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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Location. Kuala Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia
Date: February 20 2006 Time: daytime

A fisherman, Ahmad Affendi, 22, and a few friends found a small bottle on a beach. After shaking the bottle he realized that there was a small figure inside, measuring about 15cm in height. However the tiny figure which was greenish in color and had a pair of red eyes did not move. The tiny being was wrapped in a black cloth and tied with a white string. Ahmad Affendi took it to an elderly man, Ismail Omar, 94, who then opened the bottle. He claimed that the being was still alive. The witness then took it to the police station but was advised to hand it to the museum. While at the museum over 600 people managed to have a look at the strange figure but unfortunately due to superstitious beliefs they threw it away into the sea less than 24 hours later. It is a common belief in Malaysia that such creatures have bad spiritual effects and should not be kept.

HC addendumSource: aj404my@yahoo.com Type: E or H?

HUMANOID 09-23-2005
By Richard Giordano

Just when I thought I was going to take a break from skywatching I saw something unusual in the sky while watering the plants in my backyard this morning.

Almost directly above my head and a little West of me was this dark blood-red object barely moving to the North. I grabbed the binoculars and immediately noticed the object was definitely not balloons but rather unique. Without the binoculars the object just looked red but when looking through the binoculars the object had a golden-yellowish top (head?) and a black jet pack looking thing on the left side along with two leg-like appendages hanging down with round "shoes."

I will explain - The golden-yellowish head looked like an octagon-shaped helmet through the binoculars. Imagine if you will a person sitting in a hi-chair and the plastic eating tray is the control panel for the object. The tray part is black and there is a light in the center of the object, maybe the power source. This is only evident through the binoculars. I need to get a better camera.

The jet pack looked just like a jet pack straight from Buck Rogers except through the binoculars they looked a little different. They looked like 2 oxygen tanks like a scuba diver would have but there were 3 holes in each which looked like black dots. Same with the "shoes." Each shoe was attached to a "leg" and I think the shoes had a means of directing the object or keeping the object afloat. I say this because when the object moves the legs move. Just a theory mind you.
Now, I could be wrong and this is just a cluster of balloons tricking me but I don't see how. If it were balloons then why did it change direction and never lose or gain altitude? I have done several balloon tests with all sorts of shapes and sizes and this did not make a match to any type of balloon in my tests. The object never wobbled or reflected the sun which is very common when taping a balloon and that's important all by itself. It was on a projected course North then stops and heads in a direct line West. No wobbling or meandering or any erratic balloon behavior. It goes in a perfectly straight line. If you watch the video at a faster speed you can see there is no wobbling. Speeding up a video shows true motion and there is no mistaking that this object is going in a straight line. Object was moving at a snails pace and at one point comes to a complete stop and changes course going in the opposite direction. Object was under 2K ft. with no winds at ground level and it was around 90degrees and partly sunny. Chemtrails were present for the first time in months and practically covered the whole sky.

This object was eerily similar to the UFH I captured on August 4th, 2004 in many ways. It looked similar and acted the same way. Moving slowly and changing direction. The weirdest thing of all is that this object appeared in the same exact point in the sky as last year's UFH. Each object took the same course North and turned West approximately at the same spot in the sky. Each object was going the same speed like I mentioned before. Does that mean there is a point above my house that these objects appear out of on a regular basis? I have only seen two but for them to appear at the same time and the same place is more than a coincidence. The only difference is the dates. Aug 4th, 2004 & September 23rd, 2005.

I feel lucky to have seen and taped this object. I had no intentions of skywatching today but the chemtrails made me inspect further. Upon further investigation into last year's similar sighting I noticed the weather conditions were identical and the sky was covered with the same amount of chemclouds. The funny thing is Phoenix hasn't had much chemtrail activity like last year and I did make a comment that the sky looked just like it did when I saw last year's UFH. Less than a minute later I saw this. Weird....

Story By Richard Giordano Phoenix, Arizona - September 23rd, 2005


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