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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Date: early January 2006 Time Night

David Salomen, 60's, was riding his dirt bike in a secluded forest north of the lcoation and had stopped to rest when suddenly he saw a figure stanidng about 12 feet away from him. The figure was short, willowy, whitish in color, with large dark eyes.

The figure siad, "May I connect with you?" Terrified the witness prayed in agony. But he could still hear the voice in the area of his frontal lobe, that said, "Say yes." And he said "yes." He could plainly hear a voice behind his left ear, in the region of the brain that handles speech and verbal logic.

The short figure then began to tell him many things, about the pyramids, and the sphinx, of ancient Nephilim giants, of 50 terrestrial races more devout than monks, of a flying miniature planet that sets up the gravity of planet Earth on the bottom and its atmosphere and flies at 12,000 miles per second without subjecting its occupants to G-force, of chimera experiments gone awry, of Mothman, Bigfoot, Champ, Nessy, etc.

It will be the first of several "sit-downs" Salomen would have with this entity.

His small mouth never moved. His pushed-in furrowed face reminded the witness of a Pekinese. His nose was nearly non-existent and his enormous eyes were like two black almonds that slanted upwards at a fort-five degree angle. The large veins of his bulbous bald head were clearly visible.

The entity called itselt "Magnuss" and told the witness, "I am using your own lexicon embedded in your mind to communicate with you."

On February 3, 2006, Magnuss would dictate to the witness 38 pages of information he wished for him to pass on to "Abo" or humans.

At one point he asked Magnuss about Atlantis but his answer was ominous and he enquired no further, basically the entity said that it was too much information and it wouldn't be "wise" for the witness to know about it.

He also asked about implants and was told that each piece of metal is attached to nerve endings, which transmit location and biological data to an "object" not unlike a mainframe, where all whom they tag are kept. There is no hands on manipulation required. The data is continually transmitted to each abductee's cell in the mainframe. If one of the implants is surgically removed, a cell becomes dormant and the monitor alien is alerted.

The witness is apparently a biblical scholar and found many parallels in the bible of alien intervention. In fact he was told by Magnuss that they have been monitoring the earth for thousands of years. A lot of the information was indeed compared to religious dogma and according to the alien there is a definite connection.

HC addendum
Source: Direct form jasus@cox-internet.com

Comments: There was a lot more mostly religious related information given. I summarized th event which I find very intriguing.
Thank you Albert for that interesting story!


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