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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Thanks to Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts for this report.

Location. General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina
Date: March 3 2006 Time: 2120

A local police officer, Corporal Sergio Pucheta a member of the regional unit from the Abigeato division reported having a bizarre encounter with two short entities with glowing red eyes which “followed him around and gave him orders” telepathically.

He was missing for approximately 20 hours. His last communication was via cellphone when he reported a “strange situation”, but his communication was suddenly interrupted. Backup arrived about 10 minutes later, finding only his motorcycle, his personal weapon, helmet, and other personal items belonging to Pucheta.

Later after an extensive search of the area he was found the next day at 1630 lying on a road in a fetal position between the towns of Trili and Quemu Quemu, at about 20km from his original location. He was found by a local farmer who commented that Pucheta seemed to be in a state of ‘nervous shock”. He was immediately transported to the Centeno Regional Hospital where a Doctor Covella attended to him. He was given numerous analyses and examinations, in which his physical state was found to be normal and hydrated. According to Covella, Pucheta appeared to be sleepy, and only wanted to sleep.

Immediately after being found Pucheta reported that he had been approached by 2 small men with glowing red eyes which apparently communicated by using telepathy and gave him orders, he attempted to get away from the entities but not could not remember anything after that and did not know how he ended up where he was found.

It was noted that Pucheta had patrolled the area regularly and had previously reported seeing anomalous lights which he had attempted to film. The officer is now under psychiatric care, he is suffering from headaches and his hands itch.

Additional details indicate that Pucheta had been dri ving his Honda 125 cc when he reached an area of wilderness called, “Las Cañas” there he saw a red light similar to that of a car, however upon reaching the site the light vanished. He got off his motorcycle to explore the area and when he was getting ready to go back on his motorcycle a very strong red light appeared in front of him. He felt mesmerized by the light and could only move his hands. The light then rose into the air and caused him “considerable headache and eye pain” a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields, without recalling ever having dismantled his service pistol or the police Walkie-talkie which were subsequently found at the site with other belongings, such as a cell phone which lost all of its stored phone numbers, except for the last call Pucheta made to his fellow officers, calling for help.

He was then pursued in the fields by the two entities that seemed to levitate and were additionally described as being smaller than him, somewhat transparent, with large heads and clear very red eyes. He explained that the entities appeared to be “utilizing his mind and performing tests”. He reached a cornfield and there saw a large figure that appeared to be chewing the corn cobs and was breaking something. He felt very scared and stood there gazing at it. It was getting closer and closer and that’s when he heard the two small entities tell him, “either you go forward or backward”. He then walked right past the figure, and the fear sort of left him at that moment. When asked if the figure could have been that of an animal, he said, no, because, “It was taller than me and much larger”.

Some two weeks ago, a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn’t budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up.

HC addendum
Source: Raul Oscar Chaves “Ciufoslapampa” and Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)


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