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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Location. Satellite Beach, Florida
Date: September 1999 Time: daytime

On a beautiful clear blue day without a cloud in the sky the witness was standing at the foot of her driveway when she looked up to the sky and saw what she could only term as an “angel”. It a very tall male figure with huge wings which floated above the treetops over a field across from the witness house. The figure was huge, she estimated it to have been about 15ft tall, and the witness doesn’t recall seeing any feet just a tan or white robe. His hair was light brown styled into a pageboy, shoulder length, and it didn’t move even though it was slightly breezy.

The floating figure appeared to be looking down but not directly at the witness. The most astonishing part of the incident was the figure’s wings, they were very large and started above his shoulders and came down to the bottom of his robe, and the feathers were blowing gently, very detailed. She remembered everything being white and tan in color.

The total length of the sighting was 10-15 seconds. She does not recall how the “angel” left. (The witness suspects that the figure was indeed her guardian angel).

HC addendum
Source: direct from mitoys1@webtv.net


Location. Torralba De Ribota, Zaragoza, Spain
Date: April 15 1994 Time: 2000

Three twelve year old boys including Diego Percebal were walking near the old crumbled and abandoned Virgen De Ciguela shrine when they observed a strange humanoid figure moving near the building. The figure was dark in color about 1.30 meters in height, somewhat deformed with a huge oval shaped cranium and it moved on two short, thick legs. The humanoid was heavy set and wore a shiny black suit was seen entering the abandoned shrine. The creature possessed a round dark featureless face. The boys saw the strange humanoid hide behind some debris and broken boards.

Terrified the boys ran to obtain several adult witnesses, several which responded to the site and went inside the shrine to investigate. The adult witnesses saw the strange figure moving behind a partially collapsed brick-wall and ran from the area.

There were other encounters with the humanoid in the area.

HC addendum
Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia de Los Ovni en España


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