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Monday, April 09, 2007


Real Aliens
by Kevin D.

It was April of 2004 and I was dating a girl who was recently divorced I'll just call "Lucy". "Lucy" had a weird story to her, she claimed, to my chagrin at the time, that she was routinely abducted by aliens every so often. Exactly the same laugh you are probably sporting right now was almost my reaction. But outside of that a really cool gal.

I lived on a rather large piece of land that was owned by my uncle at the time just outside of Tampa, Florida. and she would come over and spend the night from time to time. One such night, we were going to sleep and I had just closed my eyes for a few minutes when I saw a very bright light coming in from somewhere on my closed lids. I quickly opened my eyes and there was a flash of bright light at the windows to the side of the dark room that just quickly blinked out. I jerked up as she just woke and I said that there was a light, and before I could say anything she said the same thing sitting straight up with her eyes like saucers and in fear bad.

By the way there is no roadway by the side of the house within eyeshot. She was frightened and I was looking around out the windows seeing nothing out there but woods and dark tree shapes and such. So she wanted to get out of there and I didn't have a choice but to get her home, being that is what she wanted to do, but with me staying with her I suppose (like I'd know what to do if aliens walked in--lol). So we got dressed and I got my truck keys and we went to head out to my truck.

I got in the truck as she did and I rolled over the ignition and we went to head out down the long dark road back to the state road. I was driving when suddenly out of nowhere in my rear view mirror a huge double flash of orange light shot up from the woods somewhere behind us, like two quick orangey pulses. I quickly looked in the side view and it was gone. She had her head spun back immediately and told me to just drive like she was having the fright of her life. So as to please her I stepped on it, sort of showing off my Dukes of Hazzards moves for her. So we headed out to her cousin's place nearby where she was staying and spent the night there on a pull-out sofa with no incident at all.

At around two or so the next day I went home to get a shower or whatever and I see my Uncle Rich outside so I stop to talk to him lazily on my way to the smaller house in back where I had taken up residence. We talked a bit through the truck window and he told me that he went out to his tobacco grove and out there there were these wierd burned rings out there and wanted to know if I was doing something out there and he was pissed about it too. I said I had no idea what he was talking about and told him to hold on a second and went to park the truck. I walked back around back of his house and there were these weird pie-sized round scorchmarks out there all in a really large circle. I remember counting either fourteen or sixteen of them each about a foot and a half in diameter.

He came out to where I was and I told him I saw some weird orange flashes of light or something out in the woods giving "Lucy" a ride home the night before but heard no sound to them. He turned to me and said that he had had some weird experiences the night before too. He woke up to find highbeam white lights (not headlights) flooding in through his windows and then in a flash it all suddenly went out. He said it was like someone with a highpowered halogen lamp or a police searchlight was quickly looking through his whole downstairs. He went to his gun cabinet but decided not to get his rifle out as it might be police searching nearby areas with helicopters which is not uncommon from time to time. He looked out and saw nothing and heard nothing.

His wife, my aunt, was sound asleep and didn't see anything but he definitely witnessed what I did. I told him what I saw too and we just both stood there in amazement. Then I told him about "Lucy" and that she supposedly gets abducted frequently and he just sort of laughed but with a sly eye and shrugging as that might be what it was. Admittedly I had a laugh at her expense too a bit but the dark burn marks and crushed tobacco and other plants out in the field were weird.

That night around five my aunt came by the small house I was renting from them and asked if I had seen her two dogs, Mojo and Sissy as they didn't show up for breakfast lunch or anything. I said that no, I hadn't seen hyde nor hair of the two of them and she went off to look for them. I helped look for them calling around but the two of them were gone, completely disappeared. The following weekend, a day or so later, I went off to St. Pete to visit a friend of mine and do some jetskiing and spent a good part of the night there but decided to make the trip home.

It was about two a.m. when I pulled in and in the long misty driveway there were Mojo and Sissy, in the grass to the side of the road in my headlights. I drove on past them and went up to my place and I guessed they had returned sometime that day. I parked and got out. I went to my front door and strangely the door was unlocked and almost partially open. I went in and there didn't seem to be anything amiss. I went on in and made a sandwich and sat down in my recliner.

There as I ate suddenly out the darkened kitchen window out beyond the trees in the distance an odd string of white lights were rising up above the grove and just went on up and up and up and I nearly did a spit-take. I went outside the house quickly through the backdoor and there off over the trees in the night sky was a weird flying vehicle with green to orange flashing tiny lights on a hulking circular looking craft wobblingly flying off, it had a warble to it's flight. It was so weird to see something that I had only heard about secondhand on sci-fi channel or some such as it just floated off silently and went out of sight. I couldn't believe I saw what I just saw. I stayed outside for a good half hour or more scanning the horizon and then finally went off to bed not knowing what all to think.

The next morning, a Sunday, my Aunt was coming back from church and I told her that I had seen that Mojo and Sissy finally came back and that I saw them last night. She looked at me and looked saddened and almost in tears, she (after being shocked that I had seen them) said that they found Mojo that morning lying dead in the backyard with a burned hole in his stomach, like some kids did something with an m-80 and there was no sign of Sissy anywhere. I went out to where my uncle had found him, he went on to work from church, and there was a trail of brown blood droplets and smears of dried blood in the grass. The trail led off to the graveled roadside almost right where I saw the two dogs the night before and then off towards the woods.

I thought to myself quite saddened that Mojo must have been bleeding when I saw him that night and I did remember he did look a little mopey out there or something. I felt so bad I didn't stop to get him or something. A few hours later "Lucy" called me on my cell and she was a bit freaked out as was I. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she had been abducted again and that she woke up on top of the covers with mascara running all down her face. She got up and felt a burning sensation under her belly button and there was now a triangular scar there and two on her wrists. She wanted me to take her to her mother's house in Sarasota and I obliged just to see the scars or hear whatever the story was, being that I really had a story of my own with seeing the UFO from the night before.

I took her to her Mom's telling her all about the UFO that I saw and she was excited that she finally had proof that it was aliens (she's had these abductions for five years). I told her about Mojo, my aunt's dog and she insisted that it was all connected somehow and that both dogs were abducted probably. She showed me the scar before we left her cousin's place and it was dead center below her belly button and in the center it looked like a purplish bruised pinprick and other tiny little pinpricks completing the reddened triangle.
I was getting freaked out by all this now and stayed in Sarasota with her at her mom's until Tuesday morning. Since then neither she nor I (she now lives in Sarasota) have had anymore visitations or even abductions last time I checked with her. But those four or so days were some of the weirdest I have ever experienced. I try to tell others but no one believes me at all and blow it off or think it's just some redneck fable but this happened.

I read on this site a poster from New England talk about his sighting of a UFO and that is the exact, exact same one or type that I saw, without a doubt in my mind. Multiple rows of small orange to green quickly flashing lights moving back to front on it and flying silently with a strange eerie wobble to it. That's the one. Some stories say UFOs disappear or zig-zag off or change shapes, not what I saw that night, this thing was weird. Sadly, to this day Sissy, my aunt and uncle's golden retriever mix, was never found.


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