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Friday, April 15, 2005


The following report was investigated by Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., and John S. Derr, Ph.D., for APRO, a now defunct UFO organization in Tucson, Arizona. The report was submitted to Leneesa by Robert J. Gribble, Director UFO Reporting Center (Ret.). Names have been changed to protect the people in the area.


The UFO witnesses have described, in various conversations, a variety of UFO sightings and related experiences. These events are summarized as follows:
A few years ago, the Business Partner and the Husband and Wife pooled their financial resources to buy a ranch in the Rocky Mountain area. The ranch was to be renovated and established as a working cattle ranch. Despite the long distance from their original location, they were pleased with the size and features of the ranch, including adequate grazing area, woods and springs feeding a pond near the ranch house.

They were puzzled because the ranch had been abandoned for several years, prior to their settling on the ranch. Also, they were puzzled because of the "unspoken" mystery surrounding a building which had "disappeared" more than a decade earlier.

After settling on the ranch, they experienced a variety of unusual events:
1. A humming sound often was experienced in their house, although the hum could not be traced to electrical systems (which had been rewired), or to any other devices in the house. Often the humming sound was loud and distinct, but seemed to follow a pattern of being heard during a wind storm and for an hour or so after a wind storm.

2. Noises indicated that someone was walking around outside the ranch house; at times, someone seemed to open the car door and beat upon the walls or doors of the house and then run away.

3. Creatures who looked like "Big Foot" were seen in the woods.

4. UFO sightings included nine glowing disks, which set down in the pasture near the pond; during that observation, a light flash was observed by two men, including the Business Partner; at that same moment, the Wife, who was looking out of the window, experienced a "blow to the head;" she fell unconscious to the floor and was revived within a few seconds.

5. The Photographer took a picture of a large "circle" (approximately 75 feet in diameter) in a clearing; initially, the "circle" supported no vegetation, but now the grass and weeds are beginning to grow again.

6. The Business Partner observed a landed disk in the woods, and saw two humanoids nearby. He and the oldest son in the family saw a "box" (approximately 3 feet long and 18 inches wide and 18 inches thick) which emitted strange hums and other sounds, while flashing on and off with multicolored lights, giving an appearance of an electronic device.

7. One morning the Business Partner awoke, unable to move, and saw a tall, skinny creature wearing a helmet standing in the room by the glass door, observing him.

8. There were many instances in which the electrical power of the ranch house and buildings was cut off, causing the area to be plunged into darkness; however, other ranchers did not have electrical power blackouts during those episodes.

9. On one occasion, during an electrical blackout, the radio and stereo systems of the ranch house and bunk house emitted sounds of a voice saying, "You have been allowed to remain. Do not cause us to take action which you will regret."

10. The Business Partner described his experience of seeing two small "humanoids' near a landed disk in the woods.

11. A cattle mutilation occurred around the time of increased UFO activities, and the cow was identified as belonging to the ranch.

12. A body of a young bull was found shortly after a hunting episode. The oldest son and his friend were frightened when they discovered the cow because they had seen either a bear or Big Foot in the area. The young bull, which did not belong to the ranch, was found with his head twisted back and with various organs and parts of his body removed as if by surgical operation.

13. The Business Partner described his experience of being told by a humanoid that he should not go near the "box;" a Big Foot creature was seen walking toward the box and then fell to the ground. The humanoid said to the Business Partner, "As you see, it can be lethal."

14. The Business Partner described his experience of being in the woods where he saw a disk and two humanoids, who looked and acted as if they expected him to arrive; they spoke to him in English and told him that they were sorry for the inconvenience and disturbances which had occurred to the people living on the ranch; they said that they expected some changes to occur in the events which were happening at the ranch. However, after the encounter and seeing the "skinny creature," the number of strange events, and the tension associated with the experiences, seemed to increase for the people living on the ranch.

15. A fire began on the front porch of the ranch house, apparently started by electrical wiring in contact with paint buckets on the porch.

With the continuation of the strange experiences, and the fear and stress associated with the events, the Business Partner and the Family decided to abandon their attempts to live at the ranch. Now, the Business Partner and the Family are engaged in a small business operation; however, they are hopeful that someday they may be able to return to the ranch and to develop the property into a working ranch.

To be continued (this is a long report)


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