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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Location. Yaroslavl Russia
Date: late September 1979
Time: midnight

The witness was sleeping on the bed, head to the window, or, more precisely, to the portable TV set that was located on the bedside table between the bed and the window. The sound system of the TV was not working after an unspecified accident.

The witness suddenly woke up to a strong feeling of danger---a terrible, mortal danger. The feeling was so definite and violent that at the very moment of awakening the instinct of self-preservation went into action: he did not open his eyes, nor moved, still breathing steadily. Obeying the voice of reason and instinct the witness began to open his eyes slowly and carefully. Still not moving he examined the space in front of him: there was nothing there, but the feeling of extreme danger did not disappear. Utterly confused, I remained in bed, fearing something, indefinite.

Then he realized that the source of danger was situated at the back. Very slowly he began turning leaning on his left elbow. Having finished the turn, he froze in complete surprise. Somehow his portable TV set looked completely different. Neither its size, nor contours changed, but it now looked like a stone monolith of greenish gray color. And right in the center off the "screen" there stuck out a small semicircular cap consisting of a transparent substance; it was about 3 cm in diameter and jutted out from the "screen" to the same distance. Behind the cap he could see some "dense and viscous" light of crimson red color that did not illuminate anything in the room.

The astonished witness could not think of what to do and just lay back in bed. The feeling of danger did not disappear, he lay in bed, drenched in sweat and inanely staring into space. Suddenly, at his feet, in the space between the low back of the bed and another bedside table, there occurred a swift motion: a small being impetuously ran over his legs and sat down on his belly. He could not estimate its full height, as it sat on a squatting position. In this position its height was some 30-35 cm or so, its full height might had been some 50 to 55 cm. It looked like a small human being, not a child or a monkey, but just a small human being, notwithstanding minor differences in proportions. It sat down on the witness abdomen and slightly leaned forward stretching out its left hand forward and downward in a natural gesture. Its fingers clung to the witness right arm, which was lying on his chest. This made him feel sick; the being's touch was cold like a frog. The humanoid was staring intently into his eyes. However somehow the feeling of danger had vanished. He felt no fear towards the humanoid, clearly realizing that it was intelligent.

The face of the being was fascinating. Its head was disproportionately large in relation to its body. It was globular on top and slightly narrower beneath. Its eyes were rather large, elongated, and "horse-like". The bridge of its nose was hollow and the nostrils protruding. The mouth was long, having no lips. The ears were large, round and prominent. The face was gray-greenish in color. He does not remember any hair or headgear. The being's clothes appeared to be close fitting, of some indeterminate color. It looked as if there was also a stand up collar, like on an old full dress coat.

The humanoid looked at him for about 10 seconds and then it leaned somewhat lower and extended its hand in a purely human gesture, holding its palm upwards. And it began to speak, moving the hand up and down, as if trying to help the witness comprehend its speech. The being's voice was expressionless, low and somewhat dry. It pronounced a sound, something between "a" in the bad and "e" in the word "men". In general, its speech much resembled the Morse code. Realizing that the witness did not understand anything, the humanoid leaned its head still lower and began to speak again. The speech remained incomprehensible as the first. The being seemed to be irritated about this, and stopped talking, but attempted to communicate one more time.

At this point the witness attempted to move slightly and the being suddenly rushed toward his feet at very high speed and apparently vanished in plain sight. Looking back the portable TV had apparently returned to normal. The witness discovered the next day that the sound system of the TV was now operating normally. The witness apparently obtained bizarre "paranormal" abilities soon after the incident.

Source: Valery A Kukushkin, RIAP Bulletin 2002, Vol. 8 # 1-2


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