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Sunday, September 18, 2005


From the Paranormal Phenomena web site

The Beings of Light

I opened my eyes and rolled over onto my back. Standing by my bedroom closet were two personages. My mind was racing to identify who or what they were, and even though the room was dark, I could see them from the light emanating from them. This light filled the room with a soft glow. One stood just in front of the other, and the one standing in front was smaller in stature. At first I was afraid of them, knowing that evil spirits can appear as angels of light to deceive people. I just didn't know what to think. I waited for them to say something, but they remained very still, just looking at me. I could see a look of hesitation cross the smaller one's face. I think that he was surprised that I could see him. A few more minutes passed as we looked at each other. Finally, I found my voice and asked, "Who sent you?"

The smaller one standing in front answered and said, "He who is above has sent me."

I wondered at this answer, not understanding who was above him, but thinking if he was above him, it had to be God. A long silence followed and we just stared at each other.

I was mesmerized at their appearance; it is very hard to explain how I felt. Finding my voice once again, I asked. "Why are you here?"

The same one answered and said, "I have been sent here to protect you. There is a war being waged over you and both sides are fighting for you."

They must have sensed that I was no longer afraid of them because they started walking toward the bed. The same one spoke again as he advanced saying, "I have been here many times, but you have never seen me."

As he was saying this, I sat up in the bed and they sat down on the edge of the bed beside me. The one that had spoken sat next to me and the other at the foot of the bed. I could feel the bed move as they sat down and a very warm feeling came over me. A sense of calm and love emanated from the two personages, and I felt as though I was being embraced in a sea of mystical energy. I was staring at them, thinking that the only time I had seen a spiritual being while I was fully awake was when I was about eight. My deceased grandfather had appeared to me one day while I was playing and talked to me. My two sisters that were playing with me also saw him. He told me that he loved me very much and would always be watching over me.


We sat in silence and I was thinking that I wanted to remember every detail about these two personages. I was looking at them very intensely, wondering about them. I was facing the side of them and they were looking forward in silence. I leaned to my left to look around the being beside me so I could see the one at the foot of the bed. I watched him as he looked toward the windows and then toward the door that led into the den. He was huge and warlike, but despite his fierceness, he had a very calming effect on me. While I studied his appearance, he didn't look at me. He remained watchful, listening to sounds that were now silent to my ears. His hair was white, very thick and wavy, and fell to just above his shoulders. His face was smooth, symmetrical, androgynous and very beautiful. It is virtually impossible to describe the glow of radiance that came from his presence. He wore a one-piece white garment that had no collar that fell to just above his ankles with long sleeves to his wrists. The garment had a brilliance to it. About his waist was a gold cord that was tied on his left side in a knot, then the two pieces of the cord fell to his knees. On his feet he wore sandals.

I was wondering what age he might be as I looked at him. Then I realized that I couldn't put any age on him because his features were ageless. It is hard for the human mind to comprehend what I was seeing, and even harder to describe. I wondered what his eyes looked like; I couldn't see them because he was facing away from me. He must have read my thoughts because in that instant, he turned his face toward me and gazed into my eyes. I could hardly breath, it was so awe-inspiring. I will never forget his eyes -- they were like pools of fire! It was only for an instant, then he turned his gaze from me.

I turned my attention to the one beside me. He had more of a human appearance. His glow wasn't as bright as the other being. He wore a light brown shirt that looked like it was made from very soft suede, with cross stitches on the shoulder of the sleeve. I was trying to see more of the shirt, but something was covering it. Leaning closer to him, I could make out that it was his hair. It was dark in color, brown or maybe black, and fell over his shoulders to his waist. My eyes went to his face and I could see that he didn't have any facial hair. His skin color was light brown and he had the appearance of being a young man. While I was looking at his face wondering about him, he turned and looked directly at me. At this moment looking into his eyes I could see something that set the two apart more than their appearance. Staring back at me were two very sad eyes. His whole face was full of emotion -- something I had not read in the other being's countenance. I was wondering who he had been and where he had lived when he was a mortal being.

Reading my thoughts, he said, "My name is Calemb, I was killed in a battle when I was very young by a bullet."

He paused for a moment and I could tell that he was remembering the incident he had just spoken of. Then he said, "I left a small son behind, and this grieves my heart still, even now."
I could feel his sadness and a great gulf of pain filled my heart with sorrow. I felt such compassion for him and wanted to embrace him and somehow comfort him, but I could only bring myself to reach out and take his hand in mine. We looked into each others' eyes for a moment, and then he moved his hand as if to pull it away from me, but didn't. I realized that he was uncomfortable with my touching him and thought that perhaps I was not supposed to, so I pulled my hand back and we sat once again in the silence of our thoughts. Calemb hung his head down toward the floor. So many questions were running through my mind that I wanted to ask.
After a while Calemb turned to me and said, "We are permitted to give warnings, but the information is not always complete. We are not allowed to give any advice that would hinder your free agency. We are not allowed to alter the paths that you choose while you are here."
We talked about many things too numerous to add here.


Something caught their attention in another part of the house. They both rose from the bed and walked into my den. I was curious, so I followed them to see what they were doing. They both looked up at my ceiling and I followed their gaze, trying to see what they were looking at. Before my very eyes, the ceiling vaporized and for an instant I could see a great battle taking place in the air. There were many personages fighting, some had swords slashing at others, some were locked in hand-to-hand combat. I could see that some were the sons of light while some were sons of darkness. I could tell the sons of darkness because their countenance made them appear in shades of black and gray.

The sons of light -- angels of God -- had a brilliance to their countenance. I feared they would come crashing through the ceiling and into the house. I started to get very frightened by what I was seeing, and the two personages reading my thoughts cause me not to be able to see any more of the fighting. They started walking through the house, looking around. I followed them back into the bedroom and we once again sat on the bed. We remained silent. I got the feeling that they were waiting for a command from someone. By this time it was almost dawn. I felt very safe with them, and at some point I fell asleep.

I was awakened by the phone ringing. It was my son-in-law telling me that my daughter had gone into labor around 1:30 a.m. -- about the same time that my name was called out -- and that they had been at the hospital all night and could I please come as soon as I could. Not long after I got to the hospital, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.


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