very tall man in a long white robe. His hair was light in color.

This man walked to the side of the room and pulled open a door (much like the door of a built in oven). He reached in and took out a tray and brought it back and set it down on the table. On the tray were little white and black things that looked like tiny biscuits.

In this dream I thought that this man was Jesus. I asked him if my Mama and Dad were going to heaven. He told me that I should never worry about that. He said that when I was older I would understand. When I was older these things would be explained to me.

The next morning I told my grandmother that I had dreamed that I was in God's Kitchen, and that Jesus was there making bread. I said, Grandma, in this dream, Jesus was young and he did not have a beard. Also I told her that some of the biscuits Jesus made was white, and others were burned black.

In 1952, I dreamed of the tall white robed people again. This time I was standing in a field by a long white fence. On the other side of the fence stood several of these white robed people. They wanted me to join them but told me the only way I could get to them was through a gate. I asked where was the gate, and they said I had to find it myself, but they would help me as much as they could.

I looked to the left and then to the right and as far as I could see there was a fence in both directions. I had to make up my own mind which way to go. I turned to the right and started running along the fence looking for the gate.

In this dream these beings told me that they were angels. I was 22 years old when I had this dream.

In 1952, the only UFOs I had ever heard of were those in a science fiction movie.

Between 1964 and 1968 I dreamed of these angels several times only in these dreams I was always taken on a tour some place.

In one dream I was in what they told me was an ancient city that had sank into the sea long ago. In the center of this city was a beautiful park and in this park was a beautiful golden statue of a man. They told me that this man was the father of his country just as Washington was the father of ours. And that his face was the same face that was on the Egyptian Sphinx. They said that he was important and that they would help me to learn all about him.

In another dream I am walking through a huge cavern. I look down at my feet, and with each step I take, little puffs of dust rise and then settle back on the toes of my shoes.

All along the walls of this cavern on both sides there are doorways leading into rooms. We go into one of these rooms and there are all kinds of artifacts from the 1920s and 1930s.

On a table along the walls are all kinds of guns -- and in the center of the room are all kinds of automobiles of this period.

I said to this person, this is all things from the gangland period of the twenties and thirties. Yes, my guide said, in this place we have replicas of all of past history.

We go back into the cavern and walk to the end of it. Then we enter another room which is dark. Then a little light comes on and I found myself standing in front of a ledge. On the ledge is the tiny replica of a beautiful bird. I pick it up and I said, this is a replica of the Phoenix bird. Yes, said my guide. That replica is over 40,000 years old. You know the meaning of the Phoenix legend. Yes, I do, I said. Then he said, you know then that what you are holding is the NEW Phoenix. Do you know what that means? Yes, I said, it means that the new Phoenix is in my hands. Then I ask, may I take this back with me? Unless I have it as proof, no one will believe me.

At that point I awoke.

In another of these dreams I stood before the golden death mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. My guide told me that this mask was a replica of the headdress of the Sphinx as it was originally. He said that the heads of the bird and the snake on the forehead were the symbols of the Phoenix bird legend.

During the time I was having these dreams concerning the Phoenix, I was working as a checker in a supermarket in Lees Summit, Missouri. I was the oldest employee so I did not have to work Sundays. One day I overheard two of our checkers talking. One of them said I would love my job if I did not have to work every Sunday. I never get to take my kids to church.

I told my boss that I would work every other Sunday. This way each of us girls could be able to take our kids to church twice a month.

The very next Sunday I worked. Just I and my boss were in the store that morning. I was in the checkout, and she was in the booth running Saturday's receipts.

About 10 o'clock a man dressed in a black suit came into the store. He was the only customer in the store. All he bought was a Sunday newspaper.

Just as he walked to my checkout my boss said to me, "Betty, the girls said to thank you for working Sundays, so they can go to church." I said I think God will understand.

This man said to me, what do you know about God? You are not doing what he wants you to do. I suppose you "think" you understand the bible? I try, I said. No, you don't try he replied. If you tried all the answers will be given to you. You were told to seek -- to search -- and to study. Then he said the bible is no longer complete. You can only understand if you study the ancient records. Then he picked up his paper and stormed out the door.

What in the world was that all bout? my boss asked. I don't know I said.

Do you think he is some kind of a preacher? she asked. No, I answered. Look at the clock. All preachers are in church right now.

During the 1960s there was a lot of crazy people around. Both my boss and I thought that this man must have been one of them.

In 1967 I gave birth to a baby girl. She was a hard delivery, and I was ill for a long time after she was born. For some reason, I could not stand on my feet for very long without fainting.

I entered the hospital and had all kinds of tests. Nothing could be found that could cause this type of illness. For the next five years, I was unable to stand for a long period of time. I could not return to work. To pass the time I started to do a lot of reading. Books came to me from everywhere, and all of them pertained to ancient history.

In 1969 my aunt visited me for a week. One day I asked her if she thought it possible for God to pick one human being to do some special thing? I don't know, she said, why do you ask. Either, there is something God wants me to do -- or I am losing my mind. Then I told her of all the strange things that had happened to me and the strange dreams I was having of the angels. Then I said, what I do not understand is why would God pick me? I'm just a housewife and mother. I'm not special at all. Also, if there is something God wants me to do, why doesn't He let me know what it is? God, I do not know what He wants me to do.

Before I knew what was happening, Ancient History had become my hobby. That was over twenty years ago. I cannot tell you all the information that I have found. Some of it is completely unbelievable.

During these years I read a lot about UFOs, and I came to believe in them, however, I never thought that they had anything to do with me or any member of my family. Then in 1980 or 1981 my daughter gave me a book called "The Andreasson Affair." I said, what is this about? Mom she said, just read it. OK I said, but what is it about? Mom, she said, that book is about our family, but mostly it is about you. Oh, if someone has written a book about your mother, then I will read it I said jokingly.

The next week I read the book which was called "The Andreasson Affair." It is the story of a UFO abduction of a woman by the name of Betty Andreasson. Her abductors takes her on a tour through a huge cavern. In one part of this tour she stands in front of a huge Phoenix bird. Below the bird in the ashes is an ugly worm or snake. This is the only part of Betty's tour that is covered in this book. Nothing whatsoever is mentioned about replicas of time.

After I read the book I wrote the author "Raymond Fowler" sending him part of the record of my dream covering the Phoenix bird. In this letter I tell of the rooms containing replicas of all of past history.

After the investigation of Betty Andreasson's encounters was completed, Ray Fowler wrote a second book called The Andreasson Affair Phase II. In this book more of Betty's tour through the tunnel of time is covered. It would seem that this lady took the same tour that I was given in my dreams. Also in the chapter covering the implant, Betty tells about a tray of little black and white things very much like the tiny black and white biscuits in my childhood dream of God's Kitchen.

On page 117 of the second book Mr. Fowler printed part of the letter I sent to him concerning my dream of the Chambers of Time.

After I read Fowler's second book, I had to ask myself how could one woman have an abduction and be taken on a tour through a place that was just like what I had been taken through in my dream? I had never heard of this lady before I read the book and we live hundreds of miles apart.

Then I began to recall all the other crazy and mysterious things that had taken place in my family. Could something like this have happened to me? If so, why couldn't I remember anything about it? One thing I do know for sure. If something like this did happen to me back in the 1960s, these little creatures would have had a fight on their hands. I would have fought them, kicked and cussed them, and I might even have wet my pants. I am a fighter, but something like that would have frightened the crap out of me.

I went back to work in 1972 for a supermarket in Independence, Missouri. I worked until the store closed in the early 1980s. Then I retired. Just before the store closed I had another mysterious customer. This time it was a lady. She said to me, I understand you study ancient history. Yes, I do, I said. Then she said, this is for you and she handed me a folded piece of paper. Thank you, I said as she turned and left the store. When I took my lunch I opened up the paper to see what she had given me. It was a copy of an ancient record concerning beings called angels who came to earth millions of years ago, after their worlds (more than one) had been destroyed by some terrible upheaval somewhere in space.

When this destruction took place all the corporeal bodies of these beings were destroyed and their spirits or souls were left stranded in space. Because their corporeal experience was incomplete, they were trapped there.

The Old Watchers (a type of Universal Lord) caused a planet to be moved from the dark regions of space (somewhere where there was no sun) to a new orbit of our sun. This planet was called Earth.

When this new world was able to support corporeal life it was seeded with forms of animal life from other worlds.

The following is a small part of this one record which was taken from the record of creation of mankind, from the Kosman Revelations, that were found in the Archives of the Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The record...

"Near the end of the Semuan age I took the earth out of the dark regions and brought it into the light of my etherean worlds, where dwelt countless millions of spirits of the Dead who died in infancy on other worlds.

"To these angels I said: Behold a new world have I created like unto the place ye were quickened into life. Come ye and enjoy it and ye shall learn from it how it was with other worlds in ages past.

"And there came to the new earth millions of angels from etheria. And now was the earth in the later days of Semu and the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies."

"Out of the Semuan elements clothed they themselves with flesh and bones and took on corporeal forms." - end-

The angels became earth's first residents. For millions of years they lived here and this long period of time was called the Golden Age. Then they created mankind and then holy hell started.

NOTE: "Died in infancy" does not mean they died as children. It means that they died before they had completed their corporeal experience. They had to complete the corporeal experience before they could move on to their next experience in the Universe, whatever that would be.

Our society says come search with us. I have given you some of the results of my search. Perhaps it may help you in yours.


p.s. Mankind means (a kind of a man)
Human being means (hewed or half man being)
"Pyre" is the Greek word for fire
"Mid" is the Greek word for middle or center
The word pyramid is an ancient Greek translation to an even more ancient Egyptian word meaning something with "fire in the middle" or center of it.

On the back of a dollar bill you will find the great pyramid. Above the pyramid you find the eye of Osiris. Why do we have these symbols on our legal tender?

Sychronicity never fails to amaze me! Betty Andreasson Luca is at the present time being maligned and here is a lady that authenticates what happened to her through her own experiences. Two people totally unknown to each other could not have the same type of surreal experiences. - Aileen


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