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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I enjoy hearing the events that gets other people interested in this field of study, so perhaps you will find a treasure or at least a tidbit in mine.

In 1967, a UFO landed in my farmyard. I think it's fair to say that a UFO spotted me, and consequently visited me; but, I wasn't aware of it for several years. After I had seen the light filling the house and the farmyard, I locked the house and went to bed. It didn't seem right, that I could have just gone to bed, but I did. I woke up during the night with all my clothes on and on top of the bedcovers in the heat of August. Nothing quite made sense: I thought about it for thirteen years, then the time was right to do something.

Watching the TV show, The Strange Harvest, I heard Dr. Sprinkle. My son-in-law in New Mexico knew Dr. Sprinkle and took me to visit Leo, who regressed me. I found that I had been on the ship! and that I liked the people very much. I also learned that I had been on another ship in 1959!

I had no conscious memory of it, but it seems that it was all prearranged. It took place in North Platte, NE, in October. I drove my little red Rambler station wagon out to the pasture to meet two space people. I was barefoot, and wearing a housedress and apron. Ladies, you will remember that, in 1959, you didn't leave the house dressed like that unless the house was on fire! When I learned the details, I was so proud of having met my space brothers, and so very ashamed of having been dressed in an apron and no shoes! For the longest time, when I told the story, I didn't tell about the apron!

As I noticed my normal (up until then) behavior changing, I tried to act as I always had, but it wouldn't work. I'm afraid some people thought I was getting goofy! Little by little over the years, I read and studied so many different subjects -- many of which I really am not interested in.

I find that I read everything I can find on a particular subject, practically memorizing the material, and then I change the subject. I learned that it wasn't I who was at the wheel, but I don't know now: maybe I'm a slow learner.

My children have all suffered or enjoyed altered lives along these lines, too. They all survived it though. They do not remember being on board spacecraft, but I rib them about it. They were all straight kids and earned good grades -- my third daughter didn't have to study, she said, because she could pull the answers out of the teacher's head on test day! It may have been a community experience! They're all grown now, so I don't have to be the 'heavy."

I have learned that I cannot under any circumstances, trust TIME. When I go, the clock stops; when I stop, the clock goes! I get into so much trouble. I can't trust the clocks around me anymore. I've had so many time-losses that I don't know whether I'll be in Laramie an hour or a week. When I look at a clock, I wonder how long it has been in that position! I try to attach myself to a person who doesn't do the same things I do.

I described the beings to Leo, and a friend in Denver even sculpted them for me. Their helmets are beautiful; they have a little nose guard and little golden wingtips. They are a peaceful people; I wonder why they mess with us?

I don't remember most, if anything, of what I was told while on the ship. Sometimes though, when the information comes, it's so urgent, it comes in the grocery store. I feel so self-conscious.
A good deal of the information regards some Earth changes, and that the deed should have been done a thousand years ago, but if it isn't done in a week then the result will be blah blah blah! You all know how it is in this!

I don't know what it is all for, but I do know that they talk about rescue plans, from what, or by whom, I don't know, but an air rescue. They may draw information from the Akashic Records. I haven't asked. I accept that the Akashic Records are the source of all knowledge.

They have shown me maps of stars and constellations which I do not remember. Some of the women have little dots on their foreheads which resemble the starmaps, but then the men have some little dots, too. There seems to be very little difference in the capabilities of the two.

Sometimes the information comes when I ask, and then it will come when I really don't need the inconvenience. I have undergone some changes in my spiritual life and beliefs.

When I was five, I awoke just in time to see an angel dissolve into the solid concrete wall! I jumped up to tell my parents, and saw right through the wall into their bedroom. The wall was real enough, though, to bounce me off. I believe my spiritual beliefs were given to me then. I have generally kept those beliefs, but now it is very real to me.

I think that I might not only have walked into this body, but that I might have been walked out on too! I call myself Yarba. I think every person -- every race -- will be contacted by the spacebrothers. There is need for every race to tell the newspapers. Some of us are vocal; some of us are not. The information that is important is that which has been implanted within each person, and not by the paper or TV, or by a skeptical neighbor. The space brothers will teach you, and will call on you as they require. We are being brainwashed in a seemingly nice way -- TV, advertising, the works -- by the space brothers for our own good, so they tell me, and I trust them. Block it out if you will, but I think the day will come when the awareness will be upon you and you'll not want to squelch it. It is "According to the Plan."

QUESTION: The Earth's population is about 4 billion 800 million (at the time this lecture was given)... we are 500 million. How many white people actually receive the information you profess, and do any of the non-white races receive it?

JOYCE: I don't think that anyone is exempted or immune to the call, but I think that because of different cultural training, some people will tell a man on the street that they have just seen an angel. I think that when the purpose is known, the races will be then the Race of the Earth.

This lecture was excerpted from "Proceedings" of the Rocky Mountain Conference in Laramie, Wyoming.


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