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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Chris W. is a truck driver from Ontario, California. Chris's case was previously "handled" by the Los Angeles MUFON group. Two write ups were done on the case but neither one applied to what really happened. In this article we will attempt to explain them to you, the reader.

Through no fault of his own Chris lost his job, and his wife, during the course of events. His wife left because he did not assert himself to obtain his weekly pay check from his employer. She supported him, however, in what happened during the course of his trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Baker, California dealing with a possible UFO abduction.


Chris drove for a truck line hauling a load between Banning, California and Delta, south of Salt Lake City, Utah. He had been working for this particular truck line for three weeks. Driving tandem (2 trucks) he and his partner were separated on the way to Salt Lake by the other truck developing two flat tires. The other driver told Chris to go on because it would take 4 - 6 hours to fix the tires.

As an afterthought, it seems strange that the new tires blowing out even happened. Usually the two truck drivers would wait for each other. Chris now thinks that this event was planned by someone else so that he would be alone...

When Chris called "The UFO Reporting Center" at 2:28 a.m. on November 12, 1987, he was totally upset. He could hardly talk because he was so frightened. He could not imagine what had happened to himself. Several days later when the director of the UFOCCI called him he was coherent and able to relate more of what happened.

A California investigator spoke with him on the phone after receiving a call from MUFON. The call took place at 9:30 a.m. This investigator is well known in the UFO field, having co-authored a book on an abduction case. Chris asked her at that time if she would talk to his employer and try to explain what might have happened to himself. She did call the trucking firm. However, the owner of the company let Chris go without paying him his wages of the previous week or his trip to Utah. He said to Chris, "You can fight it, but who would believe you -- after all, you have seen a UFO!"

It should be noted too, that when the investigators went to the trucking company to observe the truck and trailer, which was sometime later, they only saw the truck but not the trailer. The trailer that the truck was hooked up to was not the same one. Chris arrived on the scene about an hour after they had gone. He was told which trailer they looked at. Of course, they found no burn marks or burned wiring harness because they did not see the right one. The one they saw was perfectly normal. The real trailer was over in a corner of the lot out of sight.

Another important factor in this case is that Chris has been drinking coffee since he was 16 years old -- approximately 4 cups every morning. He is used to coffee. Chris only drank coffee on the way to Salt Lake but not on the way back. He did have a couple of "No Doze" tablets on the way up but their strongest ingredient is a minute amount of caffeine. He took the last one 20 hours later on the way back. It was the consensus of MUFON that he had hallucinated because of drinking coffee!

The MUFON/LAUFOG investigators requested that Chris have a blood test (at their expense) by his family doctor. Chris complied with this request but had to repeatedly request an answer as to the results of the test. He was told they were normal.

When two of the LAUFOG investigators came to visit Chris later that morning they tried to talk him out of what had happened. Perhaps this was a ploy on their part to see if they could trick him. I do not know, but it seems that if you did not believe someone this would be an ideal way to ascertain their truthfulness.

During the first week Chris was traumatized. He called the woman investigator repeatedly without any time getting to meet her. She never extended herself to come to his home and try to be understanding and to help him understand something that was unfathomable. Instead she wrote an article about him drinking too much coffee stating that he was hallucinating because of the overdose of coffee and that was the reason he saw lights all around his truck!

When Chris saw this first report, he was so upset that he called and told her it was totally unacceptable. She said she would rewrite it. She did. This time she called it "Browsing through Britannica!" Most of the report is on the effects of coffee on the body. Again Chris was totally upset, especially so, when the investigator could not even remember his name and called him Crowley in the last half of the report. When she did manage to call Chris by his right name she could not even spell it correctly!

To the UFOCCI this amounts to a case that shows a lack of concern towards an experiencer that needed help from the investigator.

Chris never finished reading "Browsing through Britannica:" instead he sent it to me before throwing it into file "13." (The garbage can.)

Since this happened I am wondering about the book she wrote on an abduction case and if she investigated this case in the same manner?

At this point Chris asked me to write up his case, knowing it would be accurate and compassionate concerning the unusual events that took place on November 12, 1987. This is the result.

The Actual Facts

The following are Chris's own words of what transpired that day, November 12, 1987, reported to Bob Gribble at the UFO Reporting Center at 2:28 a.m.

The day just didn't seem right. I am a truck driver. I had a load to take to Salt Lake City from Banning, California. I was running with a partner that had the same type of load and he was in front of me. He knew where he was going so I was following him. His trailer tires on the right rear were basically brand new. They blew out for no reason, both of them. It caused him to end up staying behind so he gave me directions to go there. I didn't find anything odd about that at the beginning.... but... it gets interesting here.

It got to be a long day but in the beginning I was fresh. On the way back I started hallucinating - I mean like my mind wasn't working correctly. I am a professional driver and this had never happened to me. I would see things like dips in the road. I would dodge them but after I had dodged them I would realize I was in the other lane. I would kind of snap out of it and then I was good for another five miles. Then it would reoccur again. This is all the way back from Utah.

As I got up to Nellis AFB near Las Vegas, I pulled over. I had pulled over before but it never occurred to me why or what reason I pulled over, other than I was hallucinating things or that I was tired and maybe I should pull over. Something possessed me to pull over.

I pulled over, got out of the truck and stretched. I looked up at the stars and I saw two, or quite a few of them, they were kind of low and they were kinda like flickering and dancing around, so to speak. They appeared to be no bigger than on the other side of the freeway. They appeared to be maybe like someone was there with a flashlight but they were a glow, not like a beam of light. I looked at them for a while and they were moving back and forth and down the side of this mountain.

I got back in the truck and I didn't close the door. I kinda hung my arms on the side of the door and watched them because it just made me curious. I was thinking to myself, "fireflies" but then there is no such thing. Then it occurred to me maybe I am seeing a UFO so I closed the door and no sooner did I close that door than that light got bright and stopped moving. I got the feeling that it was staring at me. It scared me and I put the truck in gear and started accelerating.

To be continued


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