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Sunday, July 24, 2005


by Chipp Eggerton

As a registered nurse, as well as a friend and neighbor and family member, I have been privileged on occasion to hear first hand accounts of those who have been 'near-death' or what is commonly referred to as having an "NDE/ Near Death Experience". Along with a lifetime interest in UFO contact, I've also been profoundly touched by NDE accounts. As with most of us, some of these compelling encounter stories stay with us, more than others. In My Descent into Death, my friend Howard Storm, tells his incredibly detailed story. As interesting as it all is, my purpose in this article is to summarize what he was told and shown about life on other worlds.
At one point in his otherworldly journey, Howard finds himself literally embraced and cradled by the One He identifies clearly as Jesus the Christ. He is also surrounded at this point by a semi-circle of six to eight luminous Beings whom he later calls Angels. It is following a deeply painful and ultimately profoundly healing life-review, that he is given the opportunity to ask questions of his divine hosts. What I summarize in following is culled from the book, and a series of tapes and interviews I have collected over the years, as well as my personal discussion with him. I am not quoting him per se, so please consider this summary as my understanding and arrangement of what had to be an incredible revelation for him.

At one point, Howard simply asks, "Is there life on other worlds?" The angels' responses are both visual and linguistic. In addition to their telepathic and extraordinarily clear communication, "the universe is FULL of LIFE!", they initiate what he describes as holographic tableau, a procession of intelligent life forms beginning with those that resemble the human form; then with increasing numbers, the forms are less and less humanoid in appearance, as the angels apparently impress their original point: the Universe is full of sentient life, and the form is not necessarily humanoid! Howard gets the point, so his next query becomes, "If there is all this life in the Universe, then why aren't we aware of it here on our own planet?"

Before I continue with their most disturbing and ultimately enlightening answer, I digress here to add a few comments made elsewhere. The angels themselves when first appearing to him as these gorgeous spheres of iridescent radiance, sense his apprehension as he is overwhelmed by their glory. Their first communication to him, is to ask him if they need to 'turn down their glow' as it were, and appear in their human form, or 'any other form that you need to be comfortable with us'! In addition, Howard later asked them if they (the angels) had ever been human, and they assured him that they had been human as well as also from among the variety of life forms that had paraded before him in the holographic procession described above. I will leave the reader to ponder on one's own the wondrous implications of these revelations!

Returning to his question regarding the apparent lack of 'proof or evidence' of other intelligent life in the universe, what he was told and shown I found quite interesting. They told him that the Universe is teaming with life- not only in the physical world but even in other dimensions. The angels told of countless worlds they 'shepherded'. When asked about the lack of 'evidence' in our world of life from other worlds, he was told that we are visited, and by a number of different groups of beings, but that they must be very careful in their contact with us, because of our immaturity, naughtiness and to put it bluntly, sinfulness. Although he did not use the words, the ideas "isolation/quarantine" and "embargo" came to mind. Later in conversation Howard made reference to seeing images of worlds where beings lived in perfect harmony with one another and the creation, having 'grown up' and matured spiritually to the place where innate spiritual gifts could be unfolded where collectively a world's inhabitants steered the weather patterns, enabling them to create a world of Paradise.

There were a number of other interesting ideas shared, and it seems that each astounding possibility gives more food for thought. I will close here with a short quote from Storm's book in response to a question he poses directly to the Presence Who is enfolding him during this divine encounter (page 76):

"I asked Jesus: Has he been to another world besides my world? He said that he had been to every world in every time and space. He said that he had brought the revelation of God to all intelligent beings. Some beings had been as stubborn as we were to accept him, and many more worlds had gladly accepted him. He said he would back to our world in good time when we were ready to accept him."

Elaborating on the response, Howard said that on the worlds were the inhabitants had been following the Christ in their hearts all along, the appearance in their form of the Messenger, then became one of welcome and recognition, as if to say, 'we have known you all along'. It was on these worlds that Howard describes people in the physical living a life experience that for us on Earth, would be Heaven: no war, no poverty, no disease; everyone living up to their own capacity for growth, wisdom and love; no one 'left behind', everyone embraced, loved and loving!
I hope that I have uplifted the hope and imagination of the reader through this brief summary.

Howard makes no apology in identifying the Being who embraces him, who saves him, as Jesus the Christ. That affirmed, I must add that Howard in no way identifies that holy, loving Being with anything other than the One who has come here on behalf of EVERYONE, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. In my own experience, my meditation on Howard's journey has been profoundly healing for my own wounds at the hands of religious zealots. The Christ who reaches out to rescue the all-too-human Storm, has likewise crossed every racial, religious and yes, time and space barrier to bring us the Good News that we are not alone; God is with us, and we have brothers and sisters scattered throughout the heavens both visible and invisible!


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