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Thursday, July 28, 2005


From HBCCUFO Center

Perth, Western Australia - Marks

1970 (ten years old) and 1997 (37 years old)

When I was, say ten years old, I woke up with a red substance over my hands. I checked my body and nothing (and I checked everywhere). There was no smell and the stuff was dry. I went to the bathroom and washed the stuff off -- very easily, it dissolved away quickly. No pictures!

Next occurrence was age 37. Woke up with the same stuff on my left hand. Next to me, my partner at the time, woke up with a red hand too, except her coloration was under the skin. I didn't recall anything happening during the night, but partner had a dream where she was pulling out pins from her hand.

Again my stuff washed away easily. Partners faded during the day. No pictures (oye ve!) or samples. Never came across anything like this before. And the color was like orangy red, almost like earth pigment.

Scoop mark: Age about ten, etc., (hard to pinpoint): woke up and there is a big problem on my shin bone -- a 'hole' full of pus. Mother took me to the doctor the same day -- he said that wound was from a 'TRAUMA' (i.e., big bang, etc.) -- but I recalled no trauma, accident, etc. The scar healed -- still have it.

After both younger accounts I forgot about them until much later. With the first red mark experience the memory that I carried around in my head was of somebody at my primary school asking if anyone else had ever woken up with blood on their hands. Years later I had this thought and suddenly hit me -- it was MY bloody hand and how the hell could I have gotten so confused.

There is other stuff too -- a case history if you like, but no UFOs until 1994 when my life changed dramatically and UFOs were everywhere (most with witnesses). This lasted until the last major sighting in 2001 when I actually got scared and screamed to them to bugger off and leave me alone -- they did, no more sightings.

There have been some pretty spectacular ones, but never metallic or clear -- I mean obviously by movement and soon these were extremely fast and not anything 'we' possess.
So... just a quick run down.
Anza Borrego Desert East of San Diego

Date: 1973

I'll tell you what happened in 1973 as briefly as I can, and then tell you why it came back to my mind so sharply, 20 years later.

In January 1973, my first wife and I took a camping trip to a remote area of the Anza Borrego desert east of San Diego. We were at a spot called Dos Cabezas, which is a box canyon with a spring that attracts wildlife and migratory birds. It is actually not far off the freeway, but separated from it by a range of steep, rocky hills, and only accessible by miles of dirt tracks that come in from the other direction. There are steep hills and cliffs all around, and it's very wild (or was 31 years ago, anyway).

Our first evening there, a huge windstorm came up. It seemed as if it would blow the tent away, and we could barely hear ourselves talk. We finally got to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was sometime after midnight. The wind had completely died down, and it was dead silent. My wife was shaking me awake, and the tent was lit by a brilliant, bluish light that came from directly overhead. I climbed out of my sleeping bag, unzipped the tent fly and poked my head out. At that very moment, the light went out. I looked up into a perfectly clear night sky -- there was nothing there! And we never heard a sound. I know it was not a helicopter, and there is no way any vehicle could have made it to the top of one of the surrounding hills -- they are way too steep and rocky. Besides the light came from overhead, and it was at least as bright as daylight. From the time I came awake until I unzipped the tent and looked out, possibly thirty seconds passed. I think it was probably less.

One thing I noticed at the time was that the light was not yellowish like a standard car headlight, but bluish. Nowadays they have halogen lights like that, but not back then. I know it wasn't a helicopter, because there was no sound. I've told quite a few people this story, and always ended by saying, I don't know what it was. And I cannot come up with any explanation that makes sense. So maybe it was aliens.

Twenty years went by, and I didn't think about that night very much. Then one day someone handed me a paperback copy of Whitley Streiber's book, Communion. There is an illustration on the cover of a typical "gray" alien. The first thing that happened when I saw that was, I blurted out: "They got the mouth wrong." I have no idea why I said that. I was totally shocked that those words just tumbled out without any thought, but the memory of that night in the desert came back instantly and vividly.

There's one other detail that makes this story interesting. Years after the fact, I spoke with my ex by phone, and I reminded her of that night. She became extremely agitated -- angry, even -- and she shouted at me, "That never happened! Never! And don't mention it ever again!" She slammed down the phone, and that turned out to be the last time we ever spoke. I have no idea where she is now.

Well, that's the story. I don't know what we saw. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to be hypnotized and see if there's anything buried in my memory of that night. Then I think - Naaah! Who knows? This is a true story though, and I hope you find it interesting.


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