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Thursday, September 15, 2005


By Tom Dongo

A few years of looking into paranormal activity (usually focused on UFOs and ETs) I now personally know many of the world's foremost experts on UFO/ET activity - so I also consider myself something of an expert in the UFO arena. As a result of all this, I have come to the following conclusions in regard to extraterrestrial activity on our planet.

ONE: We probably have as many as 25 or more races of ETs who regularly visit earth. Some of these life forms are so bizarre (to us) that in general we don't even begin to have the abilities to understand their reality.

TWO: Several of these races, or species, would have eliminated us all thousands of years ago if there were not another race, or force, that has prevented them from doing so.

THREE: Many visiting aliens are of interdimensional origin, are not basically physical and do not as a result travel in ships or craft.

FOUR: There is the very distinct possibility -- in fact, probability -- that we are the "property" of some alien race who long ago installed us here and "farms" us. Farms us for what, you ask? In all probability, for energy. We are a volatile, unstable unpredictable and highly emotional race. We generate, I think, massive amounts of psychic energy that is a gourmet tonic/food to somebody out there.

FIVE: Our foremost adversary may not be the nebulous "Greys," but a specie of humans who live among us. These aliens look nearly identical to us, are many thousands of years ahead of us in evolution, and probably have incredible powers of mind control and manifestation.
SIX: By the same token, our best friends also seem to be a mysterious race of humans (aka the Swedes, or Semjase and the Plejarans, among other candidates). These may be one and the same, and are just performing an assigned job.

SEVEN: We are indeed being abducted and examined by the thousands, likely by the millions, by some extraterrestrial contingency. There is overwhelming evidence for this now. My opinion is that most of this is of a decidedly positive nature or intent. I truly believe that there is a dash against time because of some event coming in our near future which somebody is trying to prepare us for.

EIGHT: most of what is being done to us or for us by ETs is of a positive nature, although it is terrifying to many individuals because of a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of ET activities here on Earth. For most mainstream Americans "off-planet alien humanoids" is a term they will allow only superficially into their reality, so they become even more gullible and exploitable as a result.

NINE: There is a spiritual force out there based on love and goodness that is all-powerful. But this is a "freewill zone," and we are basically the custodians of ourselves and our environment. If we make it into a paradise of love, abundance and harmony -- so be it. If we make it into an overpopulated, exploited and polluted hell with greed and ego as the motivating force -- so be it. We have been given the medium and all the tools we need to accomplish either result.

In my opinion, this is a time of excitement, wonder and joyous anticipation of a potentially marvelous future. I think that if we, en masse, can change our thinking and attitudes a bit, and convince one of the alien races to openly aid us, we can in a short time transform ourselves and the earth in a most desirable way. But it is going to take effort focused in the right direction.

The fun and games go on....

By Lozanna Elwood

I am hopeful for our species that we can learn to live WITH nature instead of against it. Our main priority as a wrold is to save our planet, therefore, saving our species.

We have many scarce resources on our beautiful world. Have many persons stopped to think about how scarce liquid water is in the multiverse? Now stop and think about what we are doing to that water on a global scale. It's not a pretty picture.

Look at one of our closest neighbors, Mars. The total of the water on that planet is in ice. If Mars had any liquid water then habitation and atmosphere would be possible. Without our precious water, we would not exist.

If we as a people can learn to cooperate and govern the planet as one entity instead of having NATIONAL boundaries in our minds and actions, then I think we will make it.

How can we ever hope to become members of the larger race of planets in a cooperative nature if we cannot even get along with other human beings right here on our home planet? We seem to need to have an enemy, or someone to direct our hate towards. Why can we not just dispense with the negativity and redirect our energies towards a positive solution to our many problems?
The Native Americans believe that words have power. To speak of your dreams and most secret wishes will certainly destroy them. If words have that kind of power, and through personal experience I have come to find out this is true, then we should be very careful of what we say and THINK! Many people do not realize the power of the mind. If you can think and believe a certain thing is true, then it surely will become your reality.

On other worlds thought waves are monitored and the negative disruptive thoughts are pinpointed and the individual is helped to improve his/her mental condition. If the tendency is repeatedly towards violence, the individual must undergo a retraining program or relocate themselves onto another planet. I personally think that they have come here, or some faction of their renegade band have discovered our naive little spot in the multiverse.

Well people, WAKE UP! The "enemy" is not another country, it is ourselves and our apathy and procrastination! By laziness alone, we will come undone. The time is now for vital action. What will you have to tell the generations that come after us, if indeed we are lucky enough to have generations to follow us? Will you tell them that we are a barren planet because Mommy and Daddy sat on the couch and watched TV instead of taking action to save our civilization? What will you have to say?


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  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Emily Cragg said…

    "For the meek themselves shall inhabit the earth, and they will find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace ... {for God} will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Psalm 37 and Rev 18:11

    This is a time of natural changes to the planet; when it's all done, "it'll all come out in the wash." And I believe "God" (yes, an ET) will "bring it off" as He says.

    What an exciting time to be alive, eh?


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