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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Two Visitations: Grey and hybrid

I've always contended that I would first have to experience an alien encounter before I could begin to understand it. And now my notes and ruminations are mostly about trying to understand it. Sure I've formed opinions, but it really is just what it is, not more; not less.The most overwhelming part of it is that it was so "real" more real than normal communication, and no words were spoken. Had I not experienced it first hand I would not have believed telepathy could be so precise. I could write it word for word, but the depth of spirit is something monumental and earthshaking, figuratively. So, the context really is important and part of the puzzle.

The first encounter happened about Spring 1991, a decade after my first spiritual "enlightenment" experience at a peak level of my personal growth and at a point that my life was in imminent danger from an impending emergency open heart surgery.

I also had this intuitive sense of danger. Shortly after meeting the alien grey in my bedroom while I was wide awake, the surgeon shared his amazement with me. He says, "I can't believe you are still alive; your heart valve is essentially closed. Check in right now for emergency surgery. You have one in three chances of survival." I bumped all these old men in wheel chairs for a higher priority onthe waiting list, but I survived.

The second encounter was about 5 years later with a hybrid child, and no hint of a contact since. My wife left me shortly after my first encounter, and I was within two miles of my former home at the second encounter.

The first happened in the middle of the day when I was home alone. I felt it lying in the middle of the queen sized bed, where my wife was used to lying. I sensed it was alien and spiritually developed. It lay still during the whole visit.Having acquired the ability to sense ki (chi) energy through my palms, I was astonished that the shape so closely followed the standard one of an alien grey - huge head and eyes, slits for ears nose and mouth, slender and short (about 4 foot) humanoid body, five toes and fingers, long and slender fingers.

The only movement I felt was inside the "pregnant" abdomen (stomach). I was sitting up in bed all this time and I was awake when it first materialized. I had to test that it was not dream related by getting out of bed to get pen and paper and writing word for word the literal telepathic communication. Yes, surprising me that it still in the same position and the same calm and magnanimous communication as before. Never before have I heard such clear and direct communication and with a depth that goes beyond mere words. Still, there was no clear revelation in the chat. The bottom line was the alien would let me know when the time becomes appropriate. I got the message that I could not be trusted with the consequences and that I did not have a need to know any further details-"what you see is what you get"

And seeing was not visual-as a sensory psychologist I could determine this, even though the presence was more real than a real body would have been since it was so multidimensional. Its intelligence appealed to me, but its lack of any human emotions or weaknesses was a bit spooky in one way , but I could trust the creature much more than a human with those weaknesses, particularly since I could feel its intention was to keep us from destroying ourselves, i.e. to help us find a way past our self-destructive patterns and do what they can without interfering - but that was relayed through the quality and integrity of the conversation more so than through the words relayed. Peaceful co-existence was clearly not an issue for their species, but they could see it was a problem for us that would also create a problem for them as a consequence.

I was suspicious about a pregnancy, and it had no external sexual organs. All in all I was very impressed by the quality and responsibility of the conversation, but equally concerned that no straight answers were relayed.

About five years later the impending presence was again heralded,but by a more demonstrative, and human style expression. I had been conscious that lights on the street always turned off as I passed. I thought it was a negative sign until I read about psychic powers in a book telling me this was a greater power than making them turn on; also feeling the spiritual shapes and qualities through my palms was a much more advanced psychic ability than the one of "seeing" the spiritual auras (e.g. those around all humans). Though the facts were counter to normal intuition, I did feel they were so based on my experience and my insight re a friend who could see the auras.

So, as I drove on the highway the street lights (about the same time I usually drove home from work) illuminated in front up to the exit to my children's home. I was overwhelmed by the experience, knowing it was an otherworldly message; if it were me the lights would have gone off, not on. And that was the first and only time this has happened to me.

Overwhelmed, breathing heavily and excited, I drove slowly after the exit, looking for a safe place to pull over. At the same time, I heard a giggle at the right back seat and felt a presence. It's now five years since the grey visited and I look back and see a "hybrid " alien acting like a five-year old but diminutive child probably as small as a 1-2 year-old but skinny. And it had clothes on. And it was so happy that it got to shock me and sat there laughing its head off. And there I sit like a good research psychologist testing to see if it could be a hallucination. It was not just small and very skinny, but it also had those slanty eyes and pointed chin, but certainly looking more human than the first alien.

This can't be I say it myself. I am seeing him - it acted like a boy - with my eyes; but I can't see spirits with my eyes and I can't make street lights go on as I pass. I'm thinking if I had to live with those emotionless grey aliens, I would also delight in meeting a father that also acts human. OK as an expert in perception I knew it was not a hallucination. I reached back there but I clearly knew it was not a physical entity. But if I were not trained and working on perceptual research, I would have assumed that seeing is believing, and so it has to be real.

So the inescapable, but unstated conclusion is that I was visited by the alien "mother" and then by the young hybrid, i.e. mixed breed, child who acted like it was my child. The mother grey appeared where the mother of my earthly children normally rested, and the child appeared in the car seat where the younger one would be sitting - quite a coincidence.

It was a powerful experience but it was normal, happening in a quiet relaxed atmosphere, and disappearing when I was finished with my part inthe encounter. And it was a one-time type of experience provingit to be unique.Will they come for a third visit? I can already hear the alien mother saying "that's not necessary", and the hybrid kid thinking"but mom that would be fun" and the grey "but fun is pointless---once is enough for such primitive emotions"


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