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Monday, October 08, 2007


Ross County, Ohio
Human Like Figures Appearing On The Top Of Hovering Craft

Date: December 12, 2003 Time: Evening

On December 12, 2003, about an hour before it got dark, I decided to go look for pieces of wood to make Xmas gifts. Along with me was my 12 year old nephew, a girl his age, and my mom's dog. We first went to an abandoned house nearby, about a quarter mile from our home, then to an old graveyard called "Penniston cemetery" on Nipgen road, in Ross County Ohio. As we were leaving the graveyard I noticed a very bright light had appeared hovering over it, and mentioned to my nephew that maybe this was the same star that appeared when Jesus was born (I am not a devout religious person, it was just a joke). As we walked down the road towards the house, we observed that the light was "following" us , moving very slowly, and hovering over a nearby hilltop that runs the length of the road. When we got to our lane, the girl left to go home because it was now dark outside, and I think the light may have frightened her.

Walking towards our home, I noticed that the light had stopped moving along the hill, and was now hovering stationary, directly behind our house. I decided to go investigate it further, having an interest in this subject, and hoping to get a closer look. We went inside first and put on warmer clothes on (there was snow on the ground, and it was very cold outside) and we also grabbed flashlights. When we walked outside, the first thing I noticed was that all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. We had to walk through a wooded area and up the hill to get to the spot where the light was located-which was on top of the hill and over a large open field. Our dog followed us, as it was accustomed to do. When we got to the clearing of the field, we saw that the light was hovering just over the trees on the opposite side of the field-which is rather large. It had gotten much brighter since we first saw it, I would estimate it to be about the size of a full moon.

It was a bright white light, and was not moving at all. I suggested to my nephew that we should signal it with our flashlights, just to see what would happen. So we began blinking our lights off and on, and moving them around in a circular fashion. To our astonishment, the light began to signal back to us, by first blinking, then moving around as we had done with our own lights. Then it did something I was not expecting, it started changing shape. It took many different forms, some that I recall was a pyramid, and a five pointed star. These shapes were made in a grid like pattern, three dimensional, like something you might see at a laser show. Then it returned to its original shape which was round and it began to glow with a purple light. The color of it was that of a black-light, like the fluorescent lights used to make posters glow.

Then, the whole field became enveloped in the same purple colored light. But it did not make our clothes glow, or our skin change colors, as I recall the lights from the 70's doing. We stood looking at this latest development, and I remember telling my nephew that something very strange was about to happen, and I also warned him that if things got out of hand, I wanted him to run home (being quite aware of alien abductions, and not wanting him to get hurt). Well, as I stated, we stood gazing up at the purple globe, when the strangest thing occurred. We noticed human-like figures appearing on the top of it, as if they were coming out of the globe, and were standing on its top.

They began to wave and gesture at us. I estimated about 4-5 of these figures, so the globe had to be bigger than an automobile in size, and was much closer than I had imagined. I had thought that it was very high in the sky-but after seeing the figures, it was obvious that the globe was actually hovering directly over the trees on the other side of the field! As if this wasn't weird enough, we then noticed that one of the figures had detached itself from the globe, and was "floating" down from it, and coming slowly in our direction. We were so intrigued and fascinated by what was happening, that it didn't occur to either of us to leave. But I noticed that the dog had run off into the woods to hide as soon as the entity got closer to us. Soon it was right in front of us, and was standing within arms length from us.

This entity was made of the same purple light as the globe, and it seemed to me to be a hologram of sorts. It had a dimension to it (it wasn't a flat image, like a projection) and appeared solid, although it was made completely of this purple light. It's appearance was odd looking. It was humanoid, but it had no facial features (no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc). It had arms, but I saw no fingers, and it appeared to be wearing a long robe which covered its body completely, except for its head and hands. We attempted to communicate with this strange being, we spoke to it, and my nephew tried to offer it a book he had found earlier in the old house, but it just stood very still and silently before us. We did not feel afraid of it at all, in fact, I felt very calm considering what was happening. I then got an idea,and reached my hand out to it, hoping it would see it as a friendly gesture.

The entity then reached its hand out and put it on mine! I did not feel any pressure on my hand, it was as if it was not even touching me. As I stood there holding my arm and hand out, my attention was broken when I noticed some smaller red lights approach the field and encircle it. These were blinking lights, and there was four of them, one at each side of the field. I noticed one light move from the formation, and go to the purple globe, then it went back to its position. When I looked back at the being in front of us, it had disappeared while I had been watching the red lights . (I later asked my nephew if he noticed what had happened to the being, and he said that it had suddenly floated back up to the globe when the one red light moved over us. I do not remember this happening at all, and can only figure that I lost a few moments of time, a memory lapse once the entity touched me.)

The light which had enveloped the field had now also gone and the globe had lost it's purple glow and was white again, and slowly began to sink down behind the trees, as if it was landing in the woods on the other side. We both began to get this strange feeling, as if there was "something else" in the field with us that we could not see. I felt as if something was watching me from the now darkened area, and we both became very cold. We had not noticed the coldness of the night while everything was happening, but now we were freezing, and scared. So I told my nephew that now would be a good time to run home, and we both ran into the woods, down the hill, and into the house locking the doors. We discussed what had just happened for awhile and I decided that it was best that we didn't tell anyone about it, because no one would believe us, and my sister would probably be very angry at me for allowing him to go into the woods at night to investigate a UFO, let alone finding out that we actually came into contact with its occupant!

The next day we hiked back to the area, looking for evidence of our previous experience, but I didn't see anything unusual. But that night, something strange did happen. I stepped outside to do my business, and I noticed a large, dark figure crouching down in front of the house. I thought it was a person trying to hide, so I reached inside to turn the outside light on. When I did , there was nothing there. I turned the light back off, and there was the same black figure, in the same spot, crouching closer to the ground. It then stood up, and appeared to be some kind of animal, like a panther or something. It suddenly leaped into the air, and landed about 20 feet away, behind a nearby building.

The following night I was sitting in the dark watching TV, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that somebody was sitting beside me on the couch. It was a small figure, about the size of a five year old child (about 3 foot?), but when I turned to look directly at it, nothing was there.

The night after that I was in the kitchen and I saw this face peering in the window at me. It was the face of a grotesque looking woman, and this time I was looking right at it. It vanished as I stood staring at it.

I have never seen anything that resembled a ghost before in my whole life (except once, as a small child which I will tell you about when I write to you about the Mothman figure I encountered in the early 60's) but since my encounter with the entity made of purple light, its as if I have developed a very acute psychic ability, and I am now able to sense if a person's house or an area is haunted, and have actually seen several ghost like images in them. It's as if when the alien touched my hand it gave me some kind of psychic "powers" that I didn't possess before then.

For instance, my other sister had just recently moved into a house in a nearby town called Knockemstiff, and one night I saw an old man's reflection on the front storm door. It looked like the man was standing in an archway behind me. Another time I saw a "ghost dog" in her house, I sat on her couch and watched it walking behind people, wagging its tail, it laid down in front of her furnace, and when I reached my hand out to it, it got up and sniff me, just like any real dog would do. We later learned that her house had once been the site of the local bar, that the town actually got it's name because of this bar's reputation of violence, and that people had died there. A friend of hers was taking a bath one night and was dragged under the water several times before he managed to get out of the tub.

Beside her house is the site of an old covered bridge, where a girl and boy were murdered one night in the 1800's. You can verify this by looking up "Haunted Ohio" on the internet, and then looking under ghost towns where you will find Knockemstiff listed along with its ghost tales. The guy who investigated these stories said he went to find the bar where alot of the stories were centered around, but he couldn't find it because it is now my sister's garage! (Someday soon I'm going to try to contact him and send him photos and such. If he would have just stopped and asked someone who lives there, most of them are aware of this fact.)

Well, Brian, my fingers grow tired so I'll have to save my next story for another day. Oh yeah, one more thing. I was watching a show late at night about UFO's, and they mentioned MUFON on it, so I looked them up on the internet, contacted them and they sent investigators to interview us. They published our story in the MUFON UFO journal the September 2004 number 437 issue. But I didn't care for the way they presented it. At the end of the story, they stated that Vega, Deneb, Altair, and Venus were bright that night, and that "atmospheric conditions" could have made the stars appear to change, and then later contradicted themselves by saying the weather reports agreed with our story that visibility was clear that night, and that the area is in the flight pattern of Wright Patterson AFB. I know we did not see stars that night and that the humanoid we saw was not an air force pilot, unless they are testing something very unusual on civilians (but isn't that always an easy excuse for strange sightings?).

They did state that it did not appear that we were trying to deceive them (why would we even bother making up something that strange?) Hell, I didn't even want to tell anybody about it for quite a long time knowing how skeptical people are, especially since this event doesn't fit everybody's notions of little grays poking at people and they gave it a rating of 4 in terms of strangeness and reliability. (4 in strangeness?? Good lord, how much stranger can a story get????) And I don't even know how serious they are about their investigations anyways, I offered to take them to the sight where it happened and none of them wanted to walk up the hill to the field, and on the cover of the journal is a sketch that looks like a child drew it and states under it "is this drawing of a college's roommate, the face of a hybrid?" I don't know, it just made me wonder if these guys took any of this serious, or was it nothing more than a "weekly world news" investigation?

It did make me glad I didn't tell them about what happened after the incident, they would have dismissed the whole story as fake! I hope that you can look at this with an open mind. There are things going on in this world that just cant be categorized from what I've learned after moving to Ohio a few years ago, there are alot of very strange goings on in this state. Bigfoot sightings, crop circles, reptile-like humans, countless UFO sightings, phantom lions (just last year), emus causing car wrecks, ghosts, its a crazy area as far as strange phenomenon goes. All you got to do is get on your computer and checked this stuff out. I'm not making it up!

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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