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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Remember this interview took place in 1965. Since then the Air Force says it does not investigate UFO sightings. Do you believe that? There have been instances where a military person has investigated incidences up to the present day!

Excerpted from "Beyond Top Secret" by Timothy Good.

Sid Padrick reported his experience to the Air Force, and was grilled for three hours by a team headed by Major Damon B. Reeder from Hamilton Air Force Base (Headquarters, Western Air Defense Force, near Sacremento).

...they tried to frighten me. They said, "Mr Padrick, you are a real lucky person.... these craft that come down here are real hostile, and you had no business even approaching them. I disagreed with them, because when this craft came down, they did not want to frighten me... they did not tell me to go aboard their craft, they invited me aboard.

The Air Force investigators allegedly told Padrick that there had been two instances where hostility had been involved: one the Mantell case, and the other an incident when an aircraft completely vanished from a radar screen (in fact there have been ore such incidents, as we have learned). Padrick claimed the Air Force informed him that there was more than one group of UFOs visiting Earth, and that there were friendly as well as hostile craft, from more than one source.

There were certain details they (the Air Force) asked me not to talk about publicly, but I think in telling it that everything should be disclosed. I can see no reason for anything being held back. They didn't want me to say that the space people had no money. They didn't want me to disclose the type and shape of the craft because that would indicate that the Air Force is not doing its duty. I told them I could see no reason for that, either... They didn't want me to divulge their means of communication and where they got their power from. Also, the man's name - they told me I should never repeat that because it didn't mean anything. The spaceman had said, "You may call me Xeno," He didn't say it was his name (Xeno means 'stranger' or 'foreigner' in Greek.)

The official Air Force report, signed by Major Reeder (base operations officer, Hamilton AFB) and forwarded to the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB, includes further details of Padrick's conversation with the spaceman, from which I cite the following.

Q. How did you evade our radar?
A: The hull of our space craft absorbs energy and will not allow a reflection or harmful penetration.
Q: Are you human?
A: Yes, we are human, but not your type.
Q: How did you pick me for this experience?
A: We did not pick you. It was your choice. You are the first person ever to come aboard this ship. We have invited many before but they were frightened away.
Q: If I were a scientist could I have learned more?
A: No

Major Reeder reported that Padrick 'appears to be of above average intelligence with an excellent vocabulary and command of the English language. He is a glib talker... It is my opinion that this is not a valid UFO contact but rather an attempt on Mr. Padrick's part to get the Air Force involved in order to lend his story some authenticity and credibility. (HOW DISGUSTING!!!!)

From Timothy Good:

I disagree. Although I never met Sid Padrick (he disappeared from the scene in the late 1960s, having become tired of being harassed), I have listened to every inflection of his voice in the recorded interview on which this account is based, and he comes across as truthful. Under a barrage of cross-questioning by civilian investigators at the time, his answers were always clear, precise and without guile, and he was always quick to appreciate the humorous aspects of the incredible situation in which he found himself.

THANK YOU TIMOTHY! And remember, I saw the craft myself. Interesting that we now have the "stealth" bombers that radar cannot detect! Hmmm wonder where they got that from???

I still have the drawings of the ship that Sid drew for my daughters. Also a tape of his lecture here in Seattle.


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