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Friday, July 15, 2005


In the spring of 1968 I was visiting my aunt in Boise, Idaho with my parents. Where she and her husband lived was up in the foothills, where there were a few subdivisions in front, but none in back.

That night I was put to sleep in a crib in the carpeted basement where there was (I think) a sliding glass patio door. Sometime during the night I was awakened by a strong feeling of a presence, like someone with great charisma. Now, as a child, if I had been asked about that night, I wouldn't have described it that way. But I would have told you that I felt very good inside, very excited. It's the kind of feeling you can't feel with people here; they just don't have the higher nature to emanate that kind of power. I am sorry I must resort to generalities to describe the presence in my room that night, but the feeling was just too complex. All I can say is I felt touched by something higher.

I don't know where I was taken or what was done, but under hypnosis I said I was carried by someone, not like a mother would carry you, but more like a load of wood -- underhanded. Sometimes I was allowed to walk on the grass, but only after I had been carried for a while.

When I woke up, my parents came and got me, but they didn't notice anything different and neither did I. But I remember, I always loved that room. Most abductees fear the places there were abducted from, but not me. In fact, three years later, when I was about five, I begged my parents to let me sleep in the same crib again, as I had done before, but they declined and I slept on a bed instead, in the corner. But nothing happened that night as far as I know.

1971 - 72. Was driving with my father through Washington from Pullman to Vancouver when something put my dad to sleep and the car stopped shortly after. I was taken to a ship somewhere by the highway on the right and was shown different rooms inside it. I had the feeling I was given an exam of some kind before the "tour." The last room had a huge window. There was a taller (5'4 to 5'6") "explaining" being, as I shall call him, who did the talking for everyone. I remember these little three and a half to four foot guys running around very excitedly, circling me and touching my hair, my face and my clothes. I wondered if they were children until I rally looked at them and could see from their big grey heads and black eyes and one piece suits that they weren't. For some reason, I asked the leader if there were any children there and he leaned down and said, "Not here, but there are where I come from." I wanted to know if we could go there now, and although he seemed please, told me there would not be enough time. But he said that someday I would, but it would be up to them. He even pointed out the window and made me look at the stars, but I was so young that even if he had explained its location to me, I wouldn't have understood. After a while, I was put back in my dad's car and he woke up and took off. That's all I remember about that experience.

August 1979 - Now I'm thirteen and on a camping trip with my dad and stepmother to Silver Creek, Idaho. This is an isolated resort approximately 4,600 feet above Banks, 23 miles away. The last nine miles is all dirt road and one lane only, some of the curves reaching up at times as high as seventy-five degrees. I went back to this place two years ago so I remember it quite well. But back to 1979, I told my dad three days into the trip that I was going for a walk up one of the trails before dinner. He told me to be back no later than 6:30 p.m., so I promised him (to no avail, as we will learn later) I would. I took a friend, Robby (who was 14) with me and we started up the trail, which only took about five to ten minutes. We stopped after a while, and I sat down while Robby stood up for a second. Then, only a few seconds later I told him I had to go to dinner, so he said "okay" and went up the rest of the trail by himself. I watched until he was out of sight, then turned and started to calmly walk down the trail. Then, suddenly, it was dark, I was running, and there was a weird pain right in the top hemisphere of my head I couldn't explain. My parents and brother and sister were all calling me from different parts of the park and their anxious tone indicated they'd been calling for quite some time. I remember running so hard that I ran smack into my little nine year old brother who told me Dad was calling me up on the ridge on the opposite side of the hot springs. I got in trouble course, and my punishment was to stay in the cabin and go to bed while they all went swimming.

By the way, I asked the manager two years ago when I came back if he remembered that day. He had. He said that he blew a whistle and most of the camp started looking for me, but they gave up after about an hour.

Under hypnosis, I was led by four beings who only came up to my chin through a part in the forest close to the trail to a ship where I was met by the leader, also known as the Xadar (pronounced Zay-dar). He was taller than the others, and seemed more intelligent, more aware and alive. His eyes also glowed occasionally, but usually they were light golden brown. It seems they exhibit emotion by glowing their eyes different colors, a different color or combination of colors for every feeling, although they display feelings by facial expression also, and gestures. The leader moved his hands and arms a lot, to emphasize meanings.

I went through an exam where I got a needle up my left nostril. The interesting thing is, they had to talk telepathically before, but when I got this monitoring/transmitting device in my head, they could speak my language. I can't remember every part of the exam, but I remember they kept telling me to turn over quire often, and smiled a lot. They also would resort to their language during the procedure and even laugh a few times. When I was done, the leader talked to me alone and actually asked me what I thought of what they were doing there. I replied that I thought it was "neat," then said my parents weren't going to believe this. Well, they took care of that by putting it out of my memory, but told me they would see me again -- but when I wouldn't expect it.

July 13 or 14, 1981 - They kept their promise. I was sitting in my cabin where I was staying with a youth group in Camp Stover near New Meadows, Idaho. I can't remember when I left, but I remember pacing back and forth at 10:30 at night that night, getting all these flashbacks of pale blue rooms and people with big heads. Feelings that didn't seem to be mine kept pestering and haunting me, and when I went to pizza eleven miles away because I had missed the high school group and ended up with the junior high kids, I kept staring at the stars through the van sunroof.

That was another thing -- the van. I hadn't heard or seen it come into camp that day, and it really surprised me to see it. Usually, the van we used was white and clunky, circa 1968, and was driving by John, the high school counselor. The van was brand new, baby blue plus interior and everything. But later on, I had a dream that I was walking into a meadow just like the one behind the cabins in the camp, towards a big ship. Four beings, like the short ones I'd seen before more or less ran me into it, like they were in a big hurry.

I went to the leader's planet, which I was told had 424 rotations to reach a revolution around their star, which they were the 4th planet from. When I got there, I arrived at a huge hangar, then went outside to see it was dark. But we went to a city in a shallow canyon and only about an hour later, it got light and the sky was pinkish orange. The landscape was mostly rocky desert with some craggy mountains far away on the horizon, but between the buildings of the city, there were squares of green grass, like they could put it anywhere they wanted.

I was shown different buildings, and in one there were people that looked human, only elegant and more refined, and very well mannered, who wore a variety of clothing styles. The leader I was with was dressed in a black jump or flight suit, but later on, I saw him dressed in a flowing golden and blue metallic robe that hung to the floor. Then, when we returned to Earth, he put on the black outfit again.

There was one building where I floated in some kind of antigravity thing. I was also shown books of symbols. I was given something to drink in one room, where a lot of people had gathered for what seemed like some kind of party. It was purple and tangy, and had a lighter purple film on top. It wasn't the kind of drink you'd just guzzle down, like soda or milk. It seemed more like a delicacy of some kind.

The last stop we made was the leader's dwelling that overlooked the city. We didn't stay there long, but I got to see one room. It was half round, and had a big window that went around to one side wall. There was some sort of black, low plush couch (not like ours) against one wall on a platform that had a round cutout in the wall. There were ornaments sitting here and there, one that looked like an opalescent lamp, only smaller, had no light, and had a small hourglass shaped chrome base which was very light, although it looked heavy. The leader stood in the corner and talked to another alien in a voice that seemed worried and angry, and slightly sad.

We left soon after that, and when I got back home, they let me off in the same meadow. I remember crying because I didn't want to go. I remember walking through some trees, trying to find my way back to my cabin in the dark. I had to go under two barbed wire fences, which didn't help, but of course, when I got there didn't remember anything except my feet were sore, as if I had done a lot of walking. At no time during my stay at the camp did I do any hiking trips, and that was the first time my feet had been sore like that. Also, people here said they had been looking for me, and when I got to Brass Lamp Pizza, I wouldn't eat a thing. I had even missed dinner.

July 1986 - Now I'm 20 and living with my dad near New Meadows in a new house. My father was gone for the weekend, leaving me alone. I had just finished watching Miami Vice, but even before I switched off the television, I felt a strong presence in the house. I left the small light on in the living room and even when I got undressed for bed, kept looking around to see if there was anybody there. I left the small light on the waterbed on, then when I was really tired, turned it off.

Later that night two shadows came over to the right side of the bed. One, who I found was the leader, bent over me until he was right over my ear. Then, he started saying things to me affectionately in his language, moving closer all the time until he ended up under the covers with me. Let the reader's imagination take it where it will, but what followed resulted in three lost periods. And I might add that it was not done with instruments.

That's basically my abduction story. Of course, little things have happened in between. Please, when you publish this, don't add to or take away; I want people to hear this in my words.


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger 12345 said…

    did you enjoy sleeping the the two aliens?

  • At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hilarious !!! I find it hard to believe that you remember something when you were 2 years old .

  • At 5:11 AM, Anonymous cialis online said…

    Karen's story makes me shed tears, why you don't post it in a book!

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