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Monday, June 05, 2006


I recall that Thao remained as though lost in thought for quite some time - looking at me without speaking; then she resumed:

‘For approximately one hundred and forty years on your planet, man has been accelerating the destruction of Nature and the pollution of the environment. This has happened since the discovery of steam power and the combustion engine. You have but a few years left in which to arrest the pollution before the situation becomes irreversible. One of the principal pollutants on Earth is the petrol-driven engine and this could be replaced immediately with a hydrogen engine that would cause no pollution, so to speak. On certain planets, this is called the ‘clean motor’. Prototypes for such an engine have been constructed by various engineers on your planet but they must be industrially manufactured in order to replace petrol engines. Not only would this measure mean a seventy per cent reduction in current levels of pollution by combustion waste, but it would also be more economical for consumers.

‘The big petrol corporations had been terrified at the idea of this motor being popularised for it would mean loss of sales for their oil and subsequent financial ruin.

‘Governments, too, who impose enormous taxes on these oils, would suffer equally. You see, Michel, it always comes back to money. Because of it, you have a whole economic and financial context that opposes progress towards radical change in the interest of all human life on Earth.

‘The people on Earth allow themselves to be pushed around, bullied, exploited and led to the abattoirs by political and financial cartels which are sometimes even associated with well-known sects and religions.

‘When these cartels fail to win the people with clever advertising campaigns intended to brainwash them, they try to succeed through political channels, and next through religion or through a clever blend of the lot.

‘Great men wanting to do something for mankind have simply been done away with. Martin Luther King is one example; Ghandi is another.

‘But the people of Earth can no longer allow themselves to be treated as fools and led to the abattoirs like flocks of sheep by leaders that they, themselves, have democratically elected. The people form the vast majority. In a nation of one hundred million inhabitants, it is absurd that a group of financiers comprising perhaps a thousand individuals can decide the fate of the others - like the butcher does at the abattoir. (slaughterhouse)

‘Such a group has well and truly stifled the business of the hydrogen motor so that it is no longer mentioned.

‘These people couldn’t care less what might happen to your planet in years to come. Selfishly, they seek their gains, expecting to be dead before ‘whatever is going to happen’ happens. If the Earth disappears, as a result of horrific cataclysms, they assume they will already be dead.

‘There, they are making a big mistake, for the source of the coming disasters is the pollution which is growing daily on your planet, and its consequences will be felt very soon - much sooner than you can imagine. The people of Earth must not do as the child forbidden to play with fire; the child is without experience and, in spite of the prohibition, he disobeys and burns himself. Once burnt, he ‘knows’ that the adults were right. He won’t play with fire again but he will pay for his disobedience by suffering for several days afterwards.

‘Unfortunately, in the case that concerns us, the consequences are much more serious than the burn of a child. It’s the destruction of your entire planet that is at risk - with no second chance if you don’t place your trust in those who want to help you.

‘It interests us to see that recently established ecological movements are gaining in momentum and power; and that the young people of Earth are ‘carrying’ other sensible people along with them in their fight against pollution.

‘There is only one solution, as Arki told you - the grouping of individuals. A group is only as powerful as it is large. Those whom you call the conservationists are becoming stronger and stronger and will continue to do so. But it is vital that people forget their hatred, their resentment, and especially their political and racial differences. This group must be internationally united - and don’t tell me that is so difficult - for already on Earth there exists a non-violent and very large international organisation - the International Red Cross, which has been functioning effectively for quite some time.

‘It is essential that this conservationist group include in its programs not only the conservation of the environment from direct damage but from indirect damage as well, such as that which results from smoke: exhaust fumes from vehicles, smoke from factories, and so on.

The danger comes not from slow climate changes but from OVERHEATING the planetary INTERIOR. Earth nucleus can explode and then there will be no second chance indeed. For information about the latest discoveries see sci-e-research.com/geophysics.html

‘The waste water from large towns and factories, which is chemically treated, is also harmful and empties into river systems and oceans. Smoke from the USA has already caused more than forty lakes in Canada to become sterile by means of the acid rains it provoked. The same thing is occurring in Northern Europe due to pollution from French factories and the German Rhur.

‘Now we come to another kind of pollution that is of no small concern, though people might readily dismiss it. As the great Thaora told you, noise is one of the most noxious pollutants for it upsets your electrons and unbalances your physical compartment. I haven’t yet mentioned these electrons to you and I see that you are not following me very well.

‘A normal human Astral body contains approximately four billion, trillion electrons.1 These electrons have a life span of approximately ten billion, trillion of your years.2 They were created at the moment of creation. Your Astral body contains them and, when you die, nineteen per cent rejoin the electrons of the Universe until required by Nature to form a new body or a new tree or animal, and the eighty one per cent rejoin your Higher Self.’

‘I don’t quite follow you,’ I interrupted.

‘I know, but I intend helping you to understand. An Astral body is not quite what you would call a pure spirit. On Earth, there is a belief that the spirit is made of nothing. This is false. The Astral body is composed of billions of electrons, exactly marrying your physical shape. Each of these electrons has a ‘memory’ and each is capable of retaining as much information as is contained in all the books that fill the shelves of an average town library.

‘I see you are staring wide-eyed at me, but it is as I say. This information is coded, like a microfilm containing all the plans of an industrial installation that a spy would be able to pass in a cufflink, though much more miniaturised than that. Certain physicists on Earth are now aware of this fact3 but the public, at large, hasn’t been informed of it. Your Astral body transmits and receives messages, by means of these electrons, through the channel of your brain, to, and from your Higher Self. Information is being transmitted without you being aware of it, thanks to a weak electric current from your brain in harmony with your electrons.

‘Since it is the Higher Self which sent this Astral body into your physical body, it is in the natural order of things that your Higher Self should receive information from your Astral body.

‘Like all things electronic, the Astral body - tool of the Higher Self - is quite a delicate tool. During your waking hours it is capable of sending messages of extreme urgency to the Higher Self but the Higher Self seeks much more than that.

1: 4.0 x 1021 = 4 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 electrons (Editor’s note)
2: 1022 = 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years (Editor’s note)
3: Please see http://NUjournal.net/choice.html for more information about the recent (2001) discoveries about Physics of Consciousness (Editor’s note)
So, during sleep, your Astral body leaves your physical body to rejoin the Higher Self, either passing on required information or receiving information or orders. You have an old saying in French that: ‘the night brings counsel’. This saying emerged from common experience. Over the course of years, people noticed that, on waking in the mornings, they often had the solutions to their problems.

‘Sometimes this is so and sometimes it isn’t. If the ‘solution’ will be profitable to the Higher Self you can be sure that it will be presented to you - if not, you will wait in vain.

‘Now, those people who, through very advanced and special exercises, are able to detach their astral bodies from their physical bodies, will be able to see a light, silvery-blue thread, such as you saw yourself, linking their physical and astral bodies. Their Astral bodies, likewise, are visible during the time that the separation lasts. It is these same electrons which form your Astral body and which create the visible effect of the thread.

‘I see that you follow what I am saying and that you have grasped my point. Let me finish by explaining the dangers of noise. Noise directly attacks the electrons of your Astral body creating parasites, to use a radio and television term. If you are watching a television screen and notice several white spots, this is an indication that a small ‘parasite’ is at work. Similarly, if someone is operating an electric tool next door to your house, such large parasites will be produced on your screen that the image will distort completely.

‘The same thing occurs with the Astral body, but unfortunately you won’t be aware of it in the same way that you are with a television screen; and, it’s much worse, since noise damages your electrons. And yet people say: ‘Oh, we get used to it.’ Your brain ‘tenses’, so to speak and your psyche initiates self-defence mechanisms, but not so the Astral body; a parasite invades its electrons - which, of course, has disastrous repercussions for your Higher Self.

‘The sounds that reach your ears are clearly very important. A particular piece of music can elevate you to a state of euphoria, while another piece, although very pretty, will have no effect on you or, perhaps, irritate you. Try an experiment: take a piece of soft violin, piano or flute music that you like and play it as loudly as you can. The suffering of your eardrums will not be as great as the discomfort you’ll feel within. Most of your fellow human beings on Earth consider noise pollution to be of negligible concern, but the noise of the exhaust pipe of a motor bike is three to four times worse than the noxious fumes that it discharges. While the fumes affect your throat and your lungs, the noise affects your Astral body.

‘However, no one has ever been able to take a photograph of your Astral body and, so, people don’t concern themselves with it!

‘Since your fellow earthlings like proof, let them consider this: there are people on Earth who are sincere and who claim to have seen ghosts - I don’t refer to charlatans.

‘What they have seen is actually the nineteen per cent of electrons that don’t comprise the Astral body. These electrons detach themselves from the physical body three days after its death. Indeed, as a result of certain effects of static electricity, these electrons can be seen having the same form as the physical body. Sometimes, before being re-utilised by Nature, they are ‘vacant’, but they, too, have memories and return to ‘haunt’ places they knew - places they loved or hated.’

‘Or hated?’

‘Yes, but you’d need to write not one, but two books, if we were to concern ourselves with this subject.’

‘Can you see into my future? Surely you can, since you are able to do things which are much more difficult.’

‘You are correct. We have ‘pre-viewed’ your whole life - right up to the death of your present physical body.’

‘When will I die?’

‘You know very well that I won’t tell you, so why do you ask? It is very bad to know the future and those who have their fortunes told commit a double error. First, the fortune teller might be a charlatan, and second, it is contrary to Nature to know what the future holds, for otherwise, the knowledge would not be effaced in the ‘river of oblivion’.’

‘Many people believe in the influence of the stars, and follow the signs of the Zodiac. What do you think of that?’

To this, Thao didn’t reply but she smiled...

The entire return journey was like the first trip had been. We made no stops, but I was able, again, to admire the suns, the comets, the planets and the colours.

When I asked Thao if I would be taken back by way of the parallel Universe again, she replied in the affirmative. I wondered why and she explained that it was the best way since it meant that they didn’t have to contend with the reactions of witnesses.

I was re-deposited in my garden exactly nine days after leaving it and, once again, in the middle of the night.

Postscript( - In this book, the Author was not allowed to express his own opinion. He wrote this postscript specifically to express himself. (Explanation of Editor in contact with the Author)

I am adding this postscript to my manuscript having completed my writing three years ago. During those three years, I tried unsuccessfully to have it published, until I met Arafura Publishing, who had the courage to publish such an extraordinary, unique story.

It was a difficult time for me, as contrary to my expectations, Thao didn’t leave me any signs. I didn’t have any contact, either telepathic or physical, apart from a strange apparition one day in Cairns, which was no doubt intended to prove that I was still being watched over, but there was no message. I now realise that the delay with the publisher was premeditated. Therefore, through a natural chain of events, Thao then took only two months to bring my book to the attention of the most suitable publisher.

They - Thao and her people - intended it to be that way, because three years ago the world wasn’t ready to receive the message, whereas now, it is. That may seem strange at first, but not to me. Knowing them as I do, I know that they are capable of timing events down to the very second, if they think that they’ll have the best impact a few seconds later.

During those three years, I allowed a few friends and acquaintances to read the manuscript and that is when I fully understood why they wanted me to write this book and why they ‘physically’ transported me to their planet. I insist on the word ‘physically’ because the most frequent response is, ‘you must have been dreaming, you must have had a series of dreams’.

Whatever their reaction, everybody who has read the manuscript, has been fascinated by its contents. There are three types of readers:

The first, who form the majority, have said they still don’t believe I went to another planet, but have admitted they were moved by the book. In any case, they have said, it doesn’t really matter whether or not it happened, what matters is the powerful underlying message.

The second, is the former sceptic who, having read the book three times in a row, is convinced that my story is factual, and this reader is right.

The third, is already more evolved from the outset, and knows from the outset that this is a true story.

I am, however, compelled to give the reader a word of advice. This book must be read and reread at least three times. Of the fifteen or so people who have read it, each has had something pertinent to say and has questioned me at length about it. A friend of mine is a psychology professor at a French university. Apparently, she has already read it three times, and keeps it on her bedside table. I can relate to that!

Nonetheless, I’ve had one reaction (fortunately only the one) from a friend, which upset me. He asked me, for example, whether the spacecraft was assembled with bolts or rivets and whether there were telegraph poles on Thiaoouba. I strongly recommended that he reread the manuscript. Another of his ‘remarks’ was that the book should contain more battles between spacecraft or planets, with missiles and deadly weapons. ‘That’s what people really like’, he said. I had to remind him that this was not a science-fiction novel. In this case I don’t think my friend is really capable of understanding this book, so he would be better off reading something else: he isn’t ready for it yet, but unfortunately, he isn’t alone. If you, the reader, were expecting to be aroused by space battles, blood, sex and violence, planets exploding and spitting out monsters, I’m sorry, you have wasted your time and money: you should have bought a science-fiction novel instead. You were warned in the preface. I urge you, now that you know this is not a science-fiction story, to reread it in a different frame of mind, that is, objectively and positively, in which case you won’t have wasted your time. On the contrary, for the money you have spent, you will receive the greatest reward of your life - a spiritual rather than material reward - isn’t that the most important kind?

From the people who have already read my manuscript, I have had a variety of feedback concerning religion, and in particular Christianity. I feel obliged to respond on that issue. If you are religious, and in particular Christian, and have been shocked by the ‘Biblical rectifications’, especially in the passage on the true identity of Christ who died on the cross, I am sorry; however I must stress that this book was not written with the intention of criticising any religion whatsoever, and that these are not my personal observations, but rather, the words of the Master of the Thaori, with the details ‘dictated’ to me by Thao.

They recommended that I record precisely those things that were explained to me, and that I change nothing. I have followed their instructions.

I have had many other conversations with Thao which do not appear in this book. Believe me, these Beings are superior to us in their evolution, in every regard. I have learned things which are more incredible than those revealed in this volume, but I am not permitted to discuss them, as we are still far from understanding them. I will, however, take the opportunity in this postscript to voice my personal opinion.

I must warn the reader on some very important points.

I have already heard some remarks concerning this book that haven’t impressed me at all: ‘He thinks he’s the new Christ’. ‘He’s a great Guru. We should follow his doctrine’ or ‘You should set up an Ashram, that would go down well’, or yet still, ‘You should found a new religion’, and so on.

I must say in their defence that many of these people have only heard about my adventure. They haven’t actually read the book. I cannot emphasise enough that it must be read several times. Why are people so eager to hear about something as important as God and the creation of the Universe, when they could be quietly reading about it, away from the noisy congregations?

Remember, ‘the spoken word vanishes, but the written word remains’.
Why do they want to form a new sect or religion with the contents of this book? The hundreds of religions we already have on this planet haven’t done much good, have they?

The Moslems fought against the Roman Catholics during the Crusades, in the name of God and religion.

The Spanish Catholics plundered, raped and pillaged the Aztecs (whose civilisation was very advanced for the time) because the Aztecs did not practise Catholicism. In fact, the Aztecs had their own religion, which was no better since they sacrificed humans to their gods by the thousands, as did, if you recall, the Bakaratinians during the secession in North Africa, over one million years ago.

These religions had been carefully studied by the priests who wanted to keep the people under their rule, so that they could maintain power and wealth.
Any religion is like politics - with its leaders’ arrogance and thirst for power. Christ mounted a donkey, he died on the cross, a religion was born, the donkey transformed into a Rolls-Royce ... the Vatican is one of the wealthiest powers on this planet.

In politics, the insincere politician, and there are many of them, is puffed up with pride. He wants to be admired, along with his wealth and power and only then is he satisfied.

And what about the thousands or millions of people cheated by him, are they satisfied..?

Thao told me that this book is not only intended to enlighten the inhabitants of this planet, but also to open their eyes - wake them up to what is happening around them. Thao and her people are very concerned about the ways in which we allow ourselves to be led by a handful of rotten politicians, who skilfully make us believe we are free and democratic, when, in relation to the Universal Law, we are no freer than a flock of sheep. We may occasionally stray from the path and think we are free, but that’s an illusion, because we end up in the meatworks without even realising it.

The politicians use the word democracy like a smoke screen. The majority of politicians have three gods - power, glory and money. They are, nonetheless, afraid of the masses because as Arki demonstrated, groups of people who really get on well can achieve exactly what they want. Even the Communist party in Russia has now collapsed, and the world knows, the KGB was a vicious and powerful organisation, but I must admit, my - or rather our friends - avoided a huge amount of bloodshed by giving the ‘go-ahead’. I’ve known this for a long time, and they may have deliberately delayed the publication of this book so that I could include this in the postscript.

Remember that mankind was created with freedom of choice. All totalitarian regimes deny this, and they will collapse one day. I advise you to turn your attention to China…

The leaders of many countries, who have been elected in a so-called democratic fashion, just do as they like, once they’re in power. A typical example is the French government, which is still carrying out nuclear testing in the Pacific and polluting with radiation the last great resource we have left, namely the ocean. I already know from a reliable source that the French scientists in Mururoa are very concerned about the ‘gigantism’ that affects some species of fish, particularly the parrot-fish, which has been subjected to atomic radiation in the area around Mururoa. These fish have grown to three times their natural size. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to the great white shark, which is found in our waters!

Furthermore, if you carefully follow the dates of the underwater explosions at Mururoa, you will notice that in the hours later (but more commonly two to four days after the event) there is always a large-scale earthquake somewhere on the planet, following the explosion, of course...

French politicians have thus been committing a crime on a planetary scale for several decades. I am sorry and ashamed to have been born French…

Sadam Hussein also committed a crime against the planet when he set light to hundreds of oil wells. He should also be tried for the atrocities he committed in Kuwait. What is the United Nations doing about it?

In Brazil, the governments that are systematically destroying the Amazon rainforests and their own next generation, are also committing a crime on a planetary scale.

The people who say that the system must change are doing nothing about it. Everybody is grumbling about the bad penal system we have. Of course it is bad, the laws appear to have been made in favour of crooks. So do something about it!

Remember the penal system of the Bakaratinians? It wasn’t unlike the Aztec system, which was excellent because of its efficiency.

It isn’t enough to say ‘the system is bad, they should change it’. They - whom do we mean by They? The parliamentarians, the heads of state, all those elected by the people, by you. In order to change the system, the laws must change, along with their leaders. You must force the politicians who represent you to change the inefficient laws, the inefficient system, once and for all. The politicians are generally too idle to undertake the task on their own. Each law requires a great deal of work and responsibility, and that’s often too much to ask, because, as I’ve said, most of them are there for the prestige and big salary. Incidentally, if you want to attract good politicians, start by cutting their salary to that of a suburban bank manager and you will find that there are fewer applicants, but those who remain will be sincere human beings and genuinely want to do something for the people.

You are the people who voted for these politicians and most of you have had enough - they haven’t done what you expected them to do for our country. Some day, the time will come when the citizens must force them to do their jobs: to fulfil the promises they made to the majority who elected them, before the election.

When there is no other solution, ordinary citizens can force politicians to do their duty - they must.

Careful - we are not talking about anarchy here, just discipline. In a country you need the discipline, not of a totalitarian regime, but of a democracy in which promises are kept. If promises are broken, it is up to you to act because it is abhorrent that politicians disappoint millions of people when they’re in power and fool people until the next election.

These eminent politicians would be better off doing their jobs rather than spending 80 per cent of their time arguing among themselves over internal party politics.

People say to you, ‘What can we do? There’s nothing we can do’, and that is exactly where they are wrong!

Ordinary people can and must force the government elected by the people and by referendum, to carry out the tasks for which they were elected.

Ordinary people possess enormous power. As Arki said one of the greatest weapons that humans possess - thanks to their intelligence - is the power of inertia. It is a non-violent force and that is best, as violence breeds more violence. Christ said, ‘He who lives by the sword will die by the sword’.

In Beijing, China, a man on his own and unarmed was able to stop a tank with his presence alone. How did he achieve that? Because the soldiers in the tank didn’t DARE run him over, they were enthralled by the self-sacrificing act of the unarmed man.

Millions of people witnessed it on television.

Ghandi managed, on his own, to prevent terrible bloodshed. Lord Mountbatten himself realised that if he’d sent 50 000 troops to Calcutta, they would have been massacred and yet, Gandhi, one man, averted a massacre through non-violent means.

Once, in Arki’s planet, they blocked the roads with so-called ‘broken down’ vehicles: there were 10 000 of them. The police contingent knew it was done on purpose, but they couldn’t do anything about it. When the fire brigade or an ambulance had to pass, the people arranged to let them through by pushing their vehicles out of the way. They then pushed them back to where they were. That is the power of inertia. They didn’t move; didn’t eat; didn’t scream. They were silent - confronting the forces of law and order. Obviously, they said, they would be more than happy to clear the road - but how could they, without mechanics..? The country was paralysed. They had no banners, no slogans, there was no shouting or yelling; just quiet defiance.

They waited to hear from their adversary, who was sinking deeper and deeper into his lies and deceitfulness. A letter had already been sent to the government, which was well aware of their demands and knew why they were there. The name of the person who sent the letter was Mr Citizen...

As Arki said, when 100 000 people calmly lie down on a tarmac, a railway line or in the streets and say to the police, ‘I wan’ t to go home, please take me home, I am ill, I beg you to take me home’, the police couldn’t possibly hurl tear-gas into a crowd of sick people, for no reason, could they?

With the power of inertia, the people brought the entire nation to a standstill, without violence.

The outcome was quick to follow. The ‘fat financiers’, who carried much financial control in the business world (the stock market crash, the rise and fall of gold prices) and were in cahoots with the corrupt politicians, started to panic because they stood to lose millions of dollars in the market.

For every coin the people in the street lost by not working, they were losing hundreds of thousands. So, in the name of their sacred money, they had to do something - and the people won.

Little by little, you’re being conditioned. That’s what our extra-terrestrial friends are concerned about. You’re a human being, not a robot. WAKE UP NOW.

Have you ever wondered, just to give you an example, what would happen if the electricity went out in a supermarket with the new cash registers and the new barcode system of recording prices? The check-out assistants wouldn’t even be able to add up the goods - the codes on most articles would make it an impossible task. Has it ever crossed your minds that the encoding stops you, the consumer from knowing the price of a tin of baked beans, unless you go through the list you’re given? But that’s an arduous task. So you are less and less aware of how much you’re spending and, imperceptibly, the financiers take control of your own money.

I knew a charming little shopkeeper who had a problem with his cash register. I arrived while it was being repaired. He sold me two articles at one dollar thirty eight cents each. It took him about three minutes to work out the total on a piece of paper, and he ended up giving me two dollars thirty four change from the five dollars I had handed him, simply because he’d lost the habit of making such a simple addition, even on paper. He trusts the machine, as do thousands of others like him. People put their trust in credit cards and computers, they’re wrong because, imperceptibly, they’re no longer thinking for themselves, they’re letting the financiers add up for them. Imperceptibly, they’re no longer ‘in control’.

Let’s do a little experiment together, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Are you ready? Right, a few lines up, I did an addition for you and explained that I’d bought two dollars seventy six worth of goods, and that the shopkeeper handed me two dollars thirty four in change from five dollars. Fortunately, you weren’t the shopkeeper, as I would have made you lose ten cents. I did that deliberately to catch you out. If, however, you are among those who stopped when reading the paragraph to check the sum, then that indicates that you’re not easily led. If you fall into the second category, of those who didn’t check, you’d better change your attitude now. You’re a human being, containing a Divine fragment, be proud of it, and stop behaving like a sheep.

You’ve already read this book to the end, that’s wonderful in itself. Wonderful? Yes, because that shows that you are interested in more than just your steak and chips, hamburger, sauerkraut or a glass of beer. So there you go!

What I have to say next is directly aimed at the millions of young people around the world. Everything Thao asked me to write, and, of course, everything I’ve just added, apply equally to young people, but I want to add a message specially for them.

My friends, the great number of you who have lost hope, are unemployed, bored or packed into towns, why don’t you radically change your lifestyle? Instead of stagnating in unhealthy environments, you can organise yourselves along a completely different path.

Here, I’m talking about Australia in particular, as I don’t exactly know what sorts of resources other countries have; however, the fundamentals could undoubtedly apply to all countries.

Get together, organise yourselves and ask the government to lease cultivatable land to you on a 99-year contract (there is such land available, believe me). That way you can create communal farms where you’ll be self-sufficient. You’ll have the satisfaction and pride of proving to those around you that you’re not ‘bludgers’, that you are doing even better than a nation. You could even set up a ‘county’ with your own rules and internal disciplines, while still respecting those of the country you live in.

I’m convinced that a good government would happily give you a ‘push in the right direction’. (It wastes so much money anyway, that for once, it would be giving out money for a great cause.)

Of course, you’ll have to act responsibly because all the disparagers will be ready to pounce on you, since they’re convinced you’re ‘no hopers’. Personally, I have complete faith in you, faith - that you, the young generation, will build a better world, cleaner and more spiritual. Is the message of the Thaori not addressed to you?

Hence, you must prove to be responsible and create your own rules. No drugs for a start, because as you know, drugs are disturbing your astral body which is your real self, and you don’t need them at all. Those of you whose friends have fallen into that trap, will find a way out with your help - if they want. You have a huge job ahead of you, not only in helping your peers, but also in reorganising your lives along the new path. You will thereby discover untold joys. From a material perspective, you will make a ‘return to nature’ and you will be the first to do this seriously. What do you need for your survival? Air, water, bread, vegetables and meat.

You can achieve all those things on your own, and without using chemical products again. The Israeli ‘kibbutz’ functions perfectly. You may function even better because, in Australia, you are multi-cultural. Still it’s not a question of outdoing others; it’s a question of living well, and with self-respect. Then, on the spiritual and entertainment side, you’ll have your own discos. A disco is just as much fun in the open countryside as in a town, you know! Your own libraries, your own theatres where you’ll be able to create and perform your own plays.

There’ll be chess, table tennis, tennis, bowls, billiards, soccer, netball, archery, fencing, sail boarding, horse riding, surfing, fishing, the list goes on... Some may prefer classical dancing, others, martial arts. You’ll avoid violent games that engender too much animosity.

You can see that there are countless things you can do in nature, many more than on some street corner, in any town.

Your physical and spiritual well-being will benefit greatly from yoga. I’d like to insist on this discipline, and especially on the breathing through the chakras. Thirty minutes of yoga every morning and night would be perfect.

You are the new generation and most of you have understood that you must go WITH nature and the environment, and not AGAINST it.

Most of the idiots who go against nature will criticise you when you demonstrate, with good cause, for the preservation of trees. They pejoratively call you a ‘greenie’ or a 'hippy’. Prove to the whole world and mainly to yourselves that you can practise what you preach, because when you start working on your communal farm, you’ll be able to do even more to preserve the environment; you’ll even be able to create forests. Choose from among your groups some responsible people, not bosses or masters, but responsible people, advisers, who will be elected democratically. I’m convinced that you’ll be able to show the whole world that you can do a better job than nations led by shady politicians, and in the name of the UNIVERSE, I thank you.

Thao told you that religion and politics are two of the worst banes of society.
Therefore, if you intend to inundate my publisher with letters, that you want me to answer or with the suggestion that I become your guru or create a religion, think again. You’ll be going against my will as well as the will of the Thaori and Thao, and you won’t get anywhere.

Thao told you, ‘The greatest temple of man is inside him; it is there that he can communicate at any time with the creator, his creator, using meditation and concentration through the intermediary of his Higher Self.’

Don’t speak to me about building temples, churches, cathedrals, ashrams or anything else.

Look inside yourself and you’ll notice that you possess everything you need to communicate with Him, simply because it is HE who placed it there.

Finally, I’d like to finish by saying this: as the humble servant of Thao and the Thaori, who requested that I write this work, I want to remind you, for the last time, that whatever religion there is and whether you believe in one thing or another, that will in no way change what has been established by the great SPIRIT, GOD THE CREATOR - You can call HIM what you like. No religion, no belief and no book, not even this one, will affect the truth and the order established by HIM in the Universe.

Rivers will always flow from their source towards the ocean, even if a religion, a sect or billions of people want to believe the opposite.

The only TRUE, IMMUTABLE thing is the law of the CREATOR, the one He WANTED in the beginning, the UNIVERSAL Law, HIS LAW, and absolutely NOBODY will EVER be able to change that.

M. J. P. Desmarquet.
Cairns, Australia, April 1993


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    provocing thoughts, especially the last few paragraphs re: the creator, his purpose, his law etc...the truth will always be revealed in due time. some of us truely know who is covering their agendas', under harmless guises, but individully each person involved knows who they are and will soon be made known to the rest of you non-believers of cospiracies thrusted onto all of us by people and/or groups of people in powerful places in government or even private enterpries...???!!!

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    Spot on bevon...your opinion that the way mankind lives is wrong, where it has gone wrong, how to fix it and how mankind should live is spot on...but your e.t "story" ruined it, if Thao was so intelligent he would have known 95% of the worlds population(which is a fair bit) would not believe you were abducted therefor they will not believe the full contents of the book. Wouldn't you think Thao would have a better way to get the message to us considering he knew so much about us?! Anyway good read

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    Worked for me. Thao did know, it only really takes someone of a certain degree of spiritual awareness to understand when someone is telling them the truth. As well the Thiaoouba website has Dr Tom Chalko using the books info and Turing it into proof, as such as the science behind and how to see auras. This works, i did it for myself and this was enough physical proof for me to know that this book is the truth.


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