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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



By Aileen

In March 2004 an incident relating to an abduction took place that was beyond comprehension. As far as I know, this is a first.

At first my friend, and I, who is a UFO researcher, decided never to reveal what happened but because I think that we should look at all aspects of UFOlogy, I conferred with him and we both decided I should reveal the contents, but not the names or places to protect those involved.

There are two accounts interwoven in this case. The witness has a theory that we are not bodies of life but rather centers of energy contained within those bodies of life and the ETs know how to transfer that energy. It is very complex.

The person that had this happen to himself believes he was "saved" because he had a prior motorcycle accident. He had a titanium plate put in his head. He believes the titanium in his head neutralized whatever means the ETs are using.

The guy said he was abducted and was on what he assumed was a ship. He said they seemed to be trying to perform a procedure on his... he wasn't sure what they were doing... but whatever it was didn't seem to be working. He said he saw other people there, many were children. They looked like ordinary people you see in every day life. They were all fully clothed and remained such at all times, unlike the stories of all the probing many people claim, no one was ever stripped or anything like that.

At one point they made him lie on a platform and they strapped him in. His head was put in a small cylinder-type-thing. It was like an MRI machine except that the machine looked more like one of those hair dryers you see in a beauty salon where only your head goes inside.

He could see "them" wheeling in a cage that had two girls in it. Both appeared about 13 or 14. Both girls were clothed fully in regular clothes, jeans and T-shirt, both looked very scared. One of the girls was led from the cage to another platform next to him and strapped in just like he was.

He then heard a humming in his "head capsule" but nothing really happened. This went on about a half a dozen times over a half hour, but nothing he could notice happened. They came over and unstrapped him. He didn't realize until later that the titanium plate in his head probably had something to do with it, preventing what they were doing.

The guy was led to a separate cage and put into it and they locked it. The other girl still in the cage called to her friend to see if she was OK. The girl replied "yes, what happened?" The girl still in the cage said, "I don't know what's happening."

The guy said about 10 minutes passed, then a couple of ETs adjusted the cylinder on the platform his head had been in and made it upright vertical while leaving the actual platform horizontal. In a few minutes after that they returned with a small glass tank full of water. They put the tank on the gurney like platform as one of them stepped away. He said he could see a fish in the tank, he wasn't sure what kind, but it was about a foot and a half long, maybe a pike he said. He watched as they lowered the cylinder completely over the tank and stepped away.

Then the humming started again. He said as it did, he could see the other girl's body tense up. Her hands and fingers straining against the wrist straps. Her toes bending forward. He said you could see her body straining against the restraints holding her down. She didn't scream but he said it almost looked like someone being electrocuted. After about a minute the girl's body relaxed completely. The humming stopped and they went over to unrestrain her. The other girl still in the cage called out to her friend but the girl didn't answer back.

They sat the girl up. She looked totally out of it. She was drooling and a gurgling was coming out of her. She had a blank look on her face and didn't even look over at her friend when she called her. She didn't seem to be able to move, like she was numb. She looked like a vegetable.

Next they went to the other side and lifted the cylinder off from around the tank the fish was in. It was moving but looked like it had forgotten how to swim. Very uncoordinated and seemed to be unable to stay upright.

The guy said after seeing the girl and this fish act the way they were that both her and the other girl in the cage realized that the ETs had swapped the girl with the fish and that the girl was now in the fish.

The girl in the cage started screaming at them crying about her friend. Crying out "change her back." The girl in the fish seemed to be having a hard time adjusting, totally disorientated. I can only imagine what was going through her mind in that tank.

They left the room. A few minutes later they returned and escorted the other girl out of her cage. She was struggling with them, but they seemed very strong. They put her on the gurney her friend had been on and strapped her in. The girl was screaming and crying trying to get out of it. They seemed average sized 13-14 year olds/maybe 5' 2" 110 pounds. One seemed a little bigger and more developed than the other.

The ETs then wheeled in another tank with what seemed like the exact same kind of fish as before. The girl started screaming at the top of her lungs when she saw it. He said the girls screams were a little muffled by the cylinder but he said it was heartbreaking to watch. She was screaming, "No, I don't want to be a fish" over and over. Then the humming started and the girl's screams stopped as soon as it did. It was a rerun of before. Same thing with a zombie for a human and the girl in the fish struggling to adjust to her new body.

He said he watched four other humans go through it including a mother and daughter. The mother watched as they swapped her daughter's mind into a lobster. They put the lobster into an aquarium. Then as she screamed about what they did to her daughter, the mother was swapped with a coral snake.

A young boy and girl of about 10 were both swapped with chickens.

He was shown later pictures of missing people and asked if any were the ones he saw. He picked out the mother and daughter. It is listed as a noncustodial abduction by the mother after she never returned with her daughter after her visitation time was over. The government has it listed that way but the guy is 100% positive that those two are two of the ones he saw.

He just has a hard time seeing that little girl knowing that she is going out of her mind in the body of a lobster right now, never to be heard from again. I wonder sometimes what is going through her mind right now. She must be scared. It must be hell for her, learning to adjust to having 6 legs and 2 claws.

This is the beginning. They are using mostly women and children right now. They are the most vulnerable and offer the least resistance.

It's possible some of the experiments are botanical, meaning some humans may be being converted to plants or trees. He said the plan is to eventually take over and inhabit our planet. What species on earth stands in the way of that?? They don't want a bloody war which damages the planet and cost their own lives, but rather a "Trojan Horse" approach. It's bloodless. No loss of life -- only a transference of it, no humans will be killed, only converted to some other non threatening species.

They have unlocked what life really is -- energy -- and know how to transfer it. They fear man for only one reason. What sets man apart from all other species? Intelligence. How do you neutralize that intelligence? You create a situation where man is unable to utilize his intelligence. If man's intelligence is neutralized, the rest is easy. The ETs have to neutralize the intelligence to win. It's done by trapping that intelligence inside a physical characteristic that does not allow him to utilize it.

Man has learned how to manufacture a nuclear weapon and the necessary intelligence to do so. Is there a man alive today that could build a nuclear weapon if he had the intelligence, IF ... his mind was stuck in the body of a fish? A chicken? A snake? He wouldn't even be able to fire a gun, much less wage a war of resistance.

The Government may, or may not, know what's going on, but even supposing they did, what could they do about it? We're talking about beings that turned two 14 year old girls into fish. How do you combat that? If they could transfer minds, I am sure they have defenses for any other weapon we have. They want the planet. But rather than kill us, they are giving us an alternative, not that it's a pleasant alternative. It is apparent they know more than we do. Would you ask a dog for advice?

Well, poor _____ _____ is a lobster now and her mother is a snake and I believe it's only a matter of time before the human race joins her fate. It just makes such perfect sense now that I think about it. This happened a year ago in late March. Maybe this was an early test. By now who knows what they have perfected.
* * *

The other case is a carbon copy of this one but in this incident a 6 foot tall 19 year old man was transferred into his 13 year old sister's body. It was when he was looking for help that he was told about the other case.

He was told that in the other case it all came out under regressive hypnosis just like the man had explained before the regression.

The young man, now a young woman, was freaking out because his breasts were growing and he said it was embarrassing. Feels so weird. Said he feels like a freak. A guy with breasts. Said he would love to do something as simple as peeing standing up again and have his own clothes fit and not have to wear girls jeans.

When asked his present sense of mind he said when he was around people he appeared generally happy, especially the family. When he is alone during the day sometimes he feels vulnerable. He feels small and puny. He feels like a guinea pig. He is going to lie low for a while. Hopefully they stay away. Being a girl sucks, but being a fish has got to be hell. I don't want to end up in an aquarium if I don't have to.

"I'm still thinking of those people, the dreams those girls had taken from them. They are stuck in a pool of water unable to even call for help. I wonder what is going through their minds right now? They must feel helpless. Four down - 6 billion to go. What kind of hell is the 10 year old girl goring through ... one minute being with her friends... the next day laying eggs as a chicken? Make me shudder and feel nauseous. It will be tough for me to go near our aquarium anytime soon."

When asked what he does in his spare time he said he walked to the 7-11 and some high school boys were whistling at him. He felt scared. The guys had a bad reputation. He has one worry and that is of being raped! My sister is very pretty (meaning himself as a girl).

He has a hard time even going to the supermarket now seeing the live lobster tank at the fish department sends chills through him wondering if they are all really lobsters or if one is the daughter of that woman doomed to end up on someone's dinner plate.

Where this young man/girl lives is close to a large city. Their back yard is wooded with trees. What he and his sister saw were just lights descending over the trees. There's somewhat of a clearing a few hundred feet back. It appears that he and his sister do not remember anything else. They woke up to realize that he and his sister's body were switched! So now the young man who was previous to March last year a 6 foot plus man now exists/lives in his 13 year old, 4' 10" sister's body. His sister has to go to his job for him not knowing how to do it.

I think you all will agree this is the most bizarre abduction case we have heard of yet and one to be aware of and learn by.


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