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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Excerpted from God Like Productions web site

I hardly ever post at GLP, but when I do you can take it to the bank that I have something to say of import and backed by non related sources. We are approaching some very strange and some rather bazaar times. The planet has been virtually controlled by a very ancient class of entities from the Constellation Draco who settled here on Earth 300,000 years ago in what we call today, "Lemuria." They have remained here and consider this planet their own. They are the reason for the dragon myths of ancient times as well as being spoken of in Genesis referencing the serpent race.

They were banished underground by the Atlantians, who came from a different star system and who look like us simply because we are direct descendants of them. The reptilian race have remained underground ever since. The higher echelon of the reptilians are very aggressive and have wings, thus giving rise to such things as the Mothman legends of West Virginia.

The reptilians have overseen many of our wars and have assisted our secret government in such projects as the mind control projects of Montauk, an underground facility of 8, some say 9, levels at the end of Long Island. This facility is but one of many deep underground facilities where deep black projects are underway involving genetic experiments, time travel, mind control, and weaponry to be used against aliens at war against the reptilian/grey union here on Terra Firma.

The purpose of this post is to alert you to the fact that the reptilians have directed movie scenarios in the past to prepare us for their reappearance back on the surface! They will appear in mass in the near future as our overt overlords in the New World Order fascist regime being readied now by their hybrid descendants spoken of by David Icke as "reptilian shape shifters."

These shape shifters are a royal bloodline, actually several bloodlines emerging from the biblical Nephilim, that maintain their human appearance by means of a very evil and terrifying way you can read about on Icke's website. You can bet that the Bush's are of this bloodline. Most of our recent presidents have been from this bloodline. They are all part of the super elite that have been promised a role of leadership in the forming totalitarian police state ruled by the alien Illuminati.

I will expect most readers of this thread to call me whacko and worse, but when the reptilians begin to surface and live among us, remember this post and the fact that you are THEIR slaves.

Peace and Light to you all

Author unknown


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