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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Location. Taganrog, Russia
Date: November 19 1825
Time: night

Feyodor, the old gardener of the estate belonging to the Russian Tsar (Emperor) Alexander the First (1777-1825) was returning home from the christening of his granddaughter. The night was cold and windy. The witness later was to allege on his deathbed that he was “completely sober” explaining that he couldn’t use alcohol since birth because of a distinct allergy to it.

The closer Feyodor got to the garden the stormier it seemed to become. The wind was literally knocking him down when suddenly everything became quiet. The gardener was amazed by the sudden change in the weather and looked around. And then unexpectedly the whole garden was lit up by an unbelievably bright “diabolic” light. Feyodor raised his head to the sky and saw a huge bluish sphere or globe “as if made out of fire”. The garden became illuminated just like broad daylight as a result of the light.

The old man’s knees became weak as he then lay down next to a bush to observe what occurred next. The scene he beheld was spectacular. The globe-shaped fiery object descended lower and lower straight down onto the garden. Near the ground three narrow shiny landing props jutted out of the object. And at the same time the verandah’s door was flung open, and Tsar Alexander the First and his wife Elizabeth appeared, both casually dressed for a night’s walk.

Amazingly, as appeared to the witness the incredibly sight did not seem to bother them or affect them in any way. The Emperor then turned to his wife and kissed her on her forehead; he then sharply turned and began walking along the garden path towards the fiery globe. The Empress remained standing in place and covered her face with her palms. The elderly witness then saw Alexander approach the fiery globe. The Emperor was then levitated into the air and seemed to melt into the fiery globe.

The next second Feyodor lost consciousness and blacked out. Later he woke up feeling a strong icy wind all around him. In the morning of November 19 1825 at 0900A the death of the Emperor was publicly announced. The empress testified about the fact. The body in the closed coffin was never examined to establish the fact that it was really that of Alexander the first.

Feyodor only confessed about the incident on his deathbed and died in complete belief that the Tsar was taken to God and the skies alive because “of his good deeds”.

HC addendum

Source: “Sekretnye Isslendovaniya” (Secret Research) Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine# 11 2005

Comments: Is this proof that “extraterrestrials” have had for hundreds of years direct influence into human affairs.

Additional information:Tsar Alexander I, the man of mystery became increasingly more involved in mysticism and increasingly more suspicious of those around him.

On the way to a conference in Aachen Germany, an attempt had been made to kidnap him. Now he would trust no one. At home, his young daughter an only child, died and his wife became ill.

In 1825 the “Tsar of all the Russians” died in the city of Taganrog. After an official announcement of the Tsar’s death, a British ambassador at the Russian court said he had seen Alexander boarding a ship.

It was later rumored that a monk, Feodor Kuzmich, was really the former ruler.

Whatever the truth when the Soviet Government opened Alexander’s grave many years later it was empty. (!)



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