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Friday, April 01, 2005



I met Adamski and stayed the weekend at Palomar Gardens in 1969. Years later I interviewed Alice Wells for about 4 hours. She was very sincere and vouched for all that was written in that first book and described the mother ship to me in some detail. She told me about an orange oval symbol on the side of the mother ship and how jets came in and it moved on. She declared that she could see "Orthon" clearly through the binoculars.

She also recited the story of another visitor that appeared in the little restaurant at Palomar Gardens one day and answered all the questions about what it was like to travel in space.Who were these space visitors? I believe I made brief contact with them? I now think they were from the future and were us coming back to warn us and had colonized the solar system and found there were others out there like us and had long ago left behind our uncivilized way of living. I would like to think that is true and that we survived.

Bill Hamilton


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