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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


USA WEEKEND magazine,
June 25, 1993.

"Carried Away" An article that involves several therapists who are working with abductees.

SKYE Ambrose - yes, that was her name before all this started -- says it happened 3 1/2 years ago on a remote, moonlit stretch of Colorado highway. Enticed by circular flashing lights in the sky, she and a friend pulled off Interstate 70, cut the headlights, and then watched in disbelief as ethereal black waves began to envelop the car."Oh, my God. What are those?" Skye said to her friend, who had noticed something else."Look! A falling star."

The words were barely out of her mouth before the star turned into a glowing ball of white light. It stopped above a field, hovering no more than 100 feet from the car. As the women watched in speechless amazement, two beams of light, brilliant with pinks, purples and blues, dropped from the ball to form a shimmering "V.""You know those people who say they've been kidnapped by a UFO?" Ambrose said weakly to her friend. "Well, that's not going to happen to us. We're not getting out of this car!"

Suddenly, the lights vanished. All at once, the women felt exhausted and irritable, their nerves frayed. A short drive brought them to Goodland, Kansas where they found a motel and inside, unpleasant surprises in the bathroom mirror.Ambrose's friend stared in shock at the deep flush tinting her normally pale complexion. And Ambrose was equally affected -- colorless and drawn, with her ordinarily curly hair plastered flat against her head.But the worst shock came in the morning, when Ambrose looked at a map and realized that it had taken three hours to drive the 72-mile leg of the trip on which they had seen the UFO. Even the stop for the encounter, that left nearly two hours unaccounted for.

Where had they gone?Under hypnosis by John Carpenter, a psychiatric social worker in Springfield, Missouri, the tale came out. "After my first hypnotic regression," she says, "I could still say to myself that I was crazy. But after my friend had her session and came up with the same story, separate from me, with so many matching details, I couldn't dismiss it as a hallucination."

Under hypnosis, Ambrose says, she learned that the beams from the ball of light contained two beings, perhaps 5 1/2 feet tall, thin, white and virtually featureless except for two huge, dark eyes. They floated the women to an enormous craft in the sky, then took them to a small, circular room in which Ambrose's friend underwent surgery. What resembled a small computer chip with tiny hooks or feelers was implanted deep within her nose.

Alarmed at first, Ambrose found herself being calmed, she says, by two aliens who rubbed and stroked her head, and a third with glittering eyes that held her entranced. Both women then were taken before the tallest of the beings, who telepathically assured them that the aliens meant no harm."He communicated that they're the guardians of Earth and have been for millions of years," says Ambrose. "They're working with people who have chosen to do this work with them."

Then, the women say, they were returned to their car, with no memory of their abduction. The friend says she later suffered nosebleeds as a result of the implant but has never had a medical examination to detect it.

Skye Ambrose, for one, insists that her experience is no metaphor. In contrast to the many abductees who feel trapped and frightened by their encounters, she embraced and explored hers. The results have been dramatic, she says. "It's like going through reincarnation, and within that I'm not quite 4 years old."

Ambrose left her career in real estate sales and marketing and is now a massage therapist. She says she has replaced the fear, insecurity and tension in her life with spiritual growth. She's writing a book about her abduction experiences, and learning more about the aliens' grand designs for evolutionary midwifery. "I know now that I chose to go through this. I'm cooperating with a universal purpose."


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