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Sunday, February 26, 2006


From Timothy Good - Alien Base

'I never thought I would see a flying saucer, much less photograph one,' said Lima architect Hugo Luyo Vega, following the sighting of an unknown flying machine, identical to George Adamski's 'scoutcraft', which Vega photographed on 19 October 1973.

On the day in question,Vega had taken a client into the Lima countryside in search ofa home site. They had driven about 54 miles inland along the Rimac River when they took a break near a valley surrounded by tall hills. Suddenly, Vega told reporters, 'my client, obviously excited, told me he saw a shining object in the bottom of the valley that was advancing towards us extremely slowly.'

The car was not far away. I ran back for my camera, because in that fraction of a second I thought I, too, had seen something interesting. When I pointed my [Polaroid] cameraand took the picture, the object was less than 50 yards away from us and about 20 yards off the ground.

"Suddenly, the object changed direction, headed toward the east and increased its speed. It rose off the ground as if trying to avoid some high-tension wires that came down from the top of one of the hills and crossed the valley, and disappeared from view. It was of the colour of burnished silver [and] shaped like an overturned soup plate with a cupola on top. At the very top of the cupola, there was a round object giving off a fixed, sky-blue light. Lower on the cupola, we could see a row of small windows like port-holes in a ship." On the bottom of the craft was what appeared to be 'the propulsive force of the object. . . a dark red throbbing light that was aimed toward the ground from a sort of turbine in the middle of the upside-down plate. Near the turbine-like part, we could see protuberances like half-eggs.'

The architect said that only about 30 seconds from the time they spotted the object until it disappeared. 'For a moment I didn't actually think the picture would come out all right, for I don't consider myself all that good a photographer, and I was greatly surprised when I saw that it had comeout,' Vega continued. 'All the photo showed was the thing's shape, but at any rate this little piece of evidence is enough to prove that it was a real "UFO" and not an invention of the mind.' It took the witnesses some 20 minutes to recover from their astonishment.

Vega was reluctant to disclose the identity of his client. 'He is a wealthy man who prefers no publicity,' he explained.

You may wonder why I am running these reports on Adamski type crafts. It is because he was much maligned and these reports prove out the pictures he took, that they were not hoaxes. It was because of the book "Inside the Space Ships" that I was completely immersed into UFO research. It was the story of his contact. Some of the things still make me wonder but I have come to the conclusion we were not ready for the whole truth about where the aliens originated from. We had to grow and evolve a little before we would hear about aliens from different areas of the universe.



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