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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


By Kalani Hanohano

Date of Event: Sunday, September 9, 2007
Time: 1:45 pm to 6:00 pm
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

We are two American ex-pats currently living on the island of Tenerife, one of 7 beautiful islands located 250 nautical miles off the coast of Morocco, North Africa. Our home is part of a private residential area located at the southern edge of the old city of San Cristobal de La Laguna. La Laguna was founded in 1496 and is today declared a World Heritage Site, a designation given by UNESCO in 1999. It is protected by all the laws governing that honor. La Laguna is located high in the mountains overlooking the sprawling capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Our home overlooks a portion of this huge city.

To our west, not more than a mile and a half distant, is the eastern air approach to the airfield at Los Rodeos Airport. On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747s, one KLM, the other a Pan American, collided on the airfield killing 583 passengers. This stands as the worst single airline accident in aviation history.

Today most passenger air traffic arrives to Tenerife using Sophia Reina Airport, located to the south of the island, nearer to the ever-expanding tourist resorts that dot the south. However, some passenger and cargo crafts continue to use the northern airport of Los Rodeos. Incoming planes that land using the eastern approach to the airport fly almost directly over our home.

Our UFO sighting of September 9, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007, we woke up late and eased into the noon hour. At about 12:45 pm I went outside to do trimming work in our back yard. The afternoon was very warm, totally clear and devoid of clouds. There was a very soft breeze coming in from the east.

At approximately 1:40 pm I asked my wife if she could bring me a cold glass of water and some cookies. This she did and I sat in the shade on the back porch to rest.
While sitting there I began to feel restless and gazed at the sky. I immediately saw to the east of me, perhaps no more than a half a mile away, a silvery object floating over the freeway that links La Laguna to Santa Cruz. I watched this object for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out what it was. This object was moving slowly as it described a very large circle over the area east of where we reside. When the object reached the point where I first observed it, it continued to describe another circle following its previous path. I could see that there were no strong winds that could carry an object into the sky, and with that knowledge, I went into the house and grabbed my binoculars.

When I returned to the back porch the object was still circling the neighborhood east of me. I trained my binoculars on the object and immediately could see that this object was silver in color, it reflected the intense sunlight, and looked like it was a blanket of some sort twisting and folding into itself.

At that moment I remember thinking, "Okay, this is pretty strange. What´s keeping this object in the air. There´s no wind. It shouldn´t be maintaining the same altitude. It should vary."

So, for about 5 minutes I watch this silvery looking blanket twisting object circle the sky. And I watched as this "blanket" folded in upon itself. As I continued to watch, with and without my binoculars, I observed a very bright oblong-shaped light arriving from the southeast. This light intersects the "blanket" object and continues to head northwest toward the city of La Laguna.

I immediately uttered the most well known and time-honored epitheth on our planet: "What the _______ ."

I could see that something very strange was occurring and turned to enter the house to get our video camera. As I did so, facing north, I glanced toward the sky over the mountainous area that backdrops the northern edge of the city of La Laguna. What I saw was impossible.

My attention was focused on the clear sky over the mountains. The reason I focused there was because I saw a rectangular portion of the sky assume a different quality from its surroundings. What formed in the sky was a rectangular area, a window if you will, The difference between the ambient-environment and this "window" was that the area inside of this rectangle "rippled". I could discern very clearly the border area of this rectangle because the visual quality of the "rippling" was so distinct from the stillness of the area surrounding this rectangle.

As I watched this rectangular area, from the west came 2 bright lights, oblong in shape, and they entered into this rectangle at a ferocious speed . . . one after the other. As they entered into this rectangular area, these two objects created a sine wave-shaped trail. The same kind of sine wave one would instantly recognize on a waveform monitor.

As soon as this "waveform" was created, it dissipated. The rectangular area also ceased to express itself and the area over the mountains returned to normal. This entire event lasted no more than 5 seconds at most.

This was serious, I thought. My wife could tell from my frantic behavior that something was up and asked me what was happening. I told her that I was seeing some strange objects from the back and to follow me outside. This she did, and almost immediately we began to see the phenomenon that would occupy us for the next 3-1/2 hours.

From an elevated area at the north side of our house, but still part of the back yard, we observed an oblong-shaped light appear in the sky near the western edge of Santa Cruz. This light traveled in a straight line almost directly over our home. It was silent, traveled smoothly and was using the approach to Los Rodeos Airport.
For the next 15 to 20 minutes we observed these lights appearing out of the blue, heading west toward the Airport. These lights would appear every 30 seconds or so, one after the other. Their external oblong-shape never changed.

Shocked that we were witnessing an ongoing parade of anomalous objects, we moved to the front yard, in a position to watch these objects arriving and heading west.
We need to emphasize that these transiting objects were no more than 500-700 feet over us at all times. They never varied from this. We can approximate their height based upon visually watching passenger aircraft flying over our home as they prepared to land at Los Rodeos Airport. The direction that they were taking took them parallel to the landing field at that airport. In a few cases that we witnessed, these objects seem to have taken the corridor that would place them exactly over the landing field. The airport tower personnel had to be seeing these objects. It was impossible to miss.

Now, there were about a dozen other objects that we counted that came in from a southerly and northerly direction. They would all intersect with the objects heading due west and changed their course to a westerly one.

We observed these objects appearing from the east and heading west for about 2-1/2 hours. During this long period we observed each object visually by eye and with the aid of two binoculars. There was a very BIG difference between what we were seeing with our eyes, and what we were offered through the binoculars. We will expand on this momentarily.

Now comes a part that is difficult to disclose because it is so unacceptable to many. We decided to verbally and mentally ask these objects to stop and hover so that we could observe them better. Most of the objects ignored this request. But 5 of these objects did respond. Four of these objects stopped over the airport area, reversed their direction and headed directly to our home. They stopped and hovered a few blocks from our home. The fifth object directly over our home, in fact directly over my wife who was then asking them to do exactly that. I could see the object directly over her at about 500 feet. An oblong-shaped light. Silent. Obliging.
It remained in this position for a few minutes while my wife was almost bent backward with her binoculars observing this mysterious thing. She continuously dialogued with me about what she was observing. There was so much going on that I chose to direct my attention to another group of objects heading west. We didn´t want to miss anything.

At about 2 hours and 45 minutes into the sighting we sensed that things were slowing down. Since all things must end, we figured this was the case. We were wrong.
At about 5 p.m., as I watched the few remaining objects coming in from the east, I began to notice from the periphery of my vision objects heading in the reverse direction, west to east, as if they had completed what they had intended to do and were heading home. I was witnessing the beginning of a parade going in the opposite direction. Objects behaving just as before.

I mentioned this to my wife, but was beginning to suffer visually from the very bright sun and needed to get into the house to rest. This she did, leaving me to observe the remainder of the sightings.

Observing these returning objects, through binoculars I noticed a very marked difference in some of the objects. Something very unexpected. More on this shortly.
I observed that these returning objects were using a flight path slightly south of our home, which would probably put them over the area near to the pueblo of La Esperanza. This area overlooks the Los Rodeos Airport.

At the same time that I was observing these returning lights, I observed for 45 minutes a very interesting event. And I would not have seen it were it not for a large palm tree that grows in our front yard.

During the entire 4 hour event the sky remained clear, cloudless and blue. A soft breeze insinuated itself into our area. Since I dislike intense sunlight I sought the comfort of the shadow cast by the palm tree. As I did so the glare of the sun was obscured. I took this moment to relax my eyes and casually looked at the upper portion of the tree trunk. To my surprise I could see 5 glowing objects with the same oblong-shape, maneuvering in the glare of the sun. These movements showed neither rhyme nor reason. I would never have seen this event had it not been for the partial obscuring of the sun. No one else would be able to see them under normal conditions. It seemed to me that they were using the strong glare to hide themselves. But why hide themselves when they had just offered us 3 plus hours of strangeness. Talk about an embarrassment of richness.

Finally, after a little over 4 hours, the last objects were seen heading east. Those objects using the suns glare were also gone.

In the remaining moments of activity, I mentally asked the most obvious question: "What was all of this about. And why such a long sighting."

What we observed through binoculars

When we watched these objects visually using our eyes, they appeared oblong and self-luminescent. A soft white light, not brilliant, and at no time did this luminescence vary in intensity. These objects appeared to slide through the sky effortlessly as if they were immune to resistance. There was never any sound. As for its speed, all we can say is faster than a landing passenger craft, but slower than a jet fighter.
But when we trained our binoculars on these lights we were stunned at what we saw. There were 5 different shapes that we observed during this 4-hour event:
1. Wedge-shaped
2. Stubby-bullet shaped
3. Elongated bullet shaped
4. Curved hot dog shaped
5. Dice shaped (cube)

The "wedge-shaped" object appeared periodically. It flew with the pointed end ahead. It appeared blue-grey in color.

The remaining objects were far different . . . and they morphed.

The "stubby-bullet shaped" objects tumbled as they flew. As they tumbled, they morphed short stubby fins from the side. We observed these fins developing out of, and returning back into the object as it continued its tumbling.

The "elongated bullet shaped" objects also tumbled as they flew. And like its short, stubby partner, they also morphed what appeared to be fins that appeared and withdrew into the objects.

The "curved hot dog shaped" objects were amazingly strange. I got to observe this morphing miracle as it went over our home (side view) and as it receded (side and back view). As with the others, these objects tumbled as they flew. They were shaped like a curved hot dog with the front end located at a shortly higher position than the back end. As it flew, the back end rose up and curved into its middle section. As it did this, the front portion, unaffected by the rear rising action, sprouted short, stubby . . fins. These fins receded back into the objects when they assumed their normal hot dog shape.

The object that paused directly over my wife at about 500 feet was cube-shaped. It tumbled as it flew, very similar to rolling dice on a table. When the object was hovering over my wife, through binoculars she could see that it was also morphing, sprouting short fins, and other forms that are impossible to describe. But she could see very clearly three "lights" on the bottom of the cube shape. She described red, white and blue lights. When she was describing to me what she was seeing I remember responding to her, "Yeah, red, white and blue lights." Obviously made in America." She wasn´t pleased with my sarcasm.

The reader must remember that we observed these objects for more than 4 hours. We observed 5 basic shapes repeated one after the other, but not necessarily in a particular order. Although we have told a few friends that we saw about 90 objects, the truth is that we simply lost count. Too much was happening.

Morphing objects are a big problem in today´s ufology. This seems to be a relatively new evolution with these objects and we´re simply going to have to accommodate it.
There were two things that bothered us greatly during this sighting and we need to elucidate them.

The first is that when the objects were seen visually with our eyes they appeared as oblong-shaped lights of no great size. But when we trained our binoculars on these objects we could see no glow, no suggestion that any overall illumination was present. What we saw were objects displaying enough definition for us to observe shape, structure and morphing changes. But still lacking in high definition. It seemed as if the objects were housed in a field that guaranteed that the objects would remain fuzzy.

Secondly, while we visually observed oblong-shaped glowing objects, when we trained our binoculars on these lights, we saw chaotic tumbling and morphing activity inside of that glow. And yet, when we removed the binoculars, the objects appeared steady, with no hint of distortion or change. The reason why we find this odd is because in the case of the bullet-shaped and curved hot dog-shaped devices, as they tumbled, their length would have exceeded the height of the oblong-shaped glow. Yet, when we watched this oblong object glide across the sky, no distortion or accommodation to the object inside of it occurred.

One final observation please! When I observed the objects returning, heading west to east, a number of the bullet-shaped objects appeared different. They appeared dirty, as if debris were sticking to them. I observed these silver-grey objects surrounded by a dark brown substance. It was as if these objects had an important duty to perform, and having performed that duty, they returned soiled from the work they had done. I thought about this for many days, trying to figure out a proper way to describe the "debris" that I saw attached to some of these objects.

About a week later it struck me: What I saw attached to some of these objects was very similar to what happens when you bring a magnet in touch with iron filings. If you place that magnet below a piece of paper with iron filings, those filings will stand out and follow the contour of the magnetic field. That is the best possible description of what I observed.


I am an American UFO investigator of long standing. My wife is a singer and entertainer, but also a Spanish-language translator. We have both had a number of UFO sightings ­ together and separately. My sightings took place in Hawaii, Seattle, Denver and now, Tenerife. My wife´s sightings took place in North Dakota, Denver and now, Tenerife.

This means that we are REPEATERS. This admission will not settle well with the more conservative element within ufology. The broad- minded investigator may acknowledge that there is indeed a growing number of such people showing up in the UFO field. The debunkers will . . . well, they´d probably debunk their own mothers.

We understand the problem. Millions have seen strange objects in the sky. Millions more have not. So what makes us so damned special?

We´ve thought about this. Endlessly. We have no answer. We are as confused about this as anyone else could be. But there are two things we should mention about ourselves that may be contributing factors:
1. We look up! We make it a practice to scan the sky when we find a moment.
2. We anticipate. We´ve had numerous sightings. That means we MIGHT have others. Therefore, we anticipate the next event. If there is anything more at work than this, we know nothing about it. We are clueless.

There is one more thing that needs to addressed. The claim that we have made that UFOs have stopped and hovered when we have mentally or verbally requested such action: For many this is difficult stuff to tolerate. Think about how we feel. We asked . . . and they complied. This has happened to me on 4 occasions. It has happened on a few occasions with my wife.

Our concern is that this will be misinterpreted by the overenthusiastic. Those who will say that we are in communication with these . . . things. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me make this as clear as is possible. When the opportunity has presented itself, we have experimented. Simple as that. The question is simple. "Please stop!" On occasion they have. It´s not like we are asking them to dinner, or a game of chess.
Although it is kind of a "rush" to see them stop per our request, closely following is the feeling of "trepidation". Trepidation because we have brought attention to ourselves. Trepidation because we are not interested in going the next step.

Finally, regarding our beloved video camera. I was unable to film these events, much to my anger and chagrin. It was impossible to focus the camera using the LCD screen because the intense sunlight washed the image out. I pointed the camera wildly, but no image showed up. I was so desperate to show the morphing of these objects that I had zoomed the lens instead of going for a wide-angle view. My fault.


We have seen nothing in the local newspapers to suggest that anyone else reported this event. We have called no one in authority at various venues to report this sighting. We have attempted to contact the leading ufologist here, Jose Gregorio Gonzalez, to inquire whether he had heard anything about a sighting in our area. He has chosen not to return our calls or inquiries. We received the same brush-off from the late Francisco Padron Hernandez, otherwise known as Paco Padron. He was the revered dean of anomalies research in the Canaries. He refused to see an American ufologist. His reason. He didn´t want to talk about ufo abductions, which he considered nonsense. We didn´t want to talk about abductions either. We had other reasons to want to speak with him. Surprisingly, in April 2000, he published a book, Luces de Medianoche, which spoke about his . . . abduction. Go figure!

Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Monday, October 08, 2007


Ross County, Ohio
Human Like Figures Appearing On The Top Of Hovering Craft

Date: December 12, 2003 Time: Evening

On December 12, 2003, about an hour before it got dark, I decided to go look for pieces of wood to make Xmas gifts. Along with me was my 12 year old nephew, a girl his age, and my mom's dog. We first went to an abandoned house nearby, about a quarter mile from our home, then to an old graveyard called "Penniston cemetery" on Nipgen road, in Ross County Ohio. As we were leaving the graveyard I noticed a very bright light had appeared hovering over it, and mentioned to my nephew that maybe this was the same star that appeared when Jesus was born (I am not a devout religious person, it was just a joke). As we walked down the road towards the house, we observed that the light was "following" us , moving very slowly, and hovering over a nearby hilltop that runs the length of the road. When we got to our lane, the girl left to go home because it was now dark outside, and I think the light may have frightened her.

Walking towards our home, I noticed that the light had stopped moving along the hill, and was now hovering stationary, directly behind our house. I decided to go investigate it further, having an interest in this subject, and hoping to get a closer look. We went inside first and put on warmer clothes on (there was snow on the ground, and it was very cold outside) and we also grabbed flashlights. When we walked outside, the first thing I noticed was that all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. We had to walk through a wooded area and up the hill to get to the spot where the light was located-which was on top of the hill and over a large open field. Our dog followed us, as it was accustomed to do. When we got to the clearing of the field, we saw that the light was hovering just over the trees on the opposite side of the field-which is rather large. It had gotten much brighter since we first saw it, I would estimate it to be about the size of a full moon.

It was a bright white light, and was not moving at all. I suggested to my nephew that we should signal it with our flashlights, just to see what would happen. So we began blinking our lights off and on, and moving them around in a circular fashion. To our astonishment, the light began to signal back to us, by first blinking, then moving around as we had done with our own lights. Then it did something I was not expecting, it started changing shape. It took many different forms, some that I recall was a pyramid, and a five pointed star. These shapes were made in a grid like pattern, three dimensional, like something you might see at a laser show. Then it returned to its original shape which was round and it began to glow with a purple light. The color of it was that of a black-light, like the fluorescent lights used to make posters glow.

Then, the whole field became enveloped in the same purple colored light. But it did not make our clothes glow, or our skin change colors, as I recall the lights from the 70's doing. We stood looking at this latest development, and I remember telling my nephew that something very strange was about to happen, and I also warned him that if things got out of hand, I wanted him to run home (being quite aware of alien abductions, and not wanting him to get hurt). Well, as I stated, we stood gazing up at the purple globe, when the strangest thing occurred. We noticed human-like figures appearing on the top of it, as if they were coming out of the globe, and were standing on its top.

They began to wave and gesture at us. I estimated about 4-5 of these figures, so the globe had to be bigger than an automobile in size, and was much closer than I had imagined. I had thought that it was very high in the sky-but after seeing the figures, it was obvious that the globe was actually hovering directly over the trees on the other side of the field! As if this wasn't weird enough, we then noticed that one of the figures had detached itself from the globe, and was "floating" down from it, and coming slowly in our direction. We were so intrigued and fascinated by what was happening, that it didn't occur to either of us to leave. But I noticed that the dog had run off into the woods to hide as soon as the entity got closer to us. Soon it was right in front of us, and was standing within arms length from us.

This entity was made of the same purple light as the globe, and it seemed to me to be a hologram of sorts. It had a dimension to it (it wasn't a flat image, like a projection) and appeared solid, although it was made completely of this purple light. It's appearance was odd looking. It was humanoid, but it had no facial features (no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc). It had arms, but I saw no fingers, and it appeared to be wearing a long robe which covered its body completely, except for its head and hands. We attempted to communicate with this strange being, we spoke to it, and my nephew tried to offer it a book he had found earlier in the old house, but it just stood very still and silently before us. We did not feel afraid of it at all, in fact, I felt very calm considering what was happening. I then got an idea,and reached my hand out to it, hoping it would see it as a friendly gesture.

The entity then reached its hand out and put it on mine! I did not feel any pressure on my hand, it was as if it was not even touching me. As I stood there holding my arm and hand out, my attention was broken when I noticed some smaller red lights approach the field and encircle it. These were blinking lights, and there was four of them, one at each side of the field. I noticed one light move from the formation, and go to the purple globe, then it went back to its position. When I looked back at the being in front of us, it had disappeared while I had been watching the red lights . (I later asked my nephew if he noticed what had happened to the being, and he said that it had suddenly floated back up to the globe when the one red light moved over us. I do not remember this happening at all, and can only figure that I lost a few moments of time, a memory lapse once the entity touched me.)

The light which had enveloped the field had now also gone and the globe had lost it's purple glow and was white again, and slowly began to sink down behind the trees, as if it was landing in the woods on the other side. We both began to get this strange feeling, as if there was "something else" in the field with us that we could not see. I felt as if something was watching me from the now darkened area, and we both became very cold. We had not noticed the coldness of the night while everything was happening, but now we were freezing, and scared. So I told my nephew that now would be a good time to run home, and we both ran into the woods, down the hill, and into the house locking the doors. We discussed what had just happened for awhile and I decided that it was best that we didn't tell anyone about it, because no one would believe us, and my sister would probably be very angry at me for allowing him to go into the woods at night to investigate a UFO, let alone finding out that we actually came into contact with its occupant!

The next day we hiked back to the area, looking for evidence of our previous experience, but I didn't see anything unusual. But that night, something strange did happen. I stepped outside to do my business, and I noticed a large, dark figure crouching down in front of the house. I thought it was a person trying to hide, so I reached inside to turn the outside light on. When I did , there was nothing there. I turned the light back off, and there was the same black figure, in the same spot, crouching closer to the ground. It then stood up, and appeared to be some kind of animal, like a panther or something. It suddenly leaped into the air, and landed about 20 feet away, behind a nearby building.

The following night I was sitting in the dark watching TV, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that somebody was sitting beside me on the couch. It was a small figure, about the size of a five year old child (about 3 foot?), but when I turned to look directly at it, nothing was there.

The night after that I was in the kitchen and I saw this face peering in the window at me. It was the face of a grotesque looking woman, and this time I was looking right at it. It vanished as I stood staring at it.

I have never seen anything that resembled a ghost before in my whole life (except once, as a small child which I will tell you about when I write to you about the Mothman figure I encountered in the early 60's) but since my encounter with the entity made of purple light, its as if I have developed a very acute psychic ability, and I am now able to sense if a person's house or an area is haunted, and have actually seen several ghost like images in them. It's as if when the alien touched my hand it gave me some kind of psychic "powers" that I didn't possess before then.

For instance, my other sister had just recently moved into a house in a nearby town called Knockemstiff, and one night I saw an old man's reflection on the front storm door. It looked like the man was standing in an archway behind me. Another time I saw a "ghost dog" in her house, I sat on her couch and watched it walking behind people, wagging its tail, it laid down in front of her furnace, and when I reached my hand out to it, it got up and sniff me, just like any real dog would do. We later learned that her house had once been the site of the local bar, that the town actually got it's name because of this bar's reputation of violence, and that people had died there. A friend of hers was taking a bath one night and was dragged under the water several times before he managed to get out of the tub.

Beside her house is the site of an old covered bridge, where a girl and boy were murdered one night in the 1800's. You can verify this by looking up "Haunted Ohio" on the internet, and then looking under ghost towns where you will find Knockemstiff listed along with its ghost tales. The guy who investigated these stories said he went to find the bar where alot of the stories were centered around, but he couldn't find it because it is now my sister's garage! (Someday soon I'm going to try to contact him and send him photos and such. If he would have just stopped and asked someone who lives there, most of them are aware of this fact.)

Well, Brian, my fingers grow tired so I'll have to save my next story for another day. Oh yeah, one more thing. I was watching a show late at night about UFO's, and they mentioned MUFON on it, so I looked them up on the internet, contacted them and they sent investigators to interview us. They published our story in the MUFON UFO journal the September 2004 number 437 issue. But I didn't care for the way they presented it. At the end of the story, they stated that Vega, Deneb, Altair, and Venus were bright that night, and that "atmospheric conditions" could have made the stars appear to change, and then later contradicted themselves by saying the weather reports agreed with our story that visibility was clear that night, and that the area is in the flight pattern of Wright Patterson AFB. I know we did not see stars that night and that the humanoid we saw was not an air force pilot, unless they are testing something very unusual on civilians (but isn't that always an easy excuse for strange sightings?).

They did state that it did not appear that we were trying to deceive them (why would we even bother making up something that strange?) Hell, I didn't even want to tell anybody about it for quite a long time knowing how skeptical people are, especially since this event doesn't fit everybody's notions of little grays poking at people and they gave it a rating of 4 in terms of strangeness and reliability. (4 in strangeness?? Good lord, how much stranger can a story get????) And I don't even know how serious they are about their investigations anyways, I offered to take them to the sight where it happened and none of them wanted to walk up the hill to the field, and on the cover of the journal is a sketch that looks like a child drew it and states under it "is this drawing of a college's roommate, the face of a hybrid?" I don't know, it just made me wonder if these guys took any of this serious, or was it nothing more than a "weekly world news" investigation?

It did make me glad I didn't tell them about what happened after the incident, they would have dismissed the whole story as fake! I hope that you can look at this with an open mind. There are things going on in this world that just cant be categorized from what I've learned after moving to Ohio a few years ago, there are alot of very strange goings on in this state. Bigfoot sightings, crop circles, reptile-like humans, countless UFO sightings, phantom lions (just last year), emus causing car wrecks, ghosts, its a crazy area as far as strange phenomenon goes. All you got to do is get on your computer and checked this stuff out. I'm not making it up!

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007


by Brent Raynes
Alternate Perceptions Magazine

“That was what we called him,” Mark Boring, editor of the Monroe County Buzz of Madisonville, Tennessee, replied in regards to the mention of the “birdman” stories I had heard about from his area. He said that he had been “fairly skeptical” of it back then. He remembered how at the time a local radio station had mentioned it, made fun of it, and thinks the local paper might have run one story on it. “The Appalachian mountains to our east run northeast and southwest and you get into a valley here as you come out of the Smoky Mountains. In the valley here are north and south ridges. Coming out of the mountains they will run maybe 5 or 10 miles apart, and you’ll travel east and west and you’ll have another ridge line. One of the ridge lines is known as the Hiwassee Knob. That’s an old Indian word. It has an old fire tower on it that was built years and years ago. A lot of kids, back in the late 1960s and 70s, used to gather out near this old fire tower and build bonfires. It was a place just to go and hang out.

“As I remember, the first time there were maybe 10 or 12 kids who reported after one weekend that there was a bird-like creature in the knobs, and so, they didn’t say a whole lot more about it, but then it got my interest and that of a couple of my buddies, and so we started going to the bonfires and traveling around, and then one day a buddy of mine and I were driving in the knob area and actually caught a glimpse of something, you know, a huge bird that was actually too big to be a regular bird. It’s wings were outstretched, and it was soaring into the woods.

“Then some other people spotted it on the ground and chased it, reported that it ran like a man. These were buddies that I went to school with, and then I saw it again actually flying over the knob. There were several more sightings, and another buddy of mine actually took a picture of it on top of the town water tower, but he has since disappeared somewhere in the wilds of Utah and I guess taken the picture with him.

“There was a mother and some children that saw it, and of course it terrified them. It was along about maybe 1964 or 1965, until maybe 1971, 1972 or so. I left and went to work in New Orleans in 1970 and some of them that I communicated with told me that they saw it, and I came back and went to work in Chattanooga in 1972 or ’73, and there were a few more sightings, but by 1975 nobody was talking about it anymore. Nobody saw the ‘birdman’ anymore. So maybe for a ten year span you would see maybe two or three sightings a year.”

I asked about a story that I had heard about someone shooting the creature with an arrow. Mark replied: “Yes, and there was a guy who shot at it with a pistol too. One of the guys actually claimed to have shot part of the foot off of the ‘birdman’ with a bow. Either a piece of a toe or foot. He claimed that the Smithsonian came down and asked to take it and investigate, and he never heard from them again. Or so he claimed. You know, a lot of this is kind of metamorphosized into legend, you might say, or into the realm of a tall tale. Some of it we have told time and time again and so it’s kind of taken on an aura of a tall tale is all. My boys now just laugh at me now when I talk about it, so I’ve further enlarged the story from time to time with them, but not too many people believe that this ‘birdman’ happened. Some do. The lady who is next door to us, to my office, has a restaurant and so when we mentioned the ‘birdman’ in the paper she came over one day and said, ‘I remember that. I had forgotten all about that.’ You know, we’re looking back at 30 years or so.”

I asked Mark how big it generally appeared to be. He said, “A lot of people, and me, ah six or seven feet. It was as tall as a man. Like a tall man. I know some of the people said he was at least seven feet. I don’t know. It could have been. You don’t really get a chance to stand there and measure the ‘birdman.’ You see it and it just looks like a huge creature.”

I remarked that it must have had a real wide wingspan, and Mark responded, “Yeah, I would say 6 or 7 feet.”

At the conclusion of our interview I mentioned about the Mothman of West Virginia and how that was back in 1966 and on, and he paused and stated, “Oh, it was wasn’t it. That’s right. (laughed). I don’t know. It’s a strange world. I guess the older I get the more accepting I am of things and the more open I am for certain things to be real or not.”

The Lights

I asked Mark about the mysterious “lights” I had heard about that were seen around the Knobs, similar to the Brown Mountain “lights” of North Carolina. “I never did see any of the lights. I know that I heard about them. There’s another line of Knobs maybe 8 or 10 miles away to the east called the Notchey Creek Knobs that have more life and activity than the Hiwassee Knobs.”

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Location. Not given
Date: March 12 2007 Time: 1243A

The witness had just finished working out in his den when he heard a noise coming from his backyard, which startled him "to the bone". He has two Chow dogs and not for a second he thought it was them. The noise sounded like a pig when it squeals and a barking dog when it's hurt and the spooky sound of a hyena. This lasted for more than 30 seconds after his workout. Trembling and shaking he grabbed a barbell, opened the backdoor to his den very slowly as the eerie sound persisted. At first he saw his dogs running in circles, looking in an upright like position, as if something was flying over real low. He saw nothing, but just before he could close the door, a huge-looking creature flew right over his dogs about four feet hitting his fence with its legs or something really hard, making a sound of something extremely heavy being thrown against it. The witness described the bizarre creature as having "a silly ridiculous looking body" and small wings for the size of its body. The head resembled that of a horse or a mule. It hardly flapped its so-called wings and was way up in the air in no time. The witness woke up his wife who did not see the creature but heard the eerie sound.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales, April 2007

Comments: Modern day Jersey Devil? I would like to know the location of this incident.

Location. Near Buulo Burde, Somalia
Date: March 21 2007 Time: unknown

A mysterious device looking like a satellite or a UFO has been spotted near Buulo Burde town in southern Somalia. Villagers report that the device fell five days ago in an area which lies forty kilometers north of Buulo Burde. The device is occupying an area of one hundred meters square as villagers who spotted this device confirmed to Shabelle Radio. "In the evening of last Wednesday, a large device flew over our heads and moments later, we heard a loud sound, BAM" said Ilyas Ali, a villager who lives nearby where this large device has fallen. Ilyas spoke of the device, saying that in the daylight it glitters and at nighttime it turns lights and "speaks in a strange language which cannot be understood by the villagers." The impact of the unidentified device killed a camel which was grazing nearby. Because of the remoteness of the area it fell, news of the device is emerging gradually now despite the fact that fell five days ago.

HC addendum
Source: Shabelle Media Network Somalia

Comments: Awaiting further information on this interesting story.

Solar Telescope Falls From Sky, Lands On Texas Farm

Barbara Nefstead snapped a photo of what the National Center for Atmospheric Research said is a solar telescope.

"I didn't think it was very likely (for it to land on property)"," Nefstead said. "We went outside and saw what had come down outside."

"It's a once in a lifetime thing," Scott Nefstead said.

Recently, scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research facility launched the space equipment as a test flight, according to the report.

Officials said the equipment stays in the lower atmosphere and is designed to drop to earth after gathering weather related data.

The space equipment did not hit anything when it landed on the farm.

Scientists said they plan to get the telescope this week.

From God Like Productions forum

Location. Galveston, Texas
Date: March 21 2007 Time: 0300A

Mr. Harry White was awakened by noises coming from outside his opened window, he sat up in bed, and he was very alert since his cat had been keeping him awake all night. He could see most of his yard which he scanned (he possesses exceptional night vision) suddenly his eyes landed on an "object" that seemed out of place and moved with blinding speed behind a small metal building. It had been totally dark in his room but this figure that was light colored and perhaps 3ft tall, seemed to know that the witness noticed it. Perhaps 5 minutes later the proximity lights came on and he heard noises on the roof. His room is located next to an attic over the garage. He then heard what he could only describe as breathing for about 5-10 minutes and when he put his ear to the wall something was scraped down the wall. Strangely he was not afraid at the time but gets really scared when he thinks about it now. In the morning he searched the backyard with his Mag-light which immediately went dead. He further described the figure as having a head and torso and being the size of a small child. He states that he had never seen anything move with the speed that he witnessed that night. He has trouble recalling the sequence of events and thinks that he could not account for as much as an hour between the time he heard the scratching noise on the wall and actually walking outside to investigate.

HC addendum
Source: direct from Harry White whitewood41@yahoo.com

Location. Covilha, Cova da Beira, Portugal
Date: March 26 2007 Time: 0300A

A municipal waste department worker was out on his rounds collecting garbage in an industrial area and was approaching a container when he noticed a strange dark human like figure with a strange head walking near the container. The figure seemed to be about 1.50m in height and thin. It seemed to notice the witness which by now was standing still observing the strange figure, and suddenly ran off at incredible speed, covering a distance of 10 meters in 2 seconds. It disappeared into a darkened nearby field. The witness did not investigate.

HC addendum
Source: A.P.O. Portugal Forums

Location. Tennessee, exact location not given
Date: March 29 2007 Time: 0100A

The witness was awakened by a light coming into his bedroom window. He stepped out his back door to see what could have possibly been making the light and a blinding whitish green light came towards him. He has a vague memory beyond that that point but woke up naked in some woods next to his house. When he got back inside his house it was 0600A. He had lost 6 hours and had no recollection of what had happened. He experienced severe rectal bleeding after the incident and feels very nauseated. He feels attracted to circular objects and finds himself repeating the word "obtuse" over and over again, without noticing and even in his sleep. A couple of days later he began to remember the ordeal. He recalled being drawn to the light and stepping forward. It seems that he fell into a trance and was pulled into this blinding light and he remembers entering a large room with many beings inside. They were all staring at him and making strange sounds that sounded like humans moaning during an orgasm. They placed him in a container which quickly filled with a green liquid, however somehow he was still able to breathe, even when fully submerged. The beings resembled little elves with human-like features but little bodies. Their eyes looked like about the size of an orange.

HC addendum
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Location. Near Superga, Turin, Italy
Date: March 31 2007 Time: 2030
A man and his young daughter were traveling to Turin when they spotted what appeared to be an 80cm tall luminous whitish humanoid with large black eyes standing on a nearby hill. The man stopped his vehicle and aimed the headlights at the being that appeared to be more scared than they were and scurried behind a nearby tree no more than 5meters from the witness's vehicle. The man thought of driving away but curious aimed the headlights at the tree and attempted to approach the strange being. However as he did the being emitted a terrifying howling sound, which the witness could not identify as either human or animal. It was a terrifying sound that he has never heard before. Now thoroughly spooked he got into his vehicle and drove away with his daughter without looking back.

HC addendum
Source: UFOLOGIA.NET, Italy

Thanks once again to Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts

Monday, October 01, 2007


Location. Miami Lakes, Florida
Date: January 1 2007 Time: 1630

On a clear and beautiful sunny day while outside barbecuing the witnesses looked up to see a round black object with a silvery lining floating above their house. It floated for about 10-15 minutes and then slowly went up into the clouds and disappeared. Five minutes later another object appeared, this one was first round and silver, but suddenly changed into a tube shape, gold in color, it then went back to being round and silver with four round spinning objects around its circumference. The object kept changing back and forth and sat there for about 10 minutes. Neither one of the objects ever made a sound. Suddenly several military jets began going over the house and the object floated up and disappeared in plain sight. Soon after that the witnesses spotted a black object dropping straight down from the sky into a field across the street. It came down really fast and sort of resembled the figure of a man parachuting, but without an actual parachute. It looked like a tall black figure with two legs, but the upper body was indistinct. The witness then apparently lost sight of the figure. Military jets continued to fly around for about half an hour and then left.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC

Location. Fairlee, Vermont
Date: January 3 2007 Time: midnight

The witness reported seeing a long wing-shaped craft in the sky with two lights on each side. As soon as he looked up it began to fly "backwards" and then flew in his direction. Five minutes later it had arrived at the witness's location and it was now low enough for the witness to see the wingspan but he could not detect any aircraft outline. It emitted a strange sound resembling a very low one-propeller airplane. It then briefly hovered near the witness and then took off in the opposite direction going over the mountains. His normally active dogs failed to react to the object. That same night as the witness was getting ready to take out the dogs he saw the figure of a man on the porch and as soon as he opened the door the figure left quickly, silently, the witness only heard the brush rustling in the field.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC

Location. New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: 2nd week of January 2007 Time: 2130

The witness, a defense contractor, had stepped outside his work place to smoke a cigarette when he started to get a beeping sensation in his ear. His first thought was that he was listening to a forklift and he tried to ignore it. Right after that an overwhelming fear came over him and he started looking around. He looked up and saw a gray being hovering about 20feet in the air. The being was wearing a dark cloak, almost like a long trench coat. He couldn't see its body but could see its head. The rest of it was just this cloak floating up in the air. The witness began to panic since he didn't know what to do. His first feeling was that "he couldn't run or hide". Suddenly the strange humanoid floated up and disappeared. He described the being as about 4 to 4.5 feet tall; wearing what resembled a dark monk's cloak. Its head was clearly bigger that the rest of it. It had large black almond shaped eyes, kind of slanted, he didn't see a nose and it had a slit for a mouth. Before the creature departed the witness heard this telepathic message in his mind, "We can find you whenever we want to."

HC addendum
Source: http://www.earthfiles.com/news
Comments: The witness had been apparently involved in other encounters.

Location. Reno, Nevada
Date: February 17 2007 Time: 2123

The witness was in the car with his girlfriend as she was driving them to her house. When they were about 30ft from the house, they drove right by what appeared to be a brilliant white light in the shape of a human form. The witness who was casually looking out the window saw it immediately and looked back to at it but it disappeared in seconds. He adds that he is sure that whatever they had seen followed them to the house. During the 10 minutes he was there he had a sort of gripping and chilling fear running through his body. After he left and was about 5 miles away from the scene the fear left him and he returned to normal.

HC addendum
Source: Worldwide Paranormal Reporting Center (WWPRC)
Comments: Apparitional entity?

Location. Kannapolis, North Carolina
Date: January 20 2007 Time: 2031

The witnesses spotted two rectangular-shaped objects that had a reddish light resembling a spotlight. The objects were totally silent and flew at about 200m in the air. While the witnesses watched seven more similar objects appeared and seconds later they saw a human-like figure wearing what appeared to be a long black coat hovering near the objects.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC

Location. Blacktown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date: January 27 2007 Time: 2054

At around 2200, Tyson and his brother Brett were traveling near the M7 motorway network connecting to Blacktown, a suburb of Sydney. As they looked skyward, they saw an object that was white/blue and star like hovering above the motorway. After stopping to observe it for some 10 seconds of hovering, this object then "shot off straight upwards and disappeared." On the above date the brothers were playing football in their back yard when the ball went over the back fence. This is in the vicinity of the first sighting. Having scaled the fence to look for it amongst the gardens of their neighbor's hen house Brett was alarmed by the sight of a strange, small figure standing by the chicken house doors. He described his exit as instantaneous, leaping the fence back home and racing inside. Brett had enough of a look to describe a small creature with large almond like eyes. Brett noted that his watch had stopped at 2054.

HC addendum
Source: Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

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