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Monday, September 12, 2005


By Lozanna Elwood

It's hard to say when my fascination with UFOs began, but in 1988 I no longer had any doubts. I had such a profound experience that it changed my life forever.

As a child, we had always gazed at the stars and setting sunsets with a sense of wonder. I remember seeing many a shooting star, and even some early space debris that burned up coming back into the atmosphere. I am familiar with shooting stars and such. What our family saw in 1960 in the hills outside of Hermiston, Oregon was no shooting star.

Mother and Father were in the front seat of our new Bonneville convertible. It had real leather seats and we wanted to see the sunset with the top of the car down. My sister and I were in the back seat and we were all facing the hills and setting sun to the west. We noticed an orange fireball traveling from north to south very slowly. It had a long wavy tail on it, and at arms length was about the size of a dime. (I was a small child, a dime would have looked much bigger to me then than now) None of us could say what for certain that was, and for me, it was the first inkling of what was to come.

Mother and Father had a strange experience in this same general region in the late 50s when Mother was pregnant with my older sister. A bright green light penetrated and lit up the outside of the car and the interior as well. It was as if there was no roof on top of the car. Mother said it was so bright that she could look out the window and see the wheat stalks casting shadows on the fields beyond. Father hit the pedal to the metal to try to outrun it. As they came into a gully, the light disappeared as suddenly as it had came.

So you see, there was a predisposition to this "UFO Phenomenon" way before I was even put on this plane of existence. Seems like there was a bigger plan to all this than any of us realized at the time.

I figured that most folks had seen weird things like that. I didn't talk about that stuff with anyone in those days. People still think you're kind of whack-o when you admit to having one of these experiences. More and more people are telling their stories now than ever. Little by little Hollywood and various authors are beginning to expose the public to the ET presence.

The most bizarre occurrence that changed my life forever occurred in Manhattan on Friday March 17, 1988 at 7:30 PM. St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in New York City. The Empire State Building even has green lights at the top, 5th Avenue has a green stripe painted down the middle for the Parade. Lots of people out there, and a Friday night on top of that.

I was a business owner at the time and had a crew there finishing up some last minute work before they cleared out for the weekend. I had to check in with them just to make sure everything was ok before I went out for the evening. Our manufacturing plant was on the lower west side of Manhattan, near Spring Street and the West Side Highway. The West Side Highway is one of the main arteries in and out of Manhattan. It's 4 lanes of cabs, cars, busses, and delivery trucks in a continuous flow.

My friend had picked me up in Brooklyn and we had just came out of the Battery Street Tunnel heading north on the West Side Hwy. when we saw a strange array of lights flickering over the north end of the City. I figured it was either a blimp or advertising plane doing something for St. Patrick's Day. We continued to Spring St. where we had to make a right turn. I asked my friend to pull over. We got out of the car, and tried to see if there was any movement, or any other identifiable shape that would clue us in as to what this object was.

There was a party at an Irish Pub there that had spilled out onto the street. Loud music, laughter and talking. Nobody was interested in lights in the sky - except me and my friend standing there on the sidewalk looking at a V shaped array of lights.

I said, "Gee, I wish it would come closer so that we could see what it is."

No sooner were the words out of my mouth when the object started moving in our direction. There was a parking lot across the street where UPS parks the tractor part of their tractor-trailer units. It was about a quarter of a city block. I'm mentioning this because there was an unobstructed view of the sky for quite a distance.

As this object got closer, I could tell it wasn't a plane. There was no sound. Advertising airplane theory was just shot down. I was waiting to see what was holding this enormous center white light and all the pairs of red and green lights together when all of a sudden I noticed that it had stopped overhead. It was not a blimp - no reflection of city lights on a silver fuselage. There was absolutely nothing holding those lights in a formation. I couldn't see any reflection and certainly the stars could not be seen through it where they should have been. The Blimp theory just evaporated too. This was an "Unknown".

My friend and I stared at it for what seemed like seconds before I gathered my wits and looked about to see if there were any other witnesses. The party that had been there only moments before was gone. There was not a soul on the sidewalk for blocks up the street. I turned and looked to my left to see about cars - surely there was a car stopped looking at this thing too. Not a car in sight! That's when the hair literally rose off the nape of my neck. I turned my attention back to this silent craft that hovered 200 feet over my head. As it slowly turned and came about, I could see four (4) pinpoints of light in a diamond pattern moving in unison with the larger V shaped unit.

As it moved away, life filled the streets again. My friend and I just got back in the car, as if nothing had happened and went the 3 blocks to my place of business in total silence. When we got there, the crew had already left. We had somehow taken 20 minutes to go 3 blocks.

The next day in the Post there was an article that stated thousands see object over the Bronx. I later got a video tape from a guy in Staten Island that had filmed it that night. I now had irrefutable proof that what we thought had happened, really had. We are not alone folks.

Shortly after that I started seeing auras, and doing remote viewing. As the years pass and I use this psi power more and more, it gets stronger and stronger. I have been turned on like a switch. I started drawing, making music (guitar and keyboards), writing, and have learned approximately 25 computer programs since this experience. Whatever they are here for, I feel that it is for the evolution of mankind. I have been enhanced by this experience.


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