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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Location. Near Atlanta, Georgia
Date: January 2006 Time: night

The witness, a security guard at a granite quarry across the old landfill outside the city limits, was one night sitting inside the guard shack tuning up his guitar in the dark when he noticed dark brown smoke come out from behind the wall heater. He smelled the air and didn’t smell anything, and it didn’t really look like smoke; it seemed to be staying together and moving slowly one way. As he watched, it began to take the form of a large cloud, puzzled he sat there just watching. Soon, in front of the amazed witness the cloud turned into a giant robed man. He appeared to be looking down at the ground. As soon as the witness realized what he was watching, he jumped back into the wall, but as the giant looked at him straight in the eyes, a great comfort came over him.

The figure was huge, almost 10feet tall, and sat on a crate, not even feet in front of the witness. He had a giant brown beard, large comforting eyes, and giant almost perfectly woven locks from his beard. He began to “talk” to the witness, not with his mouth, but with his hands and eyes. He gestured in such a way, it made all his gestures completely clear.

But as he began to do this, the witness noticed another man appear out of nowhere. He was much smaller, like a normal person’s height. He had jet black hair, all slicked back and shiny. His eyes though were black and almost like smoke.

He began looking out the windows of the shack, as if waiting for something. He didn’t say a word either, but it seemed like they were together. So excited and in awe was the witness that he began rambling to them out loud saying, ‘Who are you? Where are you from? Please visit me any time”.

Moments later the giant entity gestured to the witness to come close and when he did he began turning back into smoke. Then as the witness stepped back, he turned back with a big smile on his face; the witness did this several times to assure himself he wasn’t seeing things.

The giant then pointed to the side wall in the dark with a worried look on his face, so the witness shone his flashlight over and saw a stop sign with a can of gas and a fire extinguisher in front of it.

About 20-25 minutes after the encounter he started walking to the door to see if any of the drivers were around because he wanted additional witnesses, he turned around and saw the giant entity begin to dissipate and go back into the wall behind the heater. He did not see the black haired man again.

HC addendumSource: Your True Tales---May 2006

Thank you Albert for the interesting case!


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