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Thursday, May 19, 2005


"At that point something said to me, 'Relax, take it easy, don't panic, we're coming to you,' Paris said. "It wasn't words, it was like mental telepathy -- like strong words in my mind. And when it first said, 'Relax, take it easy, don't panic,' I thought I'm telling myself to relax, take it easy and don't panic because I'm about to have a heart attack. But then I realized they were telling me that."

"At that moment, it shot down the road toward us," Paris continued. "Both Mark and I seemed to be pulled slightly toward the windshield. All of this took place in what we thought was three to five minutes at most. When it moved toward us, we went into a trance or whatever you want to call it. And that's the last thing I remember."

The next thing Paris and Mark remember is sitting in the Jeep and noticing something moving quickly away from the car. In the next instant, a flash of light streaked away into the sky. They sat there for an unknown amount of time until a car came over the hill. The headlights of the approaching automobile hit both Paris and Mark in the eyes and brought them out of their trance. The Jeep motor was still running.

Paris drove off and neither one of them said anything for 15 minutes. Finally they pulled off to the side of the road and got out. They were talking about what they both thought they had seen when Paris asked Mark what time it was. It was eleven o'clock. They had been on the road for more than three hours and were still 15 miles from Mitchell. As they were pondering what had happened back on the road, it was then that Paris noticed a slight ache in his right hip. He said it felt like a needle puncture.

Rather than stopping for food, Paris and Mark decided to drive back home as quickly as possible. When they reached the campgrounds, they were anxious and nervous. Paris' wife thought Paris was playing an April Fool's joke, but seeing that her husband was serious asked for all the details. Not knowing who to contact in such a situation, Paris called the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA in turn gave Paris the phone number of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington. He spoke with the Center personnel and was told two investigators would contact himself and Mark for further details.

The next morning Paris talked with the investigators, Dan and Leneesa, about his experience. Paris talked with them on the phone and then agreed to meet with them two weeks later. They would at that time hypnotize Paris and try to find out what had happened during the missing three hours.

During that period before Paris met with the investigators, he said he was a wreck. He went through wild emotional swings that included everything from paranoia to anger.
"I was afraid to go out, and I'm not normally afraid of anything within reason," he said. "But I was afraid to go out in the campground by myself after dark. There was something in the back of my mind that was telling me, 'If you go out there something's going to get you. Not the Boogie Man, but something you can't see.'"

The other emotional phases Paris went through were much like those explained by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her Stages of Dying. Paris cried for days. His emotions ran so high that he just cried for no apparent reason. Then he went through a period of acceptance where he resigned himself to the fact that this had happened to him and there is nothing he could do about it. Then he went through a period of depression. Then he got angry. He thought about someone taking three hours out of his life and it made him mad -- really mad. He was useless at the campground. Running the cash register or concentrating on anything for any length of time was too much for him to handle.

Paris finally met with Dan and Leneesa to be hypnotized. Once under hypnosis, Paris was able to vividly recall most of the details of that April 1 night, although some parts still remain a mystery. According to Paris, as soon as he and Mark went into a trance, the UFO hovered over the car and engulfed it in white light. Suddenly, Beings came around to the front. Paris said he was not sure how many Beings there were, but he did say they were in no way hostile.
Paris described the Beings as being about 5'2." He remembers having to look down into their eyes. They had large heads, but no hair. Their skin was kind of gray-white. They had thin arms and their bodies weren't muscular either. Their shoulders were small. They had two slits for a nose and one slit for a mouth. But the thing that Paris most remembers about them were their eyes. He said they had very large eyes that were almond-shaped and went slightly back on the side of their faces. "They were beautiful, beautiful eyes," Paris said. "I didn't see any pupils. All I could see was large black eyes. When I looked into their eyes, I felt at that point what love is. It was a total, all engulfing love. It was like they were loving parents. You almost had that protective, loving feeling. It was that that made me realize they are part of us in some way, shape or form."

The Beings asked Mark and Paris if they wanted to go aboard the spacecraft and they agreed. Paris is convinced that if they had said no, the Beings would have left them alone. They were taken through a triangle-shaped doorway and onto the spacecraft. Paris was led down a hall on the left and Mark down a hall on the right. They would not see each other again until they were back in the Jeep.

To be continued


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