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Sunday, April 15, 2007


A report out of West Palm Beach, Florida concerning the encounter of a scoutmaster with a saucer on the night of August 19, 1952. (This was a well known case and one to be considered once again in 2007.)

The principal in the case, D.S. "Sonny" Desvergers, claimed that on the way home from a scout meeting he and three of his scouts had seen bright glowing lights in a palmetto thicket off the road. Thinking a plane had gone down, Desvergers told the three boys with him that he was going to investigate, and that if he wasn't back in twenty minutes, they should go for help. Twenty minutes passed, he didn't return, and the boys went and called the sheriff. When Sheriff Mott Partin arrived, he was just in time to see Desvergers stumble out of the undergrowth, apparently in near shock. Partin later said that if Desvergers had been acting it was the best he'd ever seen.

Desvergers began blurting out his experience. He had gone through the thicket, armed with a flashlight and machete. When he came to a clearing he felt strange, and noted that all of a sudden the stars were no longer visible overhead. Then he realized he was standing under something which was hovering just a few feet off the ground. He stepped backward, swung his machete, and at that instant a misty red glowing ball erupted from the belly of the thing and floated toward him. He lost consciousness, and when he came to, the "thing" was gone, and he headed for the road. When he got there the sheriff was looking for him.

That, basically, is Desverger's story, but it is not only his; it is the story told by the three young boys who accompanied him. They saw the six glowing lights strung out in a row above the palmetto before Desvergers went into the woods. There have been many attempts to discredit Desvergers, both by official authorities and by UFO buffs who found this one too strange to believe. But two things have kept this story from being relegated to the ordinary object, hallucination, or hoax bin, and they are: the three scouts described something extraordinary and their story could not be broken. Also, the grass in the clearing where Desvergers claimed the object had hovered was green above the ground, but the roots were charred. The latter information was gained when Air Force investigators took samples of the grass and soil in the area. It was found that the only way that such an effect could be duplicated was by sending an electrical charge through the soil, burning the roots. In that way the grass blades above ground remained normal in appearance.

NOTE: One of the first UFO investigations I went on had a similar anomaly. There were 5 rings of grass where the top of the grass was bent over and "burned"? Under the blades of grass it was green. The top of the blade was a tan color. At the time I did not consider those circles could have been hazardous to my health and I walked through them. Fortunately, nothing ever transpired because of it.

This was a fantastic case. It is recorded somewhere on my blog.


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