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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A Candid and Personal Interview with Brent Raynes, Editor of Alternate Perceptions Magazine
by Joan Raynes

Joan: You’ve been studying UFOs now for nearly four decades of your life. What do you personally believe is going on?
Brent: What you believe hinges on belief. In my idealistic youth I wanted, of course, absolute, simple, and straight-forward certainty. Really, who doesn’t? But in ufology too many folks have settled upon what they believe is solid and absolute proof with the answers to the UFO enigma, when to a large extent all that they’ve really done is settled for a psychological representation for concrete and absolute truth and proof. The so-called hard-core skeptics, those who vehemently deny any genuine and anomalous reality underlying the UFO picture, are at the opposite and equally fallible end of the belief spectrum. Both will likely fail to perceive the proverbial truth because of the psychological filters of belief that they pass all of their information through.
The UFO mystery is a lot more complicated than most realize or want to believe.
Joan: Well, how should one go about investigating UFOs?
Brent: Over the years, we’ve paid a good deal of lip service to the process, but generally fail to adequately employee it. It all comes back to objectivity, striving to walk that middle ground or path, and trying not to fall into the psychological traps that await both the believer and skeptic alike.
Certainly each one of us has some measure of bias and subjective ideation or personal gut appraisal of these things. We’re human. In reality, those subjective projections are a useful tool to employ, so long as we don’t go overboard and confuse theories with facts. We have to use restraint. Just because something seems to be going on and everything at the time seems to clearly point in a certain direction, always ask yourself the critical question: Is there any hard physical evidence that conclusively connects all of the proverbial dots? Is it a fact or a belief? It’s very important for us to maintain some self-control over our thought processes and an elevated level of awareness and alertness to the processes of objectivity.
Joan: So will anyone ever really know the ultimate answers?
Brent: I believe we’ll figure it out, by and large, one fine day. Or, should I say I hope so. But before we can zero in on it and make the grand sweep finale for the seizing of ultimate anything, we must struggle onward to focus on the waging of smaller battles and skirmishes at hand, settling for the gradual, step-by-step obtaining of enlightenment through the smaller scale victories that involve being objective and scientific in our thinking. We’ve got to try and build our evidence upon a pretty solid and substantial foundation. It’s a struggle, it can be psychologically painful and not as much fun, I admit, but it’s an essential and key part of the process.
Experience is our most crucial teacher. In my field work, I have had a number of personally disturbing experiences that well illustrated for me the difficulties with sometimes removing the color from and properly evaluating eyewitness testimony. The other night reading an interview in a 1989 issue of a UFO magazine of noted UFO skeptic Peter Kor I could identify with some of his field experiences. For example, he described how late one night he was with a group of people and looking down into a valley saw what they became convinced was a landed saucer! Kor states that he was the only one who didn’t panic and run the other way. Instead he walked down the hill and discovered that it was an oddly shaped greenhouse with a green glow to it. Later when they regrouped he couldn’t convince the others that it was simply a greenhouse, and couldn’t prove it to them because they were unable to find their way back to the same location. To this day, those people apparently remained convinced it was a landed saucer. Kor had other experiences of a similar vein, where people’s expectations caused them to misperceive ordinary events.
As I started to say, I’ve had similar experiences myself. For example, I was with a couple of contactees and there was a buzzing sound in the room, and I remarked that it sounded like a fly. I was told no, it was a chakra opening or something along that line. But then I saw it...a fly! Another time there was a tapping on a window. I was told it was an energy beam hitting the window. I pulled a curtain back...it was a bug again! On another night I was riding with a noted abductee on a darkened country road when we unexpectedly came upon a bright light in the air. I got out and saw that it was attached to a tower. Then we drove on and came to a paved road and the abductee pointed to a compass on the seat and noted that we had moved out away from a magnetic field as the needle wasn’t vibrating as it had been doing earlier....while driving along the graveled country road! Later, this person and I were comparing reports that we had separately written about our observations during that period and I was surprised that she still included the light on the tower as a UFO, after I had gotten out and identified it! Then, a few years back, I was involved in a haunted house investigation. Someone excitedly told all of us that there was the sound of Indian drums emanating in an upstairs room. We all rushed up and listened, and then everyone seemed satisfied that “Yup, it sounds like Indian drumming. It’s another mysterious occurrence.” Then all of these people headed back downstairs. I was alone in the room. The noise was still there. It didn’t take me long and I was able to track it down to an old overhead ceiling fan that wasn’t revolving too smoothly. I went down to inform the others what I had figured out, and later mulled over the fact that if I hadn’t figured it out, this would have ended up being just another unexplained event connected with this “haunted house.” I was once involved in investigating another haunted site, and many attempts were made at trying to tape record spirit voices. During that time I developed a pretty keen ear for this work and paid close attention to what was going on around me. Often someone nearby would say something and not realize that the tape recorder would pick them up, and then when played back some would get excited. After months of doing this, I ended up with only a couple instances where I was puzzled by a recording. In both instances I was present, and yet in both instances I couldn’t be absolutely certain that it was a genuine paranormal manifestation either. Those interpretations can be tricky.
Nonetheless, on the other hand, I have been present when things happened that I couldn’t absolutely explain either. So it’s a bit of tit for tat. You go into these situations with a go-with- the-flow attitude and try to keep your head clear, your emotions in check, and keep yourself centered. Sometimes fear wants to cloud your judgement, like the time there was a bright and admittedly funny looking light on the horizon, and nearby this housewife began crying and saying something like, “Brent, what have you done? What is that thing?” Fortunately, it turned out to be just a bright heavenly body coming up over the early morning horizon! However, I must confess that this same housewife had been present one time before when I was experimenting at the site with psychometry (seemed to have had a number of successes there) and I predicted that if we all went outside at a certain time and looked in a certain direction, we’d see a UFO manifestation. Indeed we saw a very odd beam of light, and then others in other directions too. I never was able to explain that. Tit for tat.
Joan: So where do you go from here? What are you trying to achieve at the present time?
Brent: Some years back, I realized the importance of trying to take a comprehensive global and historical look at these reports. To see how they compared in light of geographical and cultural differences, as well as comparing present day events to similar ones in earlier time periods. Dr. Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia, published back in 1969, was a pioneering, landmark classic in this regard. I’ve also learned from Dr. Vallee’s writings and from others the importance of opening your mind to alternative theories and possibilities. Many UFO researchers have rejected important data simply because it didn’t conform to their conditioned expectations. Many are narrowly focused on an either/or proposition revolving around extraterrestrial visitations. That’s a sorry state of affairs when an investigator throws out data and turns a deaf ear to testimony simply because it doesn’t jive with his or her pet mainstream ET-based belief system. But it happens.
The best approach to a UFO investigation is to allow the witness to tell his or her story in their own words without interruption. You don’t need to interrupt or distract them while they’re in the middle of giving you their account. Some important detail or details may end up being overlooked because you side-tracked them. Or, they may pick up on telling you what they think you’re specifically interested in, or what you are able to handle. So let them talk on, and then once they’ve given you the details of what they remember, in their own words, then proceed to ask questions that will clarify specific details or aspects that you may need to know or are curious about.
Back in the late 1970s, I had become interested in the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s thoughts on UFOs as synchronistic and archetypal manifestations, and then a few years later, I met Dr. Gregory Little in 1985. In 1993, we began editing this magazine together. Greg had earlier written The Archetype Experience, and later wrote People of the Web and Grand Illusions, all exploring Jung’s complex ideas of a collective unconscious, but also incorporating a great deal of updated material that included Michael Persinger’s lab studies dealing with subjects under the effects of magnetic fields, and Greg also arrived at a theory that borrowed some from John Keel’s electromagnetic spectrum theory and came up with archetypal EM/plasma energy forms that also possessed intelligence. Not just natural earth-based energy phenomena as Persinger was to insist, or Paul Devereux of Britain’s Project Dragon was to prefer.
Greg and I have had many private conversations on the significance of the spiritual and paranormal implications of UFO/contactee data. In addition, going back over three decades, I corresponded extensively with psychiatrist Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, author of the two volume UFO Dynamics (which includes a chapter I wrote). Before entering ufology, Dr. Schwarz was also a noted parapsychologist, and his UFO book is filled with both UFO and seemingly interrelated paranormal data of high strangeness. He has gone out into the field and personally investigated numerous cases. One of the cases in this book is an “abduction” case in Maine which he worked on with myself and fellow researcher Shirley Fickett, and now you know what my chapter in the book was about (which originally appeared back in 1976 in England’s well- known Flying Saucer Review).
So I guess you could say that I’ve gotten a well rounded and broad education that examined UFO data in conjunction with assorted physical, psychological, parapsychological, geophysical, electromagnetic, cosmic, spiritual, even shamanic, plus even quantum physics theories on alternative, other dimensional realities.
I’ve been pulled in a lot of different directions and looked at a whole lot of stuff from a lot of different angles. A few times, I thought I had found the proverbial iron-clad answer I had been seeking, but then something would come along and demolish my case.
You might assume that I’m very frustrated at this point. But really I’ve become very comfortable with the way things are. I’ve gone with the flow, rolled with the punches, and evolved a more easy going, relaxed and philosophical way of looking at these things and dealing with life. A couple of years ago, I wrote a book entitled Visitors From Hidden Realms. In it I reviewed the data and cases (many that I had personally had some involvement), exploring the evidence and theories, and tentatively concluding that a case can be made for UFO, paranormal, and spiritual/shamanic connections and similarities. One of the stories in my book concerned a Native American friend whose apparent UFO/past life memories seemed to be connected with hearing the ancient shamanic instruments known as the Peruvian whistling vessels, while she was standing on top of an Indian mound with others, involved in a ceremony, here in Tennessee. Now, for a little over a year, I have had the honor of being a keeper of a set of seven whistling vessels that have been on loan to me. I’ve carried them all the way to Virginia, back in December 2005, to incorporate into my presentation at the ARE’s UFO Conference. In November, I’ll return again to a local ARE retreat gathering at Tennessee’s Montgomery Bell State Park to do another presentation there. It’s been an incredible and kind of mysterious journey, and certainly a new learning experience. The whistles often seem to lull people into an altered state of consciousness, and sometimes what those people see and hear can be quite interesting and unusual. Noted abductee Betty Luca had quite a “vision” at the December conference in Virginia. (Details posted in my Reality Checking column in Alternate Perceptions, #97, January 2006). I see a lot of similarity between shamans and contactees/abductees. I know that it sounds like a strange pursuit, but I believe I’m onto something!

Monday, October 30, 2006


By Roland Smyth



This word can drive you crazy if you get really involved in figuring out its etymological background. Simply speaking though, in ancient Hebrew it always meant "gods," and only "gods." But sometime around the fifth century BC it began to take on a double meaning, even to Jews. From that point on it was sometimes treated as a singular noun as well as a plural noun.

No doubt the final compilers and editors had something to do with all that, for they had been heavily influenced by Zorastrianism, a Persian religion which, though we don't hear too much about it these days, was basically monotheistic in its outlook.

In any case, when used in reference to the "God" of Israel, ELOHIM continued, in many cases, to be accompanied by plural pronouns, verbs and adjectives... in the Hebrew texts, that is. English translators have converted most of those pluralities, although they did miss a few, such as in Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 11:7, and Isaiah 41:21-26.

Additional information on the ELOHIM (should you want it) can be located as close as your standard home encyclopedia. Biblical encyclopedias, however, usually go into more detailed analyses, as do Biblical dictionaries. If you can't find ELOHIM under its own heading, try the heading, "God, names of," the LORD of Hosts (armies), and so on. One noun that summarizes all of the above is, or course, extraterrestrial.

But what kind of extraterrestrial? Ah, there lies the rub, for by his words and actions he is seen to be a most unsavory sort of character. To quote the Bible itself, he was a murderer and liar from the start. Even a cursory examination of the Old Testament will prove those indictments to be true.

It is, therefore, not good enough to simply accept Jehovah as an extraterrestrial and be satisfied with that appraisal, though accurate it surely is. There is more to contemplate, much more. For regardless of the fact that he has made no public appearances in Israel for thousands of years, his memory and his aggressiveness still linger on in the minds of those of all faiths who persist in acknowledging him as the Supreme Creator. In other words, he still has Power, and plenty of it, even in his absence. I, for one, would not like to see the aggressive side of that Power grow by more than it already has in recent times, and the only way to prevent such a development from occurring, I believe, is to gently lay bare the truth of the Commander's criminal past. Otherwise, he... or someone pretending to be him... might just zoom in from Planet X and seduce us into accepting him as the one and only "God" all over again.

Nuts to that!

To find all the places where ELOHIM appears in the Old Testament, you'll need a volume of "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible," a standard reference work which features both a Hebrew-English and Greek-English lexicon at the back. The concordance pinpoints the exact locations of any word in the Bible, matches it to the Hebrew or Greek original, and is therefore a very useful tool in researching whatever facet of Biblical study that happens to strike your fancy.

Incidentally, the contact between Judaism and Zorastrianism occurred at the end of the Babylonian captivity. It was the Persians who ended that captivity, actually, and the Jews were extremely grateful for their efforts in that regard. Indeed, they became great friends with the Persians, and that explains how Judaism was heavily influenced by Zorastrianism.


Here are but a few of the many references on this subject:

1. "He (Jehovah's Messiah) will stand and shepherd his flock.. in the majesty of the name of Jehovah his God." (Micah 5:4)

2. " '.....if you do not et your heart to honor my name,' says Almighty Jehovah, 'I will send a curse among you, and I will curse your blessings.' " (Malachi 2:1)

3. "And everyone who calls upon the name of Jehovah will be saved." (Joel 2:32)

4. "If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law which are written in this book and do not revere this glorious and awesome name--Jehovah your God--Jehovah will send fearful plaques on you and your descendants." (Deuteronomy 28:58)

5. "O Jehovah, our God, other lords besides you have ruled over us, but your name alone do we honor." (Isaiah 26:13)

6. "Sing to God, sing praise to his name, extol him who rides on the clouds--his name is Jehovah." (Psalm 68:4)

7. "Jehovah will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Jehovah, and his name the only name." (Zechariah 14:9)

8. "I (Jehovah's Messiah) will declare your name to my brothers; in the congregation I will praise you." (Psalm 22:22)

9. "In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever!" (Psalm 43:8)

10. "If anyone does not listen to my (Jehovah's) words that the prophets speak in my name, I myself will call him to account. A prophet who speaks in the name of other gods must be put to death." (Deuteronomy 18:19-20)

11. "Fear Jehovah your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name." (Deuteronomy 6:13)

12. "May his name endure forever; may it continue as long as the sun." (Psalm 72:17)

13. "Exalt the name of Jehovah, the God of Israel." (Isaiah 24:15)

14. "I am Jehovah! That is my name!" (Isaiah 42;8)


This is a touchy subject to enter into. I know, but nevertheless a certain amount of Scriptural evidence does exist which more than hints of human sacrifice during the very early days of Jehovah's rule. We are all familiar, of course, with Abraham's solemn preparations to sacrifice his son, Isaac, to Jehovah, and how the final act was called off at the last minute because it was supposedly only a crucial test of Abraham's faith. With that "test" in mind the following references, perhaps, should come as no great shock. They indicate that for others the test was a crucial one indeed, in which no last-minute cancellation was forthcoming. Bear in mind what Jehovah said in Ezekiel 20:25-16..."I let them become defiled through their gifts--the sacrifice of every firstborn--that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am Jehovah!!"

This quotation sets the mood for what is to come.

1. "You must give me (Jehovah) the firstborn of your sons. do the same with your cattle and sheep. Let them stay with their mothers for seven days, but give them to me on the eighth day." (Exodus 22:29-30)

2. Jehovah said to Moses, "Consecrate to me every firstborn male. The first offspring of every womb among the Israelites belongs to me, whether man or animal." (Exodus 13:1-2)

3. As it is also written in the Law, "We will bring the firstborn of our sons and of our cattle, or our herds and our flocks to the house (Temple, with sacrificial altar)... to the house of our God, to the priests ministering there." (Nehemiah 10:36)

4. In Judges 11:29-40 (which is too lengthy to reproduce here), a man promises to sacrifice as a burnt offering to Jehovah the first person to come out of his house after he returns from a victorious battle. Perhaps he had so many servants he naturally expected one of them to be the first to greet him but alas, it was his daughter who first appeared from within the house. The poor girl, as the father had promised in his vow to Jehovah, was sacrificed as a burnt offering.

5. By comparing Joshua 6:26 with 1 Kings 16:34 you will find another example of human sacrifice, this time of the firstborn son and the youngest.

6. In Micah 6:7 a man wonders if it's really necessary to "offer my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul"

7. 1 Kings 13:2 "By the word of Jehovah a man of God came from Judah to Bethel, as Jeroboam was standing by the altar to make an offering. He cried out against the altar by the word of Jehovah: "O altar, altar! This is what Jehovah says: A son named Josiah will be born to the house of David. On you he will sacrifice the priests of the high places who now make offerings here, and human bones will be burned on you.'" (1 Kings 13:1-2)

8. 2 Kings 23:20, "Josiah slaughtered all the priests of those high places on the altars and burned human bones on them."


The suspicion that Jehovah was not who he said he was actually goes back all the way to the very beginnings of Christianity. The Christian Gnostics, for instance, believed that "the world is ruled by evil archons, among them the deity of the Old Testament, who held captive the spirit of man." (Illustrated Columbia Encyclopedia) And according to Reader's Digest's "Great People of the Bible and How they Lived," the Gnostics held that "The God who sent Jesus was not the God of the Old Testament, who created the evil material world, but the true God, the lord of spirit."

Another early Christian sect which embraced identical attitudes as the Gnostics were the Manichaeans. They too rejected Jehovah as the real God, and like the Gnostics regarded the Old Testament as nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

Unfortunately, these and other early Christian sects were no match for the powerful Church of Rome, which of course was backed by the Roman armies, and the rest you can figure out for yourself.

Anyway, should you want to find out more about the early rejections of Jehovah, you would do well to conduct some research into the above mentioned sects. In particular information on the Christian Gnostics is readily available in fairly large quantities as many of their written records have recently come to light.

Also, if you browse through the Old Testament itself--or better yet, read all of it--you'll discover that Jehovah was an extremely unpopular deity even amongst the ancient Israelites. Over and over again they tried to extricate themselves from his evil influence, which is why they became known as a "Stiff-necked" people. Truth is, they weren't stiff-necked at all, they just knew a tyrant when they saw one! But there was always a hard core element of priests around who wre blinded by the Commander's power, and in the end, after many struggles, they ultimately gained the upper hand and firmly entrenched Jehovah-worship as the national religion of Israel. Whether by design or by accident, the church of Rome played a huge role in continuing the tradition (in part, at least) by fusing Judaism and Christianity together.


Jehovah was seen by more people, more often, than is commonly appreciated. Some of the more outstanding references in this regard are Exodus 24:9-11, Exodus 33:7-11, Numbers 12:1-8, Numbers 14:24, and Deuteronomy 34:1-12. The New Testament, on the other hand, consistently states that no mortal had ever seen God. See John 1:18, John 5:37, John 6:46, Matthew 11:27, 1 Timothy 6:15-16, 1 John 4:12.


Only a partial list is possible here: Genesis 19:24, Exodus 4:24, Exodus 12:29-30, Exodus 32:27-28, Leviticus 26:14-39, Leviticus 10:1-2, Numbers 11:1-3, Numbers 11:33-34, Numbers 14:26-35, Numbers 16:28-50, Numbers 32:10-13, Deuteronomy 9:1-3, Deuteronomy 31:3, 1 Kings 22:19-23, 2 Kings 19:35, Psalm 44, Psalm 48, Psalm 78, Psalm 86, Psalm 105, Isaiah 44:6-8, Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:5, Isaiah 49:22-23, Jeremiah 9:24, Lamentations 3:43-45, Hosea 13:16, Amos 9:1-6, Nahum 1:2-6.


And if that doesn't convince you folks, go to the little book I told you about in the beginning, "The Gospel of Judas" and you will see what Jesus said about the god that the Jews worshipped.
A little about Roland Smyth: As he said he studied the Bible exclusively for three years. What he didn't say is that he did this in a cabin in northern Canada through grueling winters in a log cabin and an outhouse for a bathroom. He wanted to know the truth and this booklet is the result of that search. Roland would send me chapter by chapter what he wrote and I would type it up. That is why he does not refer to the computer to look up references, he didn't have one and he didn't have electricity either.
I also did my own research and wrote an extensive article about it in the Missing Link which combines with what Roland has said. Perhaps one day I will put it on the blog too. There is no doubt in my mind that this imposter was an extraterrestrial who wanted slaves. To this day he has them.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


By Roland Smyth
Continued - 5

So... the Old Testament says Jehovah was an angel, but is that anything to worry about? Aren't angels always the "good guys?"

No, they aren't, and consequently, yes, there might indeed be something to worry about. For as anyone familiar with the Bible is sure to know, there is a sizable band of "fallen" angels on the loose who have as their leader a most disagreeable autocrat named Lucifer. (alias the Devil, the Adversary, etc.)

There was a time, before the Fall, when Lucifer was the brightest and most accomplished angel of all. He and God were the best of friends. But Lucifer's vanity got the best of him and he decided he could run this corner of the universe better on his own terms, rather than on God's. So he gathered a battalion or two of fellow rebel angels around him, and together they struck out on their own to stir up all kinds of trouble down here on poor ol' planet Earth.

Now just because they fell from grace doesn't mean they stopped being angels. Nobody waved a magic wand and changed them all into a bunch of croaking frogs. Neither did they sprout a pair of horns, develop cloven hooves, or grow a pointed tail. There may well be creatures of that sort lurking around somewhere in the solar system, but nowhere in the Bible is Lucifer designated as one. He was an angel, plain and simple, and since angels are routinely identified as men in the Scriptures, it follows that Lucifer too must look like a man. so forget the wings, the horns, the hooves and the tail. Begin thinking of Lucifer as just another extraterrestrial who, with the appropriate clothing and perhaps a few other adjustments, could pass himself off as any human, great or small. The same goes for his cohorts too, of course.

In any case, the point I'm trying to get across here is that you've got to watch out for those angels/extraterrestrials. To be sure, some of them can be trusted, but in the case of Lucifer and his crew the same advice does not apply.

Never mind if they're smooth talkers, dress in white, and perform technological and supernatural wonders (miracles), it's still a wise idea to run a security check on each and every angel, and to be as thorough as you can about it. Remember that the New Testament warns us that Lucifer and his crew (angels/devils/demons, or whatever) are masters of deception. They may show up and claim to be on our side, and even appear to be on our side, but such tricks are as old as time itself.

Besides posing as the "good guys," I've been given to understand that in past centuries these deceivers went so far as to masquerade as gods, with Lucifer, of course, assuming the role of their Chief God. Perhaps too, when Lucifer was off somewhere holidaying or looking for new territory to annex to his dominion, his executive officers might have filled in for him while he was away, each becoming Chief God of however many vassal states were under their control at any particular point of time. I don't suppose the local populace would even notice the difference.

You begin to wonder if, perhaps, Jehovah might have been one of the above chief Gods. He did, after all, possess all the requisite qualifications. He was an angel; he performed dazzling miracles; he was blatantly vain, he was incredibly cruel; he was no stranger to war; he destroyed entire cities; but most important of all as a mere angel he told a real whopper of a lie when he claimed to be the sole Creator of the universe and everything in it. One wonders how many other lies, large and small, were issued from his lips or transmitted telepathically and recorded as Holy Writ. You then begin to wonder why anyone in his right mind should put any faith at all in a "God" of such low ethical standards.

And what about all those animal sacrifices Jehovah required? When we think of the ancient Greeks sacrificing bulls and rams and what not to Zeus, we regard the custom as primitive, barbaric, and even Satanic. We seldom pause to consider that the same wholesale slaughter of livestock on sacred alters was also carried out by the ancient Israelites. About the only real difference between the Greek and Israelite ceremonies was the name of the god being propitiated.

Again, I would recommend that you read through the first few chapters of Leviticus, or better yet, all of them. Only then will you come to realize how extensive animal sacrifice was in ancient Israel. Not only was it a daily ritual, it was often a full time daily ritual in which the blood of one slaughtered animal after another was drained into special basins--for what specific purpose we are not told, except that it, along with the fat of the animals, belonged to Commander Jehovah. Mind you, some of this blood was regularly sprinkled on the priests in attendance, the sides and "horns" of the alter, and various other objects within the place of worship. That's how Jehovah wanted things done, and you haven't heard the half of it yet. It's all pretty weird if you ask me.

And the, there's Jehovah's destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, to name just two of the cities he leveled. Have you ever really imagined how many innocent adults, children, infants and babies perished in the conflagrations? Likewise, how many innocent Egyptians were slaughtered by Jehovah's Angel of Death because Pharaoh, and Pharaoh alone, refused to release the Hebrews? And let's not forget the invasion of the so-called Promised Land (promised by whom?). How may innocents with the assistance of Jehovah's advanced technology, were put to death during that lengthy campaign? Here's just one example of the carnage: "They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it --men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys." (Joshua 6:21) Nowadays that sort of militarism would be deplored as the worst kind of maniacal barbarism.

Jehovah by no means reserved his burning anger for the Gentile peoples only. Oh no. Countless thousands of Jews felt the full weight of his wrath throughout their history. The forty years of "wandering" during the Exodus, for example, was a grueling punishment for their sins, not a pleasurable prelude to a future full of happiness. At one point Jehovah even threatened to completely exterminate the whole lot of them because of the golden calf episode, but Moses stepped in and skillfully talked him out of it. (Exodus 32:9-14) But even at that, a full 3,000 unfortunates were randomly executed by the Levites (who were the priestly class), for Jehovah simply had to deal out some sort of horrific punishment.

There were other mass executions during the Exodus too, but the entire book is so jam-packed with fascinating events and gory killings that I suggest you read all forty chapters of it. Don't wait for a movie to provide all the details; due to the terrible violence the censors would never allow it into the theaters.

Anyway, I could go on and on about Jehovah's brutal behavior, but I think everybody has more or less been informed in this regard. After all, it's no big secret that he was a god of wrath, vengeance, and jealousy--and proud of it to boot! It's just that no one likes to think about these negative attributes all that much.

The thing is though, when one does stop to think about them, it's as plain as plain can be that Jehovah actually displayed more Satanic characteristics than he did Godly ones. What's more, he had the audacity to boast of his cruelties, as, for example, in Ezekiel 20:25-26, where he declares in reference to the Israelites: "I gave them over to statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by. I let them become defiled through their gifts--the sacrifice of every firstborn--that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am Jehovah!"

There's nothing terribly horrible about sacrificing the firstborn of sheep, cattle and chickens, so Jehovah must have had something else in mind in the above quote, such as human sacrifice perhaps. Evidence of this will be given in the Notes section.

But even without human sacrifice, what sort of God would give his people "statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by"? I think Jesus supplies the best answer to this question in John 8:39-47. I'll paraphrase the scene here, and then you can determine for yourself if my interpretation is correct by consulting your own Bible.

Jesus was arguing theology with a group of Jews one day, and in the course of the argument the Jews defended their position as God's legitimate representative on Earth by reminding Jesus that they were Abraham's descendants. Jesus replied that Abraham was not, as everyone believed, the ancestral father of the Jews.

The Jews naturally protested this serious affront to their all-important lineage, and then, to get right to the core of the matter, they decided to bypass Abraham altogether by claiming that ultimately their father was god himself.

Now claiming god as their father is a common metaphor used by most of the world's religions, but in this particular instance it's interesting to note that from a genetic engineering point of view the claim could be taken quite literally; for remember that it was Jehovah who arranged for Sarah's "miraculous" pregnancy, and there's no reason why he couldn't have contributed his own genetic material to an invitro fertilization procedure instead of Abraham's. Indeed, if such were the case it would explain why Jesus disaffirmed Abraham as the Jews' ancestral father, for in pure genetic terms their "father" would in truth have been Jehovah! (See Isaiah 63:16 on this.)

It could just be, then, that when the Jews challenged Jesus by claiming "God" as their father (ie., Jehovah), they weren't speaking metaphorically at all. Which makes Jesus' reply to their claim extremely interesting, for he said: "You belong to your father the Devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

That's pretty strong language! Clearly, Jesus had strongly implied that Jehovah was not God at all but the Devil. And his brief summary of the Devil's personality matches Jehovah perfectly, for as I think I've demonstrated adequately enough, the Commander was, to a considerable degree, both a murderer and a liar. In the Notes section I'll list even more evidence of this. There's no shortage of it, believe me, but I'll be able to list only a small fraction. Should you require more evidence, simply pick up your Bible and browse through it-- and don't forget to underline the passages you find particularly surprising, otherwise it'll take you ages to look them up again.

Tow rap up this section I'd like to refer you to a couple of parallel accounts in the Old Testament which, when compared one to the other, also clearly imply that Jehovah was, if not the Devil himself then at least one of his executive officers.

The accounts in question occur in 2 Samuel 24:1-25 and 1 Chronicles 21:1-30. Each account outlines the details of the same specific event in Israel's history, but they were written by two different authors who were separated in time by a period of around five hundred years. Thus there are slight variations in the two records, for attitudes and beliefs do change over such a lengthy span, and these changes are reflected in historical documents.

The contents of the accounts are not important enough to comment on in detail here, but I would suggest you read them just the same, for they are not exactly dull either. The point I want to stress is that in the first version (circa 950 BC) the predominant character is Jehovah; but in the second version (circa 425 BC) the predominant character, who performs the same action and is clearly the same fellow, is this time identified as none other than Lucifer!

So why the disparity between this aspect of the two accounts? Well, my guess is that Jehovah was still active in the region at the time of the first historian's life, and that regardless of his frequent outburst of rage he was nevertheless assumed by the Israelites to be their god. He did, after all, offer them a great deal of assistance, and I suppose that made up for his bad side.

The second historian lived during a time when, it seems certain, Jehovah and the Fleet had for some reason long since departed. Their absence, plus the advantage of five hundred years of hindsight, no doubt allowed the second historian to have different ideas bout the whole affair. While still believing by force of tradition alone--that some remote deity named Jehovah was the true God of Israel, he could not bring himself to accept the Commander as the predominant character in what was, as you'll discover upon reading the two accounts, a most tragic chapter in Israel's history. The second historian, therefore could only conclude that the villain in question had to have been Lucifer, and consequently he corrected what he must have assumed to be the error of the first historian. The final compilers, true to their usual habit, entered both accounts in the Canon.

My speculations concerning these two historians might be way off the mark, of course, but they at least seem plausible. Besides, the point is that the two accounts wee entered into the Old Testament, and the latter one proves that influential elements of even the Jewish community back in the fifth century BC sometimes perceived Jehovah as the Devil, although they never really made the direct connection between the two. They just assumed they were dealing with two personalities instead of one.

Anyway, in this section I've spoken the unspeakable by suggesting that the "God" of the Old Testament was, if not the devil himself, then someone closely affiliated with him. I haven't been struck down by a bolt of lightning yet, so I guess it's OK to forward such speculations. After independently studying the Bible and related texts for three yeas, it's difficult not to. Consequently I've written what I think needs to be written and I hope you will afford some measure of consideration to it all and make of it what you will. Should you agree in whole or in part with my findings, I'm sure UFO research will take on a whole new dimension for you which, I'm equally sure, will liberally spice up your continuing investigations into the subject.

And by the way, if you have a hard time taking a Biblical character like the Devil seriously, it's probably because of the over-imaginative image that has been attached to him. You know... the horns, the cloven hooves, etc. It might help, there for if you begin thinking of the Devil as a sort of Darth Vadar type of figure who, instead of relying exclusively on brute force to have his way, is bound by some past agreement to restrict his interference in our present affairs to acts of clever deception. Like promoting himself as God via the retention of the Old Testament as Holy Writ, for instance.

A scheme like that would have been a pushover for him and his agents. All they had to do was infiltrate the early Catholic church by means of Go-like telepathic messages, high-tech visions (projected holograms/), and ploys of that nature. In this way the early church decision makers could easily have been persuaded to include the Old Testament in the Christian Bible, and the rest would take care of itself for the most part--especially after the printing-press and TV were invented.

Well, that's just another theory of mine. Sounds plausible though, so I thought I'd pass it on.

Tomorrow the Notes Section. That will end this little book. I hope it has given you something to think about.

In all instances of the word "Satan" I have changed it to Lucifer or the Devil. The word Satan was not used until the New Testament. It only meant adversary or opponent at that time in that language.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


By Roland Smyth
Continued - 4

Angels. Not one of them shows up in the Bible with wings growing out of his back. It was their assumed close cousins, the cherubs and seraphs, who had the wings; but in what I'll call "real-life" terms cherubs and seraphs rarely, if ever, made any public appearances. The prophets only saw them in bizarre and unearthly visions.

Besides wings, they had additional features which easily placed them several breeds apart from angels. Usually, they were depicted in ancient art and literature as having animal bodies with human heads, like sphinxes. The cherubs, that is. As for the seraphs, the verse arrangement was the order of the day. They wre commonly portrayed as having human bodies with animal heads, and sometimes with more than one! Some seraphs, though, were closely associated with--would you believe--flying serpents! (Dragons?) And on top of all that the Bible says they had six wings, not a measly two. Cherubs, on the other hand, were apparently limited to only two.

All in all, then, these creatures were most certainly not what we normally think of as angels. Truth is, they are not even called angels in the Bible! That label got tagged on them later on (because they dwelt in "heaven"), and during the Renaissance the notion was so popular that their wings got transferred over to the real angels by over imaginative artists. Well, so it goes. Just as reality sometimes gets transformed into so-called myths, so too do myths sometimes get transferred into so-called reality.

Anyway, as is evident from the last chapter, angels look pretty much like men and even share some of our basic needs. I guess that's not exactly what you'd call a red-hot news flash from yours truly, but the likelihood that Jehovah himself was an angel might be a novel idea for some. And even if it isn't, what if I were to tell you that revealing excerpts from the Bible provide ample evidence that he actually was?

Interested now?

This can prove to be a very significant insight into commander Jehovah, I think, for if the Bible itself designated him as an angel, then it automatically dethrones him from his high office as God in the same breath! After all, was it not God who created the angels in the first place?

But the question arises, why would some of the Old Testament writers be so foolish as to expose their own God? Well, because they didn't realize what they were doing, that's why; they didn't know then what we know now. As far as they were concerned (some of them, anyway) there was nothing incompatible about angels being gods and the Chief Angel being God.

Notice I said "some of them." Other Old Testament writers held entirely different opinions--especially in later centuries when the Fleet, including Jehovah, had long since departed. Both viewpoints were compiled into the Holy Book though, and were sometimes even placed side by side in the same verses by the final editors. Apparently these editors didn't know for sure what viewpoints were the right ones, so they mixed them all together to ensure that they'd at least get something right. Some sort of ploy goes on today, actually. Politicians, for instance, will practically promise anything, and everything, if they think there are votes to be gained. Then, once in office.......

And now for the evidence of which I speak.

There's a report in Genesis 32:22-32 which relates the unusual circumstances of an encounter of the fourth kind. Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, actually wrestled in hand to hand combat one night with someone who at first is only identified as "a man." As the story draws to a close, however, the man is identified as "God." No name or title, just 'God."

Fortunately, the same incident is briefly repeated in the Book of Hosea (12:2-5), and this time a name is given. The man was, of course, Jehovah. But the prophet Hosea went further than just identifying him by name, he also identified him as... that's right... an angel. Some would deem it very strange that Hosea wrote such a thing. But is it?

Remember that back in Chapter 18 of Genesis (the luncheon scene) it was definitely implied that Jehovah was an angel. Hosea was only confirming that he was.

There are other incidents which are not quite as explicit as Hosea's account of Jacob's encounter, but they can hardly be classified as inconsequential either.

For example, did you know there was an angel inside that "burning bush" the day "God" spoke to Moses? Yes an angel, and if you consult Exodus 3:2 you can see for yourself. As soon as Moses went over for a closer look though, the text drops "angel" and replaces it with "the LORD" and "God." Naturally, all three terms can apply to the same person, and in this context most probably do, but the church authorities prefer not to think so. Thus, the famous story continues to get told over and over again without so much as a whisper of the angel, and some Orwellian-styled Ministry of Truth succeeds in scoring yet another propaganda victory.

And then there's an incident in Genesis 16:1-15, wherein an angel appears to Hagar, Abraham's Egyptian concubine and mother of his first born son. The text first identifies the angel as "the angel of Jehovah," then as Jehovah himself, and finally as God. Again, all three terms can apply equally well to the Commander (they were no doubt bunched together here by the final editors), but orthodox theologians stubbornly persist in missing the point.

Next, in Judges 6:11-22, an angel pays Gideon a visit. The same pattern emerges. The angel is at once an "angel of God," the "angel of Jehovah," and Jehovah himself. This switching back and forth from one term to another occurs several times and almost leaves your head spinning!

In Judges 13:1-24 an angel also pays a visit to the future parents of Samson. Not surprisingly, he is identified as an "angel of God," and "angel of Jehovah," and a "man of God." Samson's parents, on the other hand, are staunchly convinced that they had seen no one less than God in person! (Again, the editors were covering all the angles here.)

Finally in Judges 2:1-4, "the angel of Jehovah" announces to an assembled crowd that it was he who had led the Israelites out of Egypt; that it was he who had given them the Promised Land; and that it was he who had made an everlasting covenant with them. Funny... the way the story usually goes, it was Jehovah who did all these things.

Well, he probably did. It's just that sometimes he was called an angel and sometimes he was called God.

I imagine a lot of the confusion got started because sometimes he was in plain view of anyone who happened to be right on the scene, and sometimes he (and his cohorts) were inside a "UFO" where they were--in a fashion--completely out of sight. At such times the ship was perceived as "God." I mean, you really gotta sit back and picture this thing through the eyes of your average desert nomad of three or four thousand years ago. No doubt it put on some pretty awe-inspiring light shows which could only have been comprehended as "God." I'll tell ya, it sure as hell would have fooled me if I'd been there at the time! And who knows? Maybe in a former lifetime I was.

Anyway, there's really nothing new in this business about the Old Testament identifying Jehovah as an angel. It just hasn't received that much publicity over the years, that's all. Actually, by the strict definition of the word, it hasn't received any publicity at all! Bible scholars have noticed the identification, though (how could they miss it?) but, as might be expected, their comments on the "mystery" are only briefly recorded in those kinds of books which inevitably gather dust on library shelves. Nobody reads them. Well, hardly anybody, that is. Those that do are usually so inclined in their thinking as to keep the information safely tucked away in the deeper recesses of their minds.

It's no wonder. As previously mentioned, the Old Testament's classification of Jehovah as an angel automatically denounced him as the sort of God he is presemed to be. It's really quite remarkable. The Old Testament is its own worst critic! Now, if only we could somehow get this aired on the six o'clock evening news...

Monday, October 23, 2006


My blog will be shut down until the 28th as I am leaving on a trip today. We will continue this enlightening book when I return on the 28th.

By Roland Smyth
Continued - 3

Although conventional wisdom is adamantly convinced that Jehovah was an ethereal sort of god whom nobody had ever seen face to face, the fact is that he was, at times, highly visible to more than just a few observers. The reason he is thought to have been ethereal--or, more to the point, invisible--is because Jesus taught that the Father was invisible. The Father, not "the LORD."

Anyway, there are a number of very explicit, down-to-earth appearances of Jehovah recorded in the Old Testament, but the best example of all occurs in Chapter 18 of Genesis.

In this scene Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent one fine day (around 1900 BC), when three men approached on foot. Something about them must have clearly indicated their high-ranking position, for Abraham immediately ran out to greet them with the utmost measure of respect.

Once the preliminary formalities were taken care of, he asked the men if they'd care to honor him by staying for a meal. They accepted the invitation. Wash water was provided for them to freshen up with, and then Abraham hurried off to make the necessary culinary arrangements--which included the slaughtering of a tender young calf.

Meanwhile, the three men rested in the shade of a nearby tree. One of these men, according to the text, was Jehovah. The other two, as it later turned out, were "angels."

That didn't ruin their appetites, though. Abraham soon returned with platters of veal, yogurt, and freshly baked bread. Plus there was milk to wash it all down with. And sure enough, the two angels and "god" went to work on it all.

During the meal, Jehovah promised Abraham's wife, Sarah that she would soon provide her husband with a child. She didn't believe a word of it, for she had been barren all her life anyway. Jehovah insisted he knew how to arrange these things. What could Sarah say? She didn't know about the marvels of genetic engineering.

The meal ended and the men prepared to leave. They had pressing business to take care of down in Sodom and Gomorra - two cities which, from Abraham's place in the hills, were visible off in the distance. A two or three hour hike away.

Abraham decided to accompany them for the first part of the hike. After a while the two angels went on ahead while Jehovah and Abraham paused for a confidential discussion.
Abraham knew what plans his guest had in store for the cities below, and he tried his darndest to dissuade "the LORD" from acting too rashly. Jehovah decided to think about it. Then he departed, and Abraham returned home.

So endeth Chapter 18 of Genesis. For the ensuing destruction of Sodom and Gomorra (Abraham's dissuasions of course, had been of no use) by all means refer to Chapter 19. (Either the city's inhabitants were unbelievably immoral to deserve such harsh punishment, or Jehovah was just being his usual, ornery self. I suspect it was mostly his orneriness.)

In any case, that's my formal introduction of Jehovah. Interesting dude, eh? I can just picture him munching away on that tasty meal and, between mouthfuls, giving Sarah a hard time with his extraordinary promise regarding her upcoming pregnancy.

Naturally I've liberally paraphrased the entire story to render it more cogent and entertaining, but if you consult your Bible, I'm sure you'll find I never once deviated from the plain facts.

Now for some analysis.

First, a reminder that the account attributes to Jehovah certain traits which aren't normally associated with him. He was, according to the text, a man. Moreover, he behaved like a man! He washed, he walked, he talked, he rested in the shade of a tree, he ate and he drank. And, not to forget, he was anything but invisible.

All of the above also holds true for the two angels. They too were "men." No mention of wings or halos or anything like that.

You begin to wonder if all three guests were basically similar in appearance and mannerisms. The text definitely conveys that impression, and nowhere does it indicate, for instance, that Jehovah ("god") displayed any attributes noticeably dissimilar from his companions -- save that he did most of the talking, that is.

Well, if they all looked alike and behaved in much the same manner, and if two members of the trio were designated angels (Chapter 19), might not Jehovah be designated a bonafide angel too? The Chief Angel, perhaps? You know, it just might be worth checking into...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


By Roland Smyth
Continued - 2

Imagine, if you will, the following scene out of Greek mythology: High on the summit of Mount Olympus, Zeus has gathered around him a somber assembly of some of his subordinate gods. Because of their recurrently notorious affairs in the world of mankind, Zeus has grown angry and is lecturing them into cleaning up their act a little--or else!

Similar scenes as this appear in many of the mythologies around the globe. Some Chief god or other is inevitably portrayed as delivering a no-nonsense pep talk to the lesser gods before they manage, in their reckless enthusiasm, to ruin what has been accomplished on Earth.

As you might by now expect, the Old Testament is no exception to the general rule, for in Psalm 82 it is clearly written: "God presides in the Great Assembly and gives judgment amongst the gods."

After cutting their inflated egos down to size with a severe oratory blast, his anger seems only marginally dissipated, for he concludes by thundering, You are gods, you are all sons of the Most High... (as though he himself had a superior)... but you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler!"

No doubt about it, the Chief god was intensely angry. That's par for the course, though. What's really interesting about Psalm 82 is that, once again, we have a strong Homeric flavor in a sacred text which is supposed to be way above and beyond Homer's style of writing.

Regardless of all that though, Psalm 82 has got to be one of the most striking references to the gods that the Bible ever makes. It takes a while for it to fully register, but here is a section of the Holy Scriptures which candidly states that even God routinely acknowledges the existence of other-albeit lesser--gods!! Obviously the ancient Israelites must have believed this to be true, otherwise they wouldn't have entered the passage into their sacred texts... and kept it here in subsequent copies.

While Psalm 82 is one, if not the most striking references to the gods, there are plenty of run-of-the-mill types sprinkled throughout the Bible as well--but as per usual, particularly in the Old Testament. Spotting them becomes second nature once you get the hang of it... once you realize they're there to be found. In Malachi 1:9, for instance, Jehovah advises the prophet to "implore God to be gracious to us. With such (inferior) offerings from your hands, will he accept you?"

You notice how Jehovah speaks of God as if he was a separate and higher-ranking deity than himself? And who, I wonder, might pull rank over that deity in turn? God Most High? (A title you occasionally run across.) You never know. You just never know.

Anyway, there is no shortage of what can fairly be termed legitimate gods in the Book which somehow acquired the reputation for recognizing only one. All you gotta do is scout around.

Once you've accomplished some measure of success in that pursuit, it would then be wise to ask yourself, "Who the hell were those guys?!" Why were they so often on the warpath? And when they themselves were taking it easy, why did they encourage their mortal subjects to rape, plunder, slaughter, and destroy in their stead?

Ah, but you probably think I'm exaggerating with that kind of talk. If so, then I can tell right away that you haven't read Joshua yet, or any number of the other Old Testament books which have incredibly brutal battle scenes in them. Did you know, for instance, that the invading Israelite soldiers during the Promised Land campaign were allowed, by permission from Jehovah, to sometimes keep the virgins for themselves, but to mercilessly massacre everybody else? Yep. Men, women, children, and even the livestock. For a preview of all this carnage, see Numbers 31:17, Deuteronomy 20:16, and Deuteronomy 21:10.

Sorry, I hadn't planned on laying the heavies on you so soon, but we've got to be thoroughly objective about all this you know. It's easy to accuse the clergy and their superiors of turning a blind eye to disagreeable passages, so it would be hypocritical for us to adopt a similar attitude. Assessing the Old Testament gods/extraterrestrials for what they really were is all part and parcel of researching Biblical UFOs. It's a very serious field of inquiry, for those gods of ancient Israel are still, through institutionalized religion, having a considerable amount of influence on your life, whether you subscribe to their dogmas or not. Others around you do.

Anyway, to get back to a slightly lighter mood, I find it extraordinarily ironic that for so long the Bible has been judged to be the greatest testimony of all for denouncing all those mythological gods of antiquity. It's nothing of the sort! On the contrary, the Bible has, with a slight shift of focus, become the greatest repository of credible evidence for strongly corroborating the visits of those gods! By all means tell your friends and neighbors that this is so. Go easy on them though. The topic can get pretty delicate for some folks, and you've got to be careful not to overdo it.

We now return to the main theme...

Having at this point firmly established that the Old Testament is anything but silent on real, honest-to-goodness gods, the stage is now set for formally introducing its Chief God--or, if I may provide a new and fitting title for him, the Commander of the Fleet. The best way to begin is to provide some background information on his name, for this name figures strongly in helping us to gain a clearer understanding of the Bible as a whole.

As already indicated, the Commander's name was Jehovah. Due to a complex series of linguistic mix-ups... This rendition is not as accurate as recent scholars would like it to be ("Yahweh" comes closer), but Jehovah is the commonest one in general circulation, so I've opted to use it for general circulation, so I've opted to use it for familiarity's sake. Precisely correct pronunciation is presently out of reach for us anyway, and besides, it isn't important. What is important is that the Commander had a name in the first place.

The reason it's important is that it identifies him as a distinctly individual and independently operating deity, thus setting him apart from all the other deities of the ancient world. In other words, he was the exclusive, national God of Israel, the God who dealt directly with the Israelites and nobody else.

The Old Testament repeatedly focuses an enormous amount of significance to the name. Over and over again passages emphasize that it should be remembered in the hearts and minds of the faithful, sung out joyously in hymns of praise, used in reverence to swear sacred oaths by, and generally vocalized and reflected on whenever appropriate opportunities made themselves available. In short, the name was as central to Judaic worship and day-to-day living as the Savior's is to Christianity.

It is an extremely puzzling mystery, therefore, that sometimes as late as the first or second centuries AD (nobody seems to know for sure) a Judaic "superstition" developed which judged the name to be too sacred for uttering out loud. Indeed, it suddenly became a sin to speak the name!

Although in printed form it survived in then-existing Hebrew scriptures and remained unexpurgated in subsequent copies, the name was nevertheless lost to posterity. Or at least the correct pronunciation was lost. This is because, by means of an ingenious cipher system long since forgotten or hidden away, the Hebrew written language required only consonants. Thus, the name appears simply as YHWH. To this day nobody knows what vowels are missing, and that's why we'll never get the pronunciation right until someone cracks the code. (I'm sure someone already has, but for reasons of his own is keeping quiet about it!)

In any case, due to the aforementioned superstition the name--which for at least a thousand years previously had dominated early Judaism--was discreetly withdrawn from active service. Jehovah had, as a consequence, and quite against his own orders, been deprived of what could analogously be termed his "legal" ID

To carry the analogy a step further, the priests behind this scheme then provided him with a pseudonym to serve as a sort of alias. (It was from this pseudonym, by the way, that "Jehovah" and "Yahweh" were eventually derived. In those terms "Yahweh" is a pretty close if not bang-on rendition of the name; ie., the pseudonym.)

As I was saying, a pseudonym was provided. The priests were very clever in choosing the pseudonym, for they decided to incorporate within it, and in the same order, the same consonants of the original name. Only new vowels were introduced. Instructions concerning the new vowels were then spread around by word of mouth and Presto! the populace had a new name for the Commander, on which was 'OK' to vocalize.

To illustrate what I mean, the original pronunciation might have been (for instance) YiH-WoH, but now it was YaH-WeH.

The really clever aspect of the switch lies in the fact that on paper the name remained completely unaltered! YHWH was YHWH no matter what vowels were mentally added. Perhaps only a lawyer can appreciate the full significance of the tactic, for simultaneously everything was changed and nothing was changed!

Anyway, the new name (pseudonym alias, false ID) had been assigned the vowel-sounds from the Hebrew "Adonai" (Lord), so the overall end result was a hybrid noun which was regarded as part name and part title (Jehovah or Yahweh). For all intents and purposes, though, it was really only a name.

Unfortunately, as time passed by over the centuries, even the pseudonymous name began to be viewed as too sacred for vocalization (God doesn't work in strange ways; only priests do), and consequently the hybrid noun (part name and part title) came to be regarded more and more as just a title. Since some of its component sounds were borrowed from the Hebrew equivalent of "Lord," it was generally agreed that the entire, somewhat ambiguous and immensely troublesome noun might just as well be translated as "Lord" and have done with it once and for all. And that's what happened.

The result was, that not only had Jehovah been deprived of his "legal" ID, he was also deprived of his "false" ID One begins to grow suspicious of all this. It's as if Jehovah had a murky past and the priests were desperately trying to cover for him.

In any case, because his papers got lost in the shuffle (so to speak), most non-Hebrew Bibles in circulation today have replaced both his original name and his pseudonym with the title "the LORD." Notice that all four letters are capitalized. Bible texts use this as a literary device for distinguishing "the LORD" as a replacement for both its predecessors. Well, at least the translators had the good sense to include that distinction, although hardly anybody notices it or realizes what it means if they do.

Yes, these last pages have been a little complicated, but what it all boils down to is that "the LORD" is as much a mistranslation of YHWH as "God" or "angels" are of ELOHIM.

It is also every bit as misleading... and then some; for it contributes enormously to the confusion any serious Bible student will face when comparing the two Testaments. You see, "the LORD" of the Old Testament is naturally associated with "the Lord" of the New Testament.

See what I mean?

The two words, however, are only homonyms; that is, they are spelled and pronounced the same, but they differ in origin and meaning. In truth, "LORD" and "Lord" have about as much in common with each other as do, say, 'WASP' and "wasp"--wherein the former represents a certain class of immigrants and the latter speaks for itself. The analogy is perhaps a little over stretched, but it illustrates the point quite nicely.

I'm taking great pains to elucidate the complexities surrounding Jehovah's name and the differences between "LORD" and "Lord" for one very good reason: Nowhere in the New Testament will you locate the title "the LORD" (with all four letters capitalized, you understand).

What this means... and I would request that you proceed slowly here... is that neither Jehovah's original name nor his pseudonymous name (at least one of which was in use during the time of Jesus)... neither of these two names appeared in the original Christian manuscripts. Otherwise, they would have eventually been transliterated as "the LORD," you see --which is what occurred in the case of the Old Testament, even from the sections which were written in Aramaic.

Now, since neither of Jehovah's names were recorded in the New Testament, that means that Jesus himself never spoke them; and what that means is the JESUS NEVER IDENTIFIED JEHOVAH AS HIS FATHER. In order words, even though he evidently posed as the expected Jewish Messiah, it appears that he was sent by Somebody Else altogether different than the Commander!

That's a pretty controversial statement to make, I know but it does explain a large proportion of he Bible's contradictions. It also explains why Jehovah's name was mysteriously dropped: Jesus had conspicuously failed to endorse it.

Anyway, I'll not go into the ramifications of all that just yet. It's now time to formally introduce the man behind the name.

Read the Gospel of Judas. It was found on papyrus pages, originally a book, in a cave about 20 years ago. In it Jesus told Judas that the god his disciples worshipped was not his God. His God was the Supreme Being.

I gave this book to a born again Christian, obviously he did not study the passages, he gave it back to me torn to shreds! He also was interested in UFOs and was a pilot, but a close minded one at that. He said, "How could you do this!!" It was easy folks.

In the next chapters it will be much more interesting but you needed the background on just who Jehovah was to make sense about the rest of the booklet.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


By Roland Smyth


Things you are liable to read in the Bible...
They ain't necessarily so...


The case for Biblically-recorded UFOs has intrigued me for over two decades, but like most others who have shared this interest over the years, I never really conducted any in-depth research into the matter. That is to say, I never read the Bible from cover to cover, verse for verse. Who, amongst us common folk, ever does? Like millions of amateur would-be Bible students before me, I found 95% of the Good Book to be rather dreary and boring. Hardly what you'd call enjoyable reading. So I satisfied my curiosity by reading only the more outstanding extraterrestrial-related excerpts which authors like Erich von Daniken brought to the world's attention.

As far as I was concerned these excerpts, like Ezekiel's wheels within wheels encounter for instance, were proof enough that extraterrestrial visitations were not all that uncommon in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. Naturally I assumed that these extraterrestrials -- or angels, or whatever you want to call them -- were here on official business, and that they were carrying on God's good work as best they could.

I further assumed that "God" himself was an especially advanced and highly evolved extraterrestrial who was acting on behalf of an even higher God -- the "real" God, you might say, otherwise known as the Supreme Creator. That this Old Testament "God" (Jehovah by name) was mistaken for the God by the ancient Israelites didn't bother me at all. It was all quite understandable under the circumstances, and I never really suspected that there was anything terribly unusual about the arrangement.

But then, as a simple twist of Fate would have it, I decided to tackle the Book of Books and find out once and for all, and on a first hand basis, what it was all about. Incredibly, I didn't give up halfway through Genesis as I had so many times before. On the contrary, I became thoroughly fascinated with the Bible. Then I became virtually obsessed with it. The darned thing was totally unlike anything I had expected. It was like reading a good science-fiction novel on every page! In every chapter! There were weird and bizarre stories everywhere, and I found that I was reading one of those kinds of books that you just can't put down.

I began stocking up on Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible commentaries, archeological records of the period, and a whole assortment of similar reference books... anything that would cast more light on all the weird things I was reading. Exasperated by the outdated language of the King James Version, I went out and bought six different modern translations to make the going easier. No doubt about it. I was obsessed.

It's been three years since all this craziness started and I've sure learned a lot about the Bible as a result. I approached it primarily from a UFOlogist's point of view, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Along the way my attitudes about Jehovah changed drastically. Remember how he was always saying he was a jealous God, a God of vengeance and wrath? Well, he certainly wasn't kidding. A meaner character you're not likely to meet anywhere. No siree. Jehovah takes the cake in that department, and all the evidence you'll ever need to confirm that contention has dutifully been recorded in the Bible.

Now, the problem is that everyone, or just about everyone, assumes to some degree or other that this guy was the God. However, since he was merely an ambitious extraterrestrial this claim to fame is obviously a case of stretching the truth, and that's putting it mildly. I'm not even sure he was a legitimate representative of God, whomever you personally conceive God to be. I'll have more to say on that subject later. For now it's only important that you recognize that Jehovah was far less than he said he was. That much is obvious, is it not?

In any case, first things first.

This little booklet has been prepared in order that the overwhelming evidence of Biblical UFOs--or, more specifically, their occupants--can be presented from a perspective that is perhaps somewhat different from those you are accustomed to. I can't promise that everything you find herein will be fresh and new to your sphere of knowledge, but I think I can spring a few surprises on you just the same.

If nothing else, I should like to impress upon you how enormously serious this business of Biblical extraterrestrials is. The whole subject has lapsed into a sort of "ho-hum" holding pattern in recent years, and I don't think that's a good place for it to be. For let's face it, an extraterrestrial god is something we should all be deeply concerned about, particularly since that god rarely displayed a loving and compassionate attitude towards the human race. Not until the advent of Jesus Christ, anyway. Then everything changed.

There's something awfully disturbing about that... how a Deity can preach vengeance and war in one Testament and then suddenly switch to forgiveness and peace in the next.

To be sure, these and other reforms were quite an improvement over the old ways. But why was "god" so cruel in the first place? Were the Old and New Testament Gods truly one and the same Deity? Was Jehovah really the Father whom Jesus spoke of? To answer these perplexing questions it's time we faced up to what most of us believe in anyway: that the ancients perceived extraterrestrials as gods, and that from time to time an especially autocratic god was perceived as the God of gods, or simply as God.

Let us, therefore, take a closer look at the Old Testament for on close inspection it reveals a great deal more about extraterrestrial intervention than is commonly appreciated. It also says a lot of things about Jehovah which will make you sit up and take notice... things you were never taught in church or Sunday school.

One of them pops up in a passage which is familiar to even the most casual of churchgoers. Perhaps you too can recite it from memory, for it's the kind of line that once heard is seldom forgotten. I refer to verse five of the Eighth Psalm. It reads: "for thou (Jehovah) has made him (us) a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor."

That line doesn't come across as anything anybody should get too terribly excited over, but the catch is that the key word "angels" does not rightfully belong in it. It has been erroneously translated from--what else?--the Hebrew noun, ELOHIM. The quote, therefore (complete with the definite article HA), should read as follows: "For thou has made him a little lower than the gods..."

That kind of puts a whole new slant on the Eighth Psalm, wouldn't you agree?! I mean, here we have the Bible (the Bible!!) casually informing us that we were created a little lower than the gods (the gods!!). It's like I said before--the Old Testament reads just like Homer once you weed out even a few of the translational errors.

There are, incidentally, several modern Bible translations which--believe it or not--point out in footnotes the presence of HA ELOHIM here in the original Hebrew. Some of them even go so far as to offer the literal translation (ie., "the gods"--as opposed to the usual translation, "God"), but they quickly add that the author of the Psalm must certainly have meant the term to be understood in only a figurative sense. Thus, in most cases "the angels," or sometimes "the holy ones," has been retained into the actual text!

Mind you, in the New World Translation "the godlike ones" appears in the text, and in the Jerusalem Bible--which has the Vatican's full endorsement--the text contains "a god." So things are looking up. Someone might get it right yet!

Anyway, if you have access to several versions of the Bible you might want to check out the Eighth Psalm in each of them, just for curiosity's sake. It's interesting to see how different versions handle this very difficult passage.

In another example of translational adjustments, HA ELOHIM has been disguised in most Bibles (the King James and New International versions, for instance) as "the judges." thus, in Exodus 22:8-9 we have, or rather should have:

"But if the thief is not found, the owner of the house must appear before the
gods to determine whether he has laid his hands on the other man's
property. In all cases of illegal possession of an ox, a donkey, a sheep, a
garment, or any other lost property about which somebody says, 'This is
mine,' both parties are to bring their cases before the gods. The one whom
the gods declare guilty must pay back double to his neighbor."

Interesting judiciary system, eh? Not unusual though for nations of the ancient Middle East--as the archeological evidence amply testifies.

In all fairness, it should be noted that some Bible translations follow the usual tradition of rendering HA ELOHIM as "God" in the above quote. However, at the same time they rather conspicuously fail to explain why the Supreme Creator of the Universe would bother involving himself in such petty legal disputes. Neither is any explanation offered as to how the procedure would work, nor why it was eventually phased out some time in the dim pat.

All in all, then, I'd say that translation the quote accurately furnishes us with a satisfactory solution to a situation which would otherwise remain somewhat puzzling. Indeed, in light of what has in the last three decades or so become increasingly obvious to the open-minded, there's nothing even remotely irregular about "gods" participating in the administrative functions of the ancient Israelites.

Even at that, it's really quite extraordinary--isn't it?--how a little semantic detective work can open up whole new fields of discovery in Biblical research. Ah yes, determining the meanings of words s they were originally intended to be understood can go a long way in unlocking many deep mysteries--as I trust the clearly misguided translations of ELOHIM have sufficiently revealed.

Well, we'll leave the inaccurate translations of ELOHIM for now and move on to a remarkable instance where--for reasons that are difficult to comprehend--an accurate translation somehow survived the censor's wary eye and has since raised embarrassing questions that church authorities have a tough time coming to terms with.

To be continued.

A leading UFOlogical researcher said about this book, "it is one of the most important books I have ever read and should be read by everyone!"

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Thanks to Bill Hamilton at Astroxplorer@astrosciences.info for this article.

The Piney Woods Incident, Cash-Landrum

An extremely haunting UFO sighting which has well stood the test of time was an event which took place in the Piney Woods of Texas, near the town of Huffman. On the chilly night of December 29.1980, two women and one child encountered a craft of unknown origin, and all three suffered not only emotional trauma, but severe physical injury as well. A drive through the Piney Woods of Texas at night is a lonely, somewhat spooky one to begin with, but on this particular night, a routine drive turned into a life changing event for these three people.

Fifty-one year old Betty Cash was driving through the woods traveling from New Caney to Dayton on Farm Market road 1485. Riding with her was her friend, Vickie Landrum, fifty-seven years old, and Vickie's seven year old grandson, Colby. They were looking for an open Bingo game, but found all of them closed down for the Holiday season. They stopped for a meal at a restaurant, and then continued on their journey.
Soon, the three began to see a light in the distance, and in a few short minutes this light became a glowing object, slowly crossing the tops of the tall pine trees. The area that they were in was densely occupied by pine and oak trees, surrounded by occasional swamps and small lakes. As they proceeded along their way, their initial thought was that the object was an airplane or helicopter from one of the airfields not too distant from their location.
Suddenly, ahead of them loomed an immense diamond-shaped craft, which was hovering over the road ahead of them! At regular, fast intervals, the object would shoot down a stream of reddish-orange flames. Vickie would later describe it as being "like a diamond of fire". Being a devout Christian, she had had never believed in UFOs or extraterrestrials, and at this moment, she believed that she was witnessing the end of the world.

They could also hear a constant beeping sound as the strange craft spit out its fiery downspout. Frightened, Betty came to a quick stop to keep from running under the craft. The car's heater had been running to kill the frosty air of the night, but now the inside of her vehicle was so hot she had to turn off her heater, and leave the car, along with Vickie and Colby.
Now outside of the vehicle, they could hear a steady roaring sound coming from the frightening sight ahead of them. Young Colby became so afraid that his grandmother took him back into the car to comfort him. Betty stayed outside. In some strange way, she was fascinated with the almost unbelievable vision before her. As she stood watching the craft, suddenly the sky was full of helicopters. Betty said, "They seemed to rush in from all directions...it seemed like they were trying to encircle the thing." She assumed that they were from Tomball Airfield, northwest of Houston, or Ellington Air Force Base, south of Houston. The eerie object now began to lift into the air, and proceed to the southwest, with helicopters in pursuit.

As Betty returned to the car, the door handle was so hot she could hardly open the front door. Her hand was burned getting inside. She immediately turned on her air conditioner to cool off the inside of the vehicle. After the object had left the area, they restarted their vehicle, hoping to get home and never see the craft again. But after several miles of dark highway, they left the Farm Market road in favor of the freeway. Ahead in the distance, they could again see the object with its bright lights illuminating the helicopters which were still trying to encircle it.

At this vantage point, the two ladies could actually count the number of copters in the air, 23. Some of them they identified as the double rotor CH-47 Chinook; the others were the faster, single engine rotor type, which they thought were Bell-Huey.

After a fast trip home, all three of the witnesses became extremely sick within the next few hours. Betty's head and neck were blistered, and soon her eyes were swollen shut. She was also terribly nauseated. By the next morning, she was almost in a coma. Vickie and Colby suffered very similar symptoms, yet not as severe as Betty's.

After a couple of miserable days being cared for at Vickie's home, Betty checked into a hospital where she was treated as a burn victim, remaining for 15 days. Her hair began to fall out, and her eyes swelled so badly, she could not see for about a week. Colby had problems with his eyes, and Vickie was losing her hair also. In addition, her scalp was numb and painful. All three of the victims were treated for radiation poisoning, and their condition was listed by doctors as life-threatening. Before long, skin sores developed, weight loss began, and skin cancer was diagnosed.

As to the origin of the helicopters, local air bases were questioned, but would not admit to sending any helicopters out that night. The only public statement made by military officials came from Fort Hood press officer Major Tony Geishauser. In an interview with the Corpus Christi Caller newspaper, he stated that no Fort Hood aircraft were in the Houston area that night.

"I don't know any other place around here that would have that number of helicopters," he said. "I don't know what it could be..... unless there's a super secret thing going on and I wouldn't necessarily know about it."

The black top road was badly damaged by the emissions from the craft that night, but it was very quickly repaired. Investigators were at a loss to explain the events of that night, except to say that Betty, Vickie, and Colby had encountered a craft of undetermined origin, or possibly an experimental government craft. The three unwilling participants in this event sued the U.S. Government for medical damages, but during a congressional hearing, the Department of the Army Inspector General denied any military involvement in the case, and disallowed any compensation for the three unwilling participants in the Piney Woods affair.

There would be several other witnesses to the strange craft / and or helicopters of that night. Among them were:
An off duty Dayton, Texas policeman and his wife who were driving home from Cleveland the same night and saw a large number of CH-47s.

A Crosby, Texas man who was directly under the flight path, reported seeing a large number of heavy military helicopters flying overhead.

A Dayton, Texas, oilfield worker Jerry McDonald saw a large UFO fly directly overhead while he was in his back garden. He thought it might be a blimp at first, but soon knew it was something more sinister. "It was kind of diamond shaped and had two twin torches that were shooting brilliant blue flames out the back", he said. He saw that it had two bright lights on it and a red light in the center.

In a freaky circumstance of luck, corroboration of the unknown object of that night would come in 1981. In April, a CH-47 flew into Dayton for the purpose of a public showing. This allowed local residents to view the machine, both inside and out. Colby spotted the helicopter as it was flying into town, and became very upset. Vickie took him to the landing site, hopefully to allay his fears. As they reached the Chinook, a long line of locals had already formed, waiting to see the giant machine. When their turn finally came, Vickie and Colby entered the helicopter.

Accompanied by another visitor in addition to Colby, Vickie began to recount her experience in the Piney Woods. Vickie and the other unnamed witness both claimed that the pilot said he had been in the air the night of the traumatic sighting. He was sent to check on a UFO that was in trouble near Huffman! Vickie began to discuss her injuries due to the burns and radiation poisoning. Upon hearing her confession, the pilot quickly clammed up, and moved them out of the craft. The pilot was later found by the UFO group VISIT. He would only admit that he knew of the Cash/Landrum case, but refused to admit that he had been in the area the night of the sighting.

In 1981 I represented three People in a lawsuit against the United States Government for injuries that resulted from their contact with an unusual aerial object. Betty Cash, Vicky Landrum and Colby Landrum are the only three people to ever sue our government for injuries from a UFO. On the eighteenth anniversary of her encounter, Betty Cash died.

Betty Cash was a warrior and heroine. She fought the US government and, even in defeat, showed a spirit and tenacity that will now be her epitaph. CAUS and I pay tribute to a very brave lady...and a victim of this government's callousness to the rights of the individual. The following is the announcement of her death:
From Peter Gersten, Attorney, 1-3-99

December 30, 1998

Betty Cash, one of three people injured in a UFO close encounter near Huffman, Texas, on December 29, 1980, died on the 18th anniversary of the event, in Birmingham, Alabama. She had been in poor health ever since the encounter. At the time of the event, Mrs. Cash operated her own businesses near Dayton, Texas.

Betty Cash, along with Vickie Landrum and grandson Colby Landrum, encountered a huge UFO accompanied by military helicopters on a dark road in the east Texas Piney Woods. They were exposed to radiation from the object, which caused extreme medical problems such as burns, eye damage, hair loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. Although they and others observed a large number of military helicopters along with the UFO, the U.S. Government refused to acknowledge the event or assist them in any way.

After the encounter, Betty Cash was hospitalized and treated for burns and the other maladies. The extent of the injuries was so great, she was forced to close her businesses and never worked again. Her life became a series of hospital stays, many of them in intensive care. Eventually, she developed cancer, which was successfully treated. In November 1998, Mrs. Cash suffered a stroke. On December 29, during her recovery, an unusual turn of events claimed her life.
Mrs. Cash was a hero in the fight against government UFO cover-ups and brought hope to other victims of UFO incidents. She was devoted to family and friends and never allowed her illness to prevent her from helping others to cope with the trauma of UFO close encounters.

Betty Cash will be missed...but never forgotten.

Peter A. Gersten Director

Betty Cash and Vicki Landrum were interviewed in 1981 at Bergstrom Air Force Base. The UFO Casebook has a transcription of this taped session.
source: http://www.skiesare.demon.co.uk
The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident / by John F. Schuessler

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Thanks goes to Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts and Brian Vike, HBCCUFO Center International for this article.

Location. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Date: July 31 2003 Time: 0100A

The two witnesses, Linda and Pat were playing around on the computer when they decided to go out and do some stargazing. Soon they headed out to an area where they would get a look at the clear night sky without having lights to obscure their view. As they drove along Pat reported that there was quite a bit of traffic for that time of the night, but after they decided to stop just off to the side of the road to see what they might notice, the traffic stopped coming. There was not a light from any vehicles, not anything other than a very dark stretch of road.

Pat grabbed her flashlight and shone it into the sky as she has done this in the past. Her friend Linda was scanning with a pair of binoculars on the other side of the car. A few minutes later they noticed what appeared to be three stars up in the sky that formed into a triangle shape. All three lights at this time were solid white in color. Both ladies watched as the three white l ights started moving, but moving together. Soon the lights began to change color to neon green as the object stopped and hovered just ahead of their car. Pat turned the headlights off and shone her flashlight down the road in front of her car. They were worried about any wild animals such as bears etc.

As she shone the light up the road both of the women spotted something which frightened them a lot. Five sets of eyes were staring at them from approximately 40 feet away from them. As frightened as they were their first thoughts were of coyotes or some other wild animals. But soon they realized that the creatures were roughly four feet tall, with dark gray shoulders, and were coming towards the women. Pat yelled at her friend Linda “get in the car, get in the car”. Pat said they both scrambled to get back into the vehicle but she said it was like moving through quicksand and it felt horrible. It felt as if everything was slowing down around them.

Once they were both back in the car, Pat tried to turn the ignition on so she could get the power windows up. But all the electricity in the car was failing. The dome light and headlights were going off and on, on their own. Finally the car started and they sped off towards home and as they traveled along the road they again noticed a fair bit of traffic coming in their direction. (They thought it was strange that there had been no traffic around when all was happening).

As they drove along the road both ladies felt their whole body tingling just like they had been zapped by a charge from a battery. At this point they both noticed a time discrepancy in their vehicle clock. It appears that they could not account for 25 minutes of their time. As they neared home and turned onto Baker Street all of the sudden they saw this bright glowing neon green sphere low in the sky. The object started moving to the right, moving in quick hesitant bursts of speed, and th en it started to move away until the ladies car came to a halt, and so did the object.

Before they knew it, the sphere of green light began heading towards them at a high rate of speed and hovered high above the car. The driver sped off quickly and drove into an orchard, which was very close by. They thought it was a good place to hide from the object. But only after a very short time after arriving at the orchard they now saw three glowing spheres of green light hovering in the sky forming what appeared to be a triangle. After a short period of time each of the green lights moved away in different directions.

In the morning Pat discovered a large bruise on her left breast and another on the bottom of her foot. Both were extremely painful. Linda also suffered from an unexpected nosebleed. Also bruises resembling finger marks were found on Linda’s thigh. Linda also suffered from terrible pain on her lower back. Curiously the doctor told Linda that it appeared that she had suffered f rom a radiation burn on her back.

HC addendum
Source: Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research British Columbia

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Large UFO Lifts Witness Off Home Deck
Compiled by Brent Raynes

Note: The following very intriguing report recently appeared on the website of Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research. Website: http://www.hbccufo.org

Well thank you Brent and Brian for this interesting report!

Mr. Vike only used the first names of these witnesses. The case is under further investigation. It reads as follows:

Hello Brian, I thought you might be interested in this UFO report I filed to MUFON in December of 2004. I can’t explain why but Anne and I want to finally share our experience with others. Since this sighting strange things have been happening in the house. For instance, the microwave oven would start beeping at random. We’re on our third oven.

A shelf fell off the wall in the kitchen, which I know doesn’t sound that strange but it’s the type that the fingers on the side brackets have to be tapped down in the rails. I installed it and remember I had to tap the brackets down with a little force. For the brackets to fall off you would have to tap up on them.

Strange sounds would come from the TV and radio. Anne would see pot covers fly off the shelf and land several feet away.

Many other things happened but I can’t get into them right now. Plus it would usually happen in the day and I work full time. Anne would tell me when I got home. Anne also had regressive hypnosis and her account was the same. I tried the hypnosis but I wasn’t receptive to it.

One other thing did happen that I remembered a few days later. When Anne was on the floor I remembered giving her CPR. After I got her off the floor and onto the couch I looked into the kitchen and saw what looked like snow or fine pellets of Styrofoam pouring in through the sliding door (I guess I didn’t shut it all the way). After icing my hand for awhile I told Anne I’m going in the garage to get the shop vac to clean up the mess. When I looked again all the white stuff was gone and the small carpet in the kitchen was dry. Also the white light outside looked like it flowed like a liquid, wrapping itself around everything. Did not notice any shadows.

By the way, this happened in Billerica, Massachusetts. I know it sounds incredible but this really happened.

Below: The Actual Sighting Report which was filed to MUFON:
(Recount of a UFO sighting experienced by Robert and Anne)
At approximately 7:10 on Sunday night (12/12/04)

I was in my kitchen preparing dinner. My friend Anne was in the living room working on a crossword puzzle. I have a sliding glass door which leads to a deck off of the kitchen. Anne and I just got home so the curtain was not drawn yet. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw a huge ball of brilliant white light coming towards the house from the west. It was above treetop level, but not by much. In my mind I compared the size to be like looking at a full moon on a clear night, maybe bigger, and as it neared it got bigger and bigger. I called to Anne to take a look. She was surprised as I was. We went out onto the deck to get a better look because of the glare from internal lights on the glass door. It stopped above the house and was absolutely huge, 2 maybe 3 football fields. The white light engulfed everything. One thing I noticed was that the light did not hurt our eyes. It hovered a few minutes with absolutely no noise.

Then all of a sudden a pale blue light came out of the bottom of this thing. The thing that was odd about the blue light is that it formed a perfect square on the deck. The size was big enough to fully engulf Anne. All of a sudden, Anne started to lift up off the deck. I immediately opened the sliding door with my left hand, jumped up and wrapped my right (arm?) around Anne’s waist. With a hooking motion I threw Anne into the kitchen, then ran in and shut the door. When I looked back the light was gone. Anne was out cold for about a minute. When she came to she said all she remembered seeing (was) the blue light and hearing me say that the blue light was square. That’s when she must of blacked out.

Shortly after Anne awoke the phone rang. I was so shook up I couldn’t answer it so Anne did. The call was from my sister. She was in her car with her husband about 4 or 5 miles southeast of us. She told Anne she saw a ball of white light with a trailing blue tail. At first she thought it was a meteorite but ruled that out because it was so low and moving parallel with the ground. Soon after the call (which, by the way, according to my caller ID the time was 7:21) I noticed my right hand was burning and there were a couple of blisters below my middle finger. For some reason that I can’t explain I knew the blisters would be gone in the morning, which they did, so I had Anne take a picture of my hand with my digital camera. I wish I had the camera with me on the deck but everything happened too fast. Anne and I are still shook up about all this but are willing to meet and answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely: Robert and Anne

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