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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The following article was translated from Russian into English by Dr. Valery Uvarov and Lozanna Elwood. It was given to us by "The UFO International Network" of St. Petersburg, Russia


Nobody knows what UFO pilots did before their strange vehicles crashed. We know only that there were many cases of crashes on our planet. The dead are silent. However, step by step, it has become known what UFO pilots do if they didn't crash. Thanks to the efforts of investigators working on this problem, we tried to systemize the information about close encounters with extraterrestrials on a peaceful basis. Some of the reports clarify what they are doing in our environment and what they did before they left the Earth.

There is one very interesting case that happened with a woman that was not scared to jeopardize her own name. Her name is Suraiya Guynulina, Microbiologist. She was 35 years old and she was working in the Institute of Biophysics in Pushino, USSR. This close encounter happened on the 2nd of October, 1977. Here is her story.

"I was never interested in fiction. I had no idea about extraterrestrials. I thought that UFOs were rubbish and was never interested in them at all.

On that day, 2nd of October, there was nothing special. A few weeks before this, I had a bad dream. Usually an insomniac, I walk across the flat. During the summer, I usually go out to the balcony and stand watching. Our balcony faced the west, on the ninth floor.

That night, I was unable to sleep. I stood up and put on my warm robe, crossed the flat, and went out onto the balcony. I had the feeling that I was alone, that my daughter and husband were not there, and my whole flat looked very strange to me. I had the feeling that there was an entrance into the next flat and that my brother, coming to visit me, was sleeping there.

Actually, of course, it was not true.

I looked down to the Oka River, thinking that I should return inside. Suddenly, over the river, appeared a disk and a ball that looked like Saturn. The color was the color of molten metal. The object stopped 900 - 1300 feet from the building. It was difficult to determine the height, but it was not high. It was spectacular. At first, it seemed to me, that the ball discharged objects that looked like 'sticks'. They moved very gently to the buildings. There were fifteen or twenty of them. Then these 'sticks' began to separate from one another, each moving to one building at a time, until they had gone to all of the different buildings there. One group moved to the red building that stands beside my building. Another went to the B block and another to the A block. Three of them moved to my building. When they came near, I saw that they were not 'sticks', but people standing upright. The height of each 'stick' was fluctuating. They were dressed in uniforms of the Soviet army. Their faces were young, unexpressive and stark. One of them passed me, moving to the next balcony.

I, being afraid that he would frighten my neighbors, and it would cause a scandal, motioned for him to come to my balcony. He immediately turned to me and noiselessly stood right beside me. He was about 19 years old. His height was not the same size as when he was a 'stick' (approximately 9 feet), but was approximately 5'2", in a soldiers uniform.

I am silent. He says, smiling, in Russian: "Do you understand who I am?" "Yes, but why are you in a soldier's uniform?" "I would like to speak with you, is it possible?"

I invited him into my flat, but I stayed on the balcony. In the room near the balcony there were a few chairs, and a bed on the other side of the room. I had a strange feeling that my husband was not in the bed. We sat together and I said, "Do you understand Russian clearly?"

"I am tuning in on you. I speak the language of the person I am talking with."

"But you were not going to visit me."

"No, I was coming to you, but people are usually scared, that's why I was waiting for the normal reaction from you."

"But why don't you visit during the day? People would let you in with pleasure, and converse with you."

"I will answer this question at the end of our conversation, but with you I would like to talk of how you personally imagine the history of development of your society?"

In his hand, appeared a device that looked like a small remote control, but without any knobs. Later, he sometimes pressed on it and we found ourselves in another place. I was not afraid of him, he was very gentle. I treated him leniently, as I would a boy. Then he explained why he appeared in such clothing.

He said, "When we flew over your borders, we saw 20 soldiers, and we took their image."
Later, at the end of the conversation, I suddenly noticed that he had changed his appearance. Before my eyes, was a man of 45 years of age, intelligent and pleasant looking, in spectacles, and with a favorable disposition. I asked, "How did it happen?"

He answered, "I investigated you. I took the appearance which you like."

It was really so, I was very pleased to talk with him. On the congress in the Institute of Biophysics in 1972, I had seen a man with such a face. He pressed the device and said that he needs to know what Man knows about the conception of Man's history. I told him that this was a long story, but he said, "No, it will be fast, this device will help us." I began from primitive times. He pressed the device and suddenly we found ourselves in that period of time. He explained to me, to calm me, that all surroundings were nothing more than my imagination. By this method, all of history we went through for 20 minutes. Then I told him that we, in the Soviet Union, consider ourselves the best society on the planet. He smiled. We have no personal property and began to explain what is a capitalistic system, colonial wars and so on. In connection with the wars, I told him about Ulster. Suddenly, we found ourselves there, but this time, everything was real. I was so afraid that he switched back.

We then found ourselves somewhere in Asia in the jungles, and over there we saw a battle between some groups that sell drugs. We have seen inhumane brutal beatings a few paces in front of us. As soon as he noticed my reaction, he switched back.

Then I asked him, "Why don't you want to communicate with us?"

He answered that they have studied our planet very well and that it is difficult for us to understand their interest.


Then he said that humanity developed in the wrong direction and went into a dead end. Our thinking processes are very laden with BIG inertia, this property is inherent in ALL peoples.
Then in me, my defense of humanity tried to explain to him that people are not so bad, and that we realize our imperfections. He answered shortly and straight -- "NO, YOU DO NOT REALIZE. YOU HAVE A LOT OF DARK ANIMAL ORIGIN. YOU YOURSELF MUST GET OUT OF YOUR EXCREMENT'S."

Then he said that such a place of entanglements they have not yet seen in the Universe. Then he added that if science will want to, can understand and learn a lot in the system of intercosmic communications, but at the present time, since we are so aggressive, it is impossible.

Then I tried to redirect the conversation and asked him about the truthfulness of our theory of the pulsating universe. He answered, "No, this mistake is bound up to your unbelievable way of thinking."

I asked where he came from? "Do your know astronomy?" he asked.

I answered "Only as much as a microbiologist."

He smiled and said, "Later you will come across the facts that microbiologists will deny our existence, just because there are no such type of beings in microbiology. OTHER SCIENTISTS WILL DENY OUR EXISTENCE TOO, but there is a way of knowledge. Education cannot be by the sciences. WHETHER IT EXISTS OR NOT.

As for us, we are from such a 'far away' place that it is impossible to explain by your terms. Later he said that the Earth is a very comfortable point for communication, and it seemed to me that we are, for them, an inessential phenomenon on the planet. I was offended and he felt it.
"We'll be here not long" said he, "We are gathering information."

He was struck by the national divisions we have on our planet. He pointed out that we have a big difference between our peoples. They do not. They have a big difference only between children and adults. He was longing to know more about us, but about themselves, answered only when I asked. He gave very short answers, sometimes deviating, saying that we would not understand. He couldn't understand what Earthly love is. He understood what is family, they have no families. There is Love and children. There are no states. He said that the state system, like a primitive system, is wildness. He didn't consider the act of procreation of a new organism as love. This is a deed. Their understanding of Love is quite different. 'LOVE IS AN EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE, SPREAD THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE TO HELP THOSE AROUND THEM SO THAT THEY WILL NOT LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF DARKNESS AND EVIL."

Information is emitting in ecstasy, that man does not know. This is a mystery which they are keeping in each other. Then he said that he is pleased to feel that I love my planet and defend those on it. Then I asked, "What do you look like to each other?"

He answered, "We can take any form that we need."

"What about the children?", I asked.

"They look like the information which they receive."

"Have you death?"

"We just finish one step and transform to the next. Life is endless. Death is a speculation of the bestial mind."

"Have you hatred?"

"I cannot understand what this is. I also cannot understand your Earthly Love. Here I feel that you are speaking about it not like it is. Somebody just taught you to understand it like this. This is also speculation. People are living in illusion. You are a kind and good person, but are still imperfect. Many contradictions.

I asked him, "What do the UFO pilots do here and in other places?"

He said, they do the same. They know about me, I know about them. In this case I was lucky.
"What about our future?" I asked at the end of our conversation.

"You planet will not die." He answered evasively. It was understandable what he meant. I felt that he treated people on this planet this way; it is not important if we die or not.

"You have a TERRIBLE way of cognition, which you dictate to your children."

We went out to the balcony. He didn't shake my hand, he never touched me once. Again he became like a 'stick' and flew up to the craft together with the others. The object evaporated and disappeared.

Due to this case, Suriaya Guynulina talked with many correspondents. She answered a lot of questions. In particular, she said that the ball was well defined, without diffused luminescence. The diameter of it was not more than 10 feet. She added that her Guest pointed out our incredible fear in the face of death. He was astonished to see our fear of death on this planet. For Earth people this fear is a moving power. In reality, this is a process when an individual changes one's worn out coverall. There is only beginning of another time and burning (birthing?) in another dimension. On the question from the correspondents -- where do they fly to - Suriaya answered, "They fly to their home. He said that their task is the installation of a new communication between all civilizations in the Universe. It is difficult to install such a communication with us. Firstly, in the name of comfortableness of Science, Science denies Them and argues their existence under any pretext. Secondly, and this is the main, societies on our planet have a very high level of aggression, that's why they avoid meetings with aggressive creatures."


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