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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Location. Ft. Polk Louisiana
Date: Second week of June 1994
Time: 2000-2130

G. C. a member of the Louisiana National Guard was engaged in his 2 week training session and in the third day of training due to an intense case of poison ivy he was staying in the medical barracks and was later placed on restricted duty. After going to bed around 2100 he slept undisturbed until a phone call around 0030A, it was a message for Sgt. Warner, whom he subsequently woke up and told him.

After returning to his cot he dozed off again and the land line phone rang again, this time at 0045A. Finally he attempted to go get some rest, around 0050A. He lay on his back and folded his arms across his chest. As he closed his eyes a magnificent flash of light occurred. Startled he opened his eyes and listened thinking that one of the guys was attempting to pull a practical joke on another soldier. Hearing nothing he closed his eyes again, and suddenly there was another flash of light. This time after listening he decided to walk around the perimeter a bit armed with his flashlight. However he found no one around. He went back to his cot and lay on his side, and then there was another flash. He kept his eyes open and watched for anything suspicious. He heard nothing at all, there was complete silence. No crickets, nothing, he looked at his watch and it was now 0100A. As he sat on his cot the flash occurred again, the fourth time. He saw it this time. From one corner of the sky to the next lit up with the brightest, most magnificent white light he had ever seen. It lasted a split second and was gone. Then there was complete silence, he strained his eyes and ears, listening to what it could have been. Soon he heard the land line ring again and when he picked up it was a Sgt. Lenard telling him that he was late to the TOC, astounded G. C. looked at his watch and realized that it was already 0300A. He could not explain the strange lapse of time. He later asked around if anyone else had seen the mysterious flash but no one else apparently had.

A couple of days later as the witness was exercising he discovered an inch and a half long by 3/16th of an inch wide burn on the inside portion of his left forearm. He had no idea how it had gotten there. Later at his parents (who lived 4 hours away from Fort Polk) his mother told him that his father had a similar burn mark and had also noticed a huge flash on Sunday night around 0300A that seemed to have lit up the whole sky. He looked out the window and saw nothing.

In March 1995 G. C. had a weird “flashback” or dream. In the dream he was lying on a table that felt like stainless steel. He couldn’t move and was naked except for a sheet draped over his groin and mid section. He sensed others in the area around him but he could only pivot his eyes and couldn’t get a good look at anyone.

Then someone walked up to him from his right and put its hand on the nape of his neck. G. C. recalls only feeling three point of pressure against his neck, in the center, along the top of his spine. He went from being completely horizontal at that point to more inclined so that now he could see his feet and what lay beyond. It was a group of people, about 11 of them, lined up in a crescent shape around the table. They were all looking at the witness. They looked human but they were definitely some abnormalities about this group. First, none of them appeared to be over 5 feet tall…in fact, the witness thought that they were around 4 ft to 4 ½ ft tall. They all had blank expressions on their faces and they were all identical to each other. They all had black hair, all messed up and with different parts in disarray. They had solid black eyes, no whites. They wore one-piece gray coverall suits with sleeves that only went down to the middle of their forearms. There seemed to be some buckle or something resembling one. He could not see their hands clearly. They were totally unemotional with no characteristics of what the witness would consider “human” outside of having four limbs and walking upright.

One of them in the group stepped forward and touched the bottom of the witness right foot. G.C. still couldn’t move but he could hear. Once the alien did whatever was needed to his right foot, G.C. remembered that everything sounded as if he was underwater.

Suddenly G.C. was out of his body and was looking down at himself. He was suspended in the air and he could see all the beings surrounding the table where he was laying, all hunched over doing things that he didn’t know of. Though he was suspended in the air he still could not move. But he could speak now; he sensed something/someone next to him but could not turn to look. The witness spoke to whoever was next to him, “How is this possible, I am dead, you took out my blood and put in water (!). I am dead right?” Whatever it was standing next to the witness replied, “We put something inside you to make you live.” At this time the witness woke up and sat straight up on his bed. It was around 0730A; at that point the witness recalled having the very same “dream” back in October of 1994.

HC addendumSource: direct from witness


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